旺胞 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wàngbāo]
旺胞 英文
schwann cell
  • : 形容詞(旺盛) flourishing; prosperous; vigorous
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (胞衣) afterbirth2 (同一個國家或民族的人) fellow countryman; compatriot Ⅱ形容詞(同胞...
  1. They also lit up after axons fired an action potential

  2. Atp released from an axon was indeed triggering calcium influx into schwann cells

  3. The bacilliform cell penetrate into interior of the fibre to degrade the cellulose strongly and produced a mass of sticky polysaccharides. after cultured 48 hours, the bacilliform cell ' s surface of sporocytophaga have a great change. at this stage the bacilliform produce a lot of sticky polysaccharides. these sticky polysaccharides associated with the sites where the filter paper was decomposed intensively and form thorns on the surface of the bacillium. at the same time, the filter - paper weight loss is the greatest and decomposing rate is the fastest, so we think that the sticky polysaccharides are produced during the cellulose degradation

  4. Ecbp21 distributed more in vascular bundle and split sect such as cambium and stigma, and mainly in cell wall area

  5. Methods : after cultured scs combined with fn were grafted into hemi - resected lumbar spinal cords of adult rats, we used surface recording of spinal cord evoked potential ( scep ) and image analysis system to compare the latent period of scep and count the axon number between the therapeutic group and the control group

  6. Olfactory system is the few parts of the adult mammalian central nerve system where neural regeneration occurs all through life. oec is a kind of special glia located exclusively in the olfactory bulb, olfactory epithelium and olfactory nerve. it shares many properties of both astrocytes and schwann cells

    嗅神經鞘細( olfactoryensheathingcells , oecs )是專一的分佈在嗅神經,嗅上皮,嗅球的一種特殊的神經膠質細,兼具中樞神經系統( centralnervesystem , cns )星形膠質細和外周神經系統( peripherynervesystem , pns )雪氏細的特性。
  7. Abstract : to investigate whether schwann cells ( scs ) and fibronectin ( fn ) could promote the function recovery of scathing spinal cords in adult rats

  8. The mechanism about the proliferation of schwann cells affected by 1, 4 - galactosyltransferase - i

  9. A high - power iew showing a pair of ganglion cells surrounded by schwann cells

  10. Proliferation changes of schwann ' s cells in rabbits with electric injured sciatic nerve

  11. Schwann ' s cell

  12. We then added schwann cells to the culture and measured the calcium responses

  13. Effects of neurotrophic factors and schwann cells on the repair of rat spinal cord injury

  14. Ceviar living cells, which undergo devision 200 times faster than normal cells, contain a great variety of activated factors that stimulate fission of both organism and cells, and regeneration of cells, improving micro circulation and supply of nutrients, reducing melanin, and thus growing vitality and skin springiness, resulting from less wrinkles and shrinking pores

  15. Somatic hybrid cells were obtained between ethionine resistant cell line of astragalus adsurgens pall, and agrobacterium / " / z / zogerae. s ' - transformed cell line of medicago saliva l. using protoplast fusion by peg method

    通過peg誘導原生質體融合和雜種細的篩選培養,首次得到沙打( + )紫花苜蓿的屬間體細雜種。
  16. These are formed from a zone containing larger vessel elements produced by the cambium in the spring ( lighter layer ), followed by a zone containing smaller vessel elements ( darker layer ) produced during the late summer

  17. The result indicates that photosynthesis and the cell liquid density of tobacco are both seriously influenced by soil water content, and that photosynthesis is the most vigorous when the lower limit of soil water content is 75 % of water holding capacity of farmland during the vigorous growing period of tobacco

    試驗結果表明:煙草光合作用受土壤水分影響較大,當長期土壤含水量控制下限為田間持水量的75 %時,光合作用最強;細液濃度的變化受土壤含水量影響亦較大。
  18. The calcium response in the schwann cells had been blocked, because the cells never received the atp message

  19. Includes stories, puzzles and games designed to teach children about dance, theater and the performing arts

  20. Effect of the yi qi hua yu recipe on schwann cell activity following lumbar nerve root compression