軸向 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhóuxiàng]
軸向 英文
[機械工程] axial軸向荷載 axial feed; 軸向滑動 endwise slip; 軸向剖面 axial section; 軸向運動 axial motion; axial movement
  • : 軸Ⅰ名詞1. (圓柱形的零件) axle; shaft 2. (對稱部分的直線) axis 3. (圓柱形的纏繞器物) roller; spool Ⅱ量詞(用於纏在軸上的線以及裝裱帶軸子的字畫)
  1. Many international experts have done research in amb - ab, but the air bearing occupying a long axis space. the rotor ' s dynamics performance is depressed. a new type amb - ab was brought forward in this paper, the film air bearing was integration in amb

  2. The tank location for these vehicles is chosen for optimum airframe design for axial loads.

  3. Taper shank axial fasten 90 boring tool arbor. dimensions

  4. The anchor flange for west - fast gas pipeline project is a kind of important device to avoid axile thrust damages all valve of electric field and the anchor flange of the project are only supplied by my company. the anchor flange has replaced import product, filling up domestic blank and achieving nationalization.

  5. Neglect the axial deformations and consider only the lumped masses.

  6. A trigonal bipyramid has three equatorial and two axial positions.

  7. An axial electron pair meets at right angles with 3 neighboring pairs.

  8. In general, the deformation of the model grille is a combination of axial and shear strains.

  9. Xm ) trundle needle, trundleing the post thrust bearing trundles the needle through the roll part of the body, cylinder roller and thrust maintain shelf and the thrust bed down the livestock to make up, trundleing needle and the cylinder roller is subjected to the shelf maintaining that the thrust maintains and guides. moreover thrust bed down the livestock against the difference, shaft, the pedestal encircles and employs in company, fix module shaft shoulder end face and the shell opening back plane dimensional tolerance, geometry accuracy, rigidity, axial is moved up and down, coarse degree ought to accord with the internation , national standard stipulation demand

  10. There are only a few reports on mnxcd1 - xin2te4 crystal. in the present dissertation, the researches on the growth technologies and the physical properties of mnxcd1 - xin2te4 crystals have been reported. mnxcd1 - xin2te4 ingots were grown by bridgman method

    本文首次採用bridgman法生長了mn _ xcd _ ( 1 - x ) in _ 2te _ 4晶體,並研究了晶體中相的形貌、結構、成分和晶體中各組元沿軸向和徑的成分分佈。
  11. In this system, the oil pipe be locally magnetized through the longitudial and circumferential direction, the oil pipe be circumvolved by the electromotor, the detector will has a linear movement on the surface of the pipe, so it can realize the combined testing of horizontal flaw ( cankerous pits and cankerous holes etc. ) and vertical flaw ( pole flaw and crack etc )

  12. With carbureted high - strength good - quality alloy, the series has the feature of high - efficiency and long life - span, high permissible axial and radial loads, low noise, high reliability and compact structure and so on configuration modality

  13. Specially, the axial tensile strength of the interface of the new and old concrete has reached above 2. 40mpa, greatly surpassing the preconcert goal ( > 1. 0mpa ), and its flexural strength also above 5. 80mpa, having surpassed the preconcert target and the standard request ( 4. 50mpa ). ( 2 ) after hardening 4h and 8h the compressive strength of the patched concrete is bigger than 20 mpa, which can satisfy the request of fast patching. ( 3 ) the ych color material, which is mixed into rapid sulfoaluminate cement - concrete patching material, can take better effect and avoid chromatism on the appearance of new - old concrete

    特別是新老混凝土界面的軸向抗拉強度已達2 . 40mpa以上,大大超過原定目標(大於1 . 0mpa ) ,其界面抗折強度也在5 . 80mpa以上,也已超過原定指標及規范要求(大於或等於4 . 50mpa ) ; ( 2 )修補混凝土硬化后4h 、 8h抗壓強度大於20mpa ,能滿足快速修補的要求; ( 3 )在快硬硫鋁酸鹽水泥混凝土修補材料中摻入自配的ych調色材料,能較好地起到調色作用,避免新老混凝土表面色差。
  14. Kiln head seal person who adopts clamshell seal, kiln tail equips with the contact - type sealinstallation of the axial, have guaranteed sealed dependability

  15. Mas precursor powders were uniaxially pressed at 100 mpa employing a lubricated steel cylindrical mold. after sintering at 1450 for 2 hours, single - phase cordierite ceramic is prepared, and its relative density is 95. 1 %

    Mas先驅體粉末在100mpa的軸向壓力下成型后,經1450無壓燒結2小時,得到單相堇青石陶瓷,其緻密度達95 . 1 。
  16. On this foundation the article inducts in detail the method which is based on the relative settlement of calculating unit area end support ( qb ) force at the same time considering the feature of pedestal pile ' s " arch effect " the article introduces conception of pile effective length and finally obtain t he formula of calculating man - made pipe with bulb - shaped axial carrying capacity. the article uses marc program to calculate and analyze foundation soil ' s stress and displacement and gets the change curve chart and the proportion that is shared by king - pipe side soil friction resistance and pipe end counterforce respectively. the article inducts the structure of pedestal in detail on the basis of generalizing pedestal application cases of many countries

    在此基礎上論文詳細歸納了以相對沉降為依據確定單位面積端承力q _ b的計算方法,並考慮擴底樁的「拱效應」特點引入了有效樁長的概念,最後結合公路規范推出了比較實用的人工挖孔擴底樁軸向承載力計算公式。論文運用了marc程序對地基土的應力和位移進行了有限元數值計算分析,得到了地基土的應力和位移場的變化曲線和在加載過程中樁側土摩阻力和樁端反力各自所承擔的比例;本文還在總結各國挖孔擴底樁應用情況的基礎上就擴底樁的構造進行了詳細的歸納。
  17. Countershaft assembly uses tapered bearings to reduce end play and extend gear life

  18. This paper simply introduces the device of on - line monitoring for the thrust of the rotating maching, then discu ed the finite dement analyses on the on - line monitoring elastic dement for measuring thrust in detail, in order to develop the performance of the se or and the device, we calculated the distribution of the stre 、 strain 、 axial di lacement in the elastic element using the finite element method when the axial forces f = 3 104n, the result is very satisfied

    簡單介紹大型旋轉機組軸向力在線監控裝置,然後詳細介紹軸向力測力彈性元件的有限元分析,為了提高所研製的測力傳感器的性能,採用有限元方法計算了彈性元件在軸向力f = 3 104n時的應變、應力、靈敏度及位移等的分佈情況,分析結果表明:所設計的測力傳感器完全符合廠方的要求及儀表性能指標。
  19. The dishing ring seals belong the end face sealing parts, and act as sealing by some axial compression. because of different distribution of internal pressure and temperature, the friction inside the end - face is also different at all area

  20. The dispersion model, with axial dispersion only was used to describe the liquid flow in the downcomer. the model parameters were fitted by the least - squares method. it was found that the curve of dispersion model fitted the experimental rtd curve well