中文拼音 [jǐng]
Ⅰ名詞1. (風景; 景物) view; scenery; scene 2. (情形; 情況) situation; condition 3. (戲劇、電影的布景和攝影棚外的景物) scenery (of a play or film) 4. (劇本的一幕中因布景不同而劃分的段落) scene (of a play) Ⅲ, scene 25. (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(尊敬; 佩服) admire; revere; respect Ⅲ形容詞[書面語] (大) great
  1. Basin evolution and hydrocarbon potential in songpan - aba area

  2. Excuse me each ace, what does the foundation that builds a bank have ? what fund has very big development perspective, help, i am abecedarian

  3. The time exposure blurred the people in the center, creating “ an image of cosmic motion, ” said abercrombie

    這幅照片因為曝光時間較長,模糊了中間的人影,創造出「一種天旋地轉的象。 」
  4. Construct in what environment regardless, the views are all with the close contact of abiogenesis

  5. The beauty of the evening seduced me abroad.

  6. Mckay, hill, buckler, a history of western society ii : from absolutism to the present ( a western civ textbook, for background reading

    《西洋社會史ii :從絕對主義迄今》 ,一本西方文明教科書,作為了解時代背的讀物。
  7. Our banking innovation has both its especially international backgrounds and abstruse internal causes

  8. In less than twenty-four hours london was abuzz.

  9. The prospect of applications of botanical acaricides in agriculture is discussed

  10. Triazophos was a type of low - toxic, high - effective and broad - spectrum phosphorothioate pesticide and acaricide, which was developed in 1970s. it was thought to become the substitution of other pesticide such as methamidophos and dimethoate, so it had a good potential of application

  11. By analyzing the cultural atmosphere, singificance and value direction masked by contemporary writer ' s " hot - study of a dream of red mansions ", this article regards that writer ' s deconstruction for " a dream of red mansions " is not only the instructions and demand of academical writers ' s pursuit, but also the producer excruciation, introspection, reconstruction in his spiritual word in the atmosphere of the lost of traditional chinese culture and the marginalized literature condition

  12. It reminded her very much of a globe of gold-fish she had accidentally upset the week before.

  13. View from the economic, political and social backgrounds of present stage, the condition to abolish death penalty is far from being mature, but the system of death penalty in our country is born several defects, so we should strictly restrict the object and accusal that applied to death penalty through legislation and justice, demolish the procedure for judicial review of death penalty, carry out the system of the third instance as the final and add the institution of pardon

  14. Act iv, scene vii of lear, if had a tempo marking as in music, would be an adagio, but it is still one of the most profoundly moving scenes in world literature

  15. Bear in mind that reluctance to use the abdominal region may relate to cultural background

  16. 3 ) we try to import the bayesian adaptation, which is widely used in speech recognition, into speaker verification. we use bayesian maximum a posteriori estimation training a speaker model from background model, to solve the problem of model miss matching in speaker verification system

    3 )為了解決說話人確認中存在的模型不匹配問題,嘗試將語音識別中的貝葉斯自適應演算法引入到基於高斯混合統一背模型的說話人確認系統。
  17. After acquiring the land for the hsinchu station, the following public construction projects will be conducted : transportation system such as road engineering, sidewalk and accommodation road, land preparation, sewerage system, foul sewer, common duct and landscaping

  18. One day on the tour, we visited a high mountain lake, and afterwards we had to descend some steps on the mountain that were very steep, and one of the older sisters suffered from acrophobia fear of heights. that day, she had used perfume with a very strong aroma, and one of the other sisters was allergic to the smell. it seems, however, that god had a special arrangement for them both

  19. In the background, a stadium and the acropolis of athens

  20. She was a really generous girl, and allowed no further bitterness to mar their adieux.