中文拼音 [zhóu]
軸Ⅰ名詞1. (圓柱形的零件) axle; shaft 2. (對稱部分的直線) axis 3. (圓柱形的纏繞器物) roller; spool Ⅱ量詞(用於纏在軸上的線以及裝裱帶軸子的字畫)
  1. For quick truning to target of air - to - air missile ( aam ) for short range dogfight in large off - boresight it is necessary to study the agile turn control law

  2. Examples include certain species of lycopodium and selaginella, which have two rows of lateral leaves and one or two rows of smaller abaxial or adaxial leaves

  3. The waves should be sheared waves for the anisotropic aeo device and longitudinal waves for the isotropic aeo device. geometrical relationships of anisotropic acousto - optic effect in ln crystal and kdp crystals are studied by tangent - match condition. curves of incident angle vs. abaxial angle, diffractive angle vs. abaxial angle, extreme frequency vs. abaxial angle and acousto - optic merit vs. incident angle vs. abaxial angle are systematically gained and the design parameters are also calculated

  4. In this paper the floral ontogeny and the ovary development of rivina humilis l. were observed. the results showed that ( 1 ) the tepal primordia initiated in 2 / 5 spirals. the abaxial one initiated first, then the adaxial one, finally the lateral two initiated nearly simultaneously. the third one initiated on the position near the first tepal, and there is a gap between itself and the second tepal. ( 2 ) the 4 stamineal primordia initiated in one whorl at the same time. ( 3 ) the carpellary primordium initiated from the abaxial side of flower primordium ; the carpellary primordium grew upwards and towards axis after it was formed, therefore an elliptic orifice was formed at the adaxial position of ovary, which was the remainder of the mouth of ovary before the ovary was fused completely. with the ovary maturing, the orifice was narrowed because of the ovary growth, at last fused completely. the gynoecium is composed of a single carpel. ( 4 ) in the series developmental sections of ovary, the ovular primordium was initiated on the adaxial meristem when the mouth of ovary was formed

    對數珠珊瑚的花器官發生和子房的發育過程進行了觀察.結果表明: ( 1 )數珠珊瑚花被呈2 / 5螺旋狀發生,遠側的1枚先發生,其次為近側的1枚發生,最後側方的2枚花被幾乎同時發生,第3枚花被在靠近第1枚的位置發生,第2枚和第3枚之間有1個空隙; ( 2 ) 4枚雄蕊是同時發生的; ( 3 )心皮發生於分生組織的遠側,心皮原基形成后,向上向生長,在子房成熟前在近側非正中位形成1個孔,該孔為心皮最終愈合前的殘跡,到子房成熟時,因子房的生長孔被擠壓縮小,在進一步的生長過程中愈合.子房由1枚心皮構成; ( 4 )從子房發育過程的切片看,該植物的胚珠是在子房發生后不久發生的,子房上的圓孔形成時,從近側的分生組織發生胚珠原基,由胚珠原基分化出珠被與珠心
  5. Projection algorithm is presented as follows : first, characterize the reference image and the float image and turn into binary images ; then, project the binary images onto the abscissa and y - axis and get the projection vectors ; last, according to the elements of the vectors, the rotation and translation parameters were calculated separately

    投影法通過二值化參考圖象和浮動圖象,沿x、 y投影得到投影向量,然後根據投影向量元素的大小和位置,分別檢測圖象間旋轉、平移運動的大小。
  6. The bail connecting the most inferior gimbal axis to the next gimbal axis mounts the meridian accelerometer.

  7. And it has been shown that the faults mostly concern with the vehicle bearing. therefore, in the research of detecting and diagnosing the rolling bearing of the high - speed vehicle, there is of active current and theoretical significance

  8. At the end of february, the bract attained approximately their full size, and a pair of anatropous ovules were initiated on the adaxial surface at the base of the fertile ovuliferous scale

  9. Hmmm. do you think i could pay for my scroll scribing xp costs with a well - told tale of a drug - addled past of some sort

  10. The hormones vasopressin ( antidiuretic hormone, or adh ) and oxytocin made in the hypothalamus ( supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei ) are transported into the intra - axonal neurosecretory granules where they are released

    下丘腦(視上核和室旁核)形成的血管加壓素(抗利尿激素, adh )和催產素以神經內分泌顆粒的形式經突運送至神經垂體得以釋放。
  11. The method of measuring attitude for aerocraft

  12. The aerodynamic forces on any control surface produce a moment about the hinge.

  13. Nf - 6 wind tunnel is a pressurizing, continuous, high - speed and return - flow aerofoil wind tunnel

    Nf - 6風洞是一座由流式壓縮機驅動的增壓、連續、高速迴流式翼型風洞。
  14. Testbed of pressure distribution of aerostatic thrust bearing

  15. The design of a testing stand for aerostatic journal bearings

  16. Conventional aerostatic bearings have the problems of vibrations and motion inaccuracy due to the low stiffness

  17. Application of elastic variable - section pressure - equalizing groove in the structural design of high - stiffness aerostatic thrust bearing

  18. By studying and analyzing load - bearing mechanism of multi - support structure, the paper summarized out measures that was used to improve aerostatic motorized spindle load - bearing characteristics

  19. Then this thesis apply iterative computation using fluent software, that means fluent is successfully used in the research of porous aerostatic bearing field for the first time

  20. People now pay much attention at porous aerostatic bearing which has obviously higher load capacity and better damping characteristic and stability. there are two kinds of porous aerostatic bearing : the whole porous and partial porous