起解 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiě]
起解 英文
[舊時用語] send (a criminal or captive) under escort
  • : 起Ⅰ動詞1 (站起; 坐起) rise; get up; stand up 2 (取出; 取走) draw out; remove; extract; pull 3...
  • : 解動詞(解送) send under guard
  1. It is important in the degradation of plant cell walls in living plants ( e. g. in leaf abscission )

    在生活植物體的細胞壁的降過程中重要的作用(如葉子脫落) 。
  2. Recently, the chinese plant protection agencies reported the growing hardships in controlling some field populations of oriental migratory locust with organophosphate ( op ) compounds. up to now there are more than 600 arthropod species with documented resistance to one or more insecticides and / or acaricides since resistance phenomenon was first described in san jose scale to lime - sulfur in washington in 1908. enhanced metabolic detoxification and reduced sensitivity of insecticide target - sites are the two major mechanisms in resistance development, involving three primary metabolic enzymes of esterases, glutathione s - transferases and cytochrome p450 polysubstrate monooxygenases

    代謝抗性是指對殺蟲劑或隔離作用的酶發生改變,從而對殺蟲劑毒作用,昆蟲主要毒酶系有酯酶、谷胱甘肽- s -轉移酶、細胞色素p450單加氧酶等,這三種酶系任何一種的組成部分發生改變均會引害蟲抗性的改變;靶標抗性是指由於殺蟲劑作用靶標敏感度降低而產生的抗性。
  3. Rheumatism is much by catch a cold together, expression to wander the gender aches, after can be odd side joint, individual joint comes on, articulatory and unwell, hair is cool, encounter cold accentuation, encounter heat to alleviate

  4. The assertion is developed as follow : the origin of religion is examined in relating to the believers mentality, multitudinous functions of religion is analyzed in the social circumstances, and religious narrative is advanced in theoretical as well as action level

  5. Deconstruction of the actionable condition of civil procedure in the incidental litigation

  6. The ionosphere is a complex medium, which is aeolotropy, asymmetry, dispersive and changes randomly with time. in order to improve the communication quality of the shortwave that depends on the ionosphere, we should have aknowledge of the current condition of the ionosphere in real time. the backscatter sounding of high frequency can diagnose the real - time channel characters for shortwave communication or hf radar, which is great assistant to shortwave communication and hf radar

  7. Based on the frequent occurrence of international aerial crimes, the rampancy and cruelty of criminals and the reality of brutal consequence, the essay analyses the features of the crime of aircraft hijacking, the crime of imperiling international civil aerial security and the crime of obstructing international aerial navigation with the component terms from three important international conventions on punishing aerial crimes in order to help people to appreciate the appearance and the essence of typical international aerial crimes deeply, to regard the motion of the crimes and to overwhelm the offence forcefully. based on the core of the legislative status of international civil aerial security, the jurisdiction of the aerial crimes, one emphasis of the article is to clarify concrete clauses on jurisdiction in the three conventions and analyses the important principle of " aut reddere, aut punire ". based on the problems on the jurisdiction of crimes in international society, it quests the implementation of t he principles of jurisdiction, pleading and extradition in the three conventions deeply

  8. In the case of a voyage policy, the adventure insured must be prosecuted throughout its course with reasonable dispatch, and, if without lawful excuse it is not so prosecuted, the insurer is discharged from liability as from the time when the delay became unreasonable

  9. More and more, companies are discovering that risk, safety and environmental issues are interrelated, and can be best addressed in an integrated manner

  10. Our company is this day dissolved and in the future the late company will be used for liquidation only

  11. To suitably reflect the situation, hong kong will stand down

  12. And in which way international shipping practices serve an explanatory and supplementary part for conventions, laws and contract clauses

  13. The firm under the style of g. & company has been dissolved this day and the business will be carried on in the future by mr. william jones

  14. In addition to the federal government, the provinces, parents, teachers, doctors and others should be taking responsibility for tackling the obesity problem, said the committee

  15. Of sars response system with effect from 6 april 2004. i would also like to take this opportunity to inform you the rationale behind this decision and our preventive measures against sars

  16. But carefully to find, there is something absent or more. to be a element of tv journalism, explanations for it are not only for illustration and complement of the vision language, but also for the use of connection, prompt and enrichment. it makes the information of hearing and vision connected so as to widen and deepen the vision for the comprehension of audience

  17. Solve technical problems with the suppliers to make sure all parts received are up to standards

  18. Avp play an antipyretic effect via receptor mediating mechanism. data showed that in a febrile animal, avp performed its antipyretic role with a neurotransmitter substance, in the ventral septal region and man

  19. If you need to get in touch with the taxi for a forgotten item, or for settling something with them, show the information on the memo card to the lobby manager, who will try to solve the problem for you

  20. Through the programme, students will acquire knowledge beyond classroom teaching as the programme allows them to put their studies into practice. it is also a good chance to learn develop interpersonal relationship at work. " freda ng yat - kwan, a third - year student who worked in pricewaterhousecoopers last year shared her experience with the guests, " very often, students are treated as cheap labour and are only assigned to minor duties such as filing and making photocopies during their summer job