轉酯 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhuǎnzhǐ]
轉酯 英文
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • : 名詞[化學] (有機化合物的一類) ester
  1. Recently, the chinese plant protection agencies reported the growing hardships in controlling some field populations of oriental migratory locust with organophosphate ( op ) compounds. up to now there are more than 600 arthropod species with documented resistance to one or more insecticides and / or acaricides since resistance phenomenon was first described in san jose scale to lime - sulfur in washington in 1908. enhanced metabolic detoxification and reduced sensitivity of insecticide target - sites are the two major mechanisms in resistance development, involving three primary metabolic enzymes of esterases, glutathione s - transferases and cytochrome p450 polysubstrate monooxygenases

    代謝抗性是指對殺蟲劑起水解或隔離作用的酶發生改變,從而對殺蟲劑起到解毒作用,昆蟲主要解毒酶系有酶、谷胱甘肽- s -移酶、細胞色素p450單加氧酶等,這三種酶系任何一種的組成部分發生改變均會引起害蟲抗性的改變;靶標抗性是指由於殺蟲劑作用靶標敏感度降低而產生的抗性。
  2. With methyl methacrylate the particle diameter increases linearly with conversion indicating particle aggregation.

  3. As to the solvent, hexane and butvul acetate is discussed and former is more suitable for biotransformation. among seven kinds of energy source : menthok alcohok glycok glycerou 1 - hexanok butyl alcohol octyl alcohol, glycol is selected as energy source, so hexane - glycol is used as reaction system

  4. The obtained polysilane - polyacrylate gradient films showed no macro - interface with the silicone content reducing gradually from the top surface to the bottom one. dma thermograms indicated that polysilane - polyacrylate gradient films contained two glass temperatures with their bands drifting from and their range extending much from each component. the good properties of waterproof, calorifics, and ultraviolet - absorption were also determined by dsc, uv and water contact angle measurements

  5. The new synthesis of enol phosphate phosphorus, sulfur, silcon 1996 , 118 , 113

    應用固液相移方法合成肌醇磷酸化學學報1994 , 53 , 305
  6. Studies on the liquid crystalline characters and phase transition behaviors of a poly ester imide copolymer

  7. Recently, a fat emulsion containing lct and medium - chain triglycerides ( mct ) in a physical or chemical mixture have been developed for intravenous use

  8. The article analyze the concrete drying shrinkage mechanism, find the major factors of affecting the drying shrinkage, analyze the lack of shrinkage reducing agent, who be of low molecular weight and line chain, design a new shrinkage reducing agent ? ? shrinkage reducing agent of poly - acrylate. the shrinkage reducing agent of poly - acrylate is mainly composed of crylic acid 、 cinnamene 、 poly - glycol 、 solicitating agent 、 chain transferring agent and activator, which come by these processes of polymerization 、 esterifing and neutralization to form a pectinate polymer, which have a high molecular weight and many poly - oxidative alkenes

    論文分析了混凝土乾燥收縮的機理,確定了影響乾燥收縮的關鍵因素,分析已有低分子量的、直鏈型減縮劑的不足,設計了一種新型的減縮劑? ?聚丙烯酸鹽類減縮劑,其主要由丙烯酸、苯乙烯、聚乙二醇、引發劑、鏈移劑、催化劑等經過聚合、化和中和反應,生成一種高分子量的、含聚氧化烯鏈的聚合物。
  9. Clinical observation on the manifestations in nose pharynx and throat and on their prognosis of acute dms poisoning

  10. For the sample with poly ( vinyl acetate ) based lpas, the morphology exists two transition points with the increase of lpa concentration

  11. Abstract : a novel enzymatic reaction ? ammonolysis was introduced in thenineties. this reaction not only provides a synthetically useful and mild alternative method for the synthesis of amides, but also can be used for the kinetic resolution of chiral alcohols or chiral carboxylic acids. in addition to enantioselective hydrolysis, esterification and transesterification, ammonolysis also shows high enantioselectivity in the resolution of racemates

  12. The first involves the use of the drugs lisinopril, carvedilol, spironolactone, and losartan to enhance reverse remodelling

  13. Increasing ultrasound intensity in the range of cavitation threshold and cavitation peak value, decreasing monomer concentration and increasing the temperature make the induction period shorter. under optimized reaction conditions, the conversion of ba can reach 90 % in 11 min at high n2 flow rate the viscosity average molecular weight of the obtained pba reaches 5. 24 106. the molecular weight of pba varies with ultrasonic irradiation time, indicating that the ultrasonic induced emulsion polymerization is dynamic and quite complicated, polymerization of monomer as well as degradation of polymer occurs concomitantly

    一、實現了無常規化學引發劑存在下的超聲輻照引發丙烯酸正丁( ba )間歇乳液聚合,制備了pba納米粒子,在11min內化率達到90 ,分子量達5 . 24 10 ~ 6 ,隨反應時間的延長而降低,表明超聲輻照引發乳液聚合是一個動態的復雜過程,單體的聚合和聚合物的降解同時發生。
  14. High concentration short - time impact examination showed that the impact of pyrethroid on carp is not severe when the case of concentration is not too high and time is not too long, most of the poisoned carp come back after the carp that exposured high concentration cycloprothrin were transferd to fresh water

  15. Abstract : synthesis of sterically hindered dicyclohexylmethyl 、 l - menthyl and tert - butyl diazoacetate by diazo transfer was described on this paper

    文摘:研究了用重氮移法合成具有較大空間位阻的重氮乙酸二環己基甲、 l -薄荷和叔丁
  16. Association between insulin resistance and cholesteryl ester transfer protein gene polymorphism in type 2 diabetes mellitus

  17. Relationship between endogenous estrogen concentrations and serum cholesterol ester transfer protein concentrations in chinese women

  18. Studied the liquid - phase synthesis of butyl acetate from n - butyl alcohol and acetic acid using the supported heteropoly blue as catalyst. examed several factors imposing on esterification. the results revealed : using this catalyst, the reactions conversion percentage reaches nearly 100 %, product yield is 98. 9 %, selectivity is 98. 9 %. reusing it 10 times, the efficiency is still well. in addition, using this catalyst, the reactions temperature is mild, the reaction time is short and the equipment hasnt any erosion. furthermore, there is no “ threewastesdischarge

    對以負載型雜多藍為催化劑的乙酸與正丁醇的液相化反應進行了研究.考察了影響化反應的因素.結果表明:以負載型雜多藍為催化劑,化反應化率接近100 % ,收率可達98 . 9 % ,選擇性為98 . 9 % ,重復使用10次催化效果仍好.該催化劑還有反應條件溫和、反應時間短、對設備無腐蝕、無三廢排放等優點
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  20. Citric acid, taking the place of hno3, solutes the substance which does not solute in solution, and it acts as the ligand of metallic ionic and the hydrolysis catalyst of si ( oc2h5 ) 4, which reduces the pollution caused by no2 which forms at the decompose process of the hot treatment. by changing the means of calcine of the drier gel, choosing the suitable temperature to burn the gel, the high temperature calcine time is shorted, which solves the question of the long period calcine. so the preparation process of the matrix and composite was finished by using more lower temperature than the traditional solid state reaction and more shorter time than the traditional sol - gel process

    結果使基質和復合物的制備在比傳統的固相反應法低得多的溫度下和比常規的溶膠凝膠法短得多的時間里完成;五、對基質及復合物的干凝膠、粉體和燒結體進行了ir 、 dta 、 xrd 、 seni及交流阻抗譜表徵,研究結果表明:在溶膠向凝膠的化過程中同時存在著正硅酸乙自身的聚合作用和檸檬酸鹽絡合物之間的聚合作用:干凝膠向產物粉體的化在400600c之間進行;基質li 。