赫雄 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xióng]
赫雄 英文
  • : Ⅰ形1 (顯著; 盛大) conspicuous; grand 2 (紅如火燒) bright flaming redⅡ名詞1 [電學] (頻率單位...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (生物中能產生精細胞的) male 2 (有氣魄的) grand; imposing 3 (強有力的) powerful; mi...
  1. An australian blue heeler dog which fought off an alligator to protect its elderly owner in florida has been honoured with a " dog hero of the year " award

    在美國佛羅里達州,一隻澳大利亞布盧?勒犬為保護其年邁的主人而與鱷魚捕斗,被授予「本年度狗英獎」 。
  2. The fact that herter had been asked to nominate me was itself a confirmation of his very strong standing in the party.

  3. " we ' re going to try to establish personal contact with him and his family, " bucks owner herb kohl told the milwaukee journal sentinel ' s web site

    鹿隊老闆伯科爾在接受密爾沃基新聞衛報網站的采訪時說, "我們將試圖與他和他的家庭建立私人聯系。
  4. " we ' re going to try to establish personal contact with him and his family, " bucks owner herb kohl told the milwaukee journal sentinel ' s web site ( www. jsonline. com )

    鹿隊老闆伯?科爾在接受《密爾沃基新聞衛報》網站的采訪時說, "我們將試圖與他和他的家庭建立私人聯系。
  5. " we ' re going to try to establish personal contact with him and his family, " bucks owner herb kohl told the milwaukee journal sentinel ' s web site www. jsonline. com

    鹿隊老闆伯科爾在接受密爾沃基新聞衛報網站的采訪時說, "我們將試圖與他和他的家庭建立私人聯系。
  6. The son of zeus and alcmene, a hero of extraordinary strength who won immortality by performing 12 labors demanded by hera

  7. It is my opinion the fiddler david must have been an insipid sort of fellow ; i like black bothwell better : to my mind a man is nothing without a spice of the devil in him ; and history may say what it will of james hepburn, but i have a notion, he was just the sort of wild, fierce, bandit hero whom i could have consented to gift with my hand

    我更喜歡黑呼呼的博斯威爾,依我之見,一個人沒有一絲惡念便一文不值。不管歷史怎樣對詹姆斯.伯恩說長道短,我自認為,他正是那種我願意下嫁的狂野兇狠的草寇英。 」
  8. He was a man of great talent and bold vision and achieved brilliant achievements in war for chinese people ' s liberated cause

  9. Is he a big hero now ?

  10. An american archaeologist ( charlton heston ) is in egypt with his pregnant wife, searching for the tomb of a long - lost egyptian queen

  11. Out of all the numerous clerks that used to fill the deserted corridor and the empty office, but two remained. one was a young man of three or four and twenty, who was in love with m. morrel s daughter, and had remained with him in spite of the efforts of his friends to induce him to withdraw ; the other was an old one - eyed cashier, called " cocl

  12. The old ones say we spartans have descended from hercules himself. bold leonidas gives testament to our bloodline. his roar is long and loud

  13. Later, a panoramic city tour ring roads, hofburg photo stop, parliment building, opera house, st. stephen s church, etc.

  14. The theoretical models show that when males are able to distinguish perfectly between infected and uninfected females, the bacterium will simply be selected out of the population

  15. Research by rigaud and his associates has shown that wolbachia can determine gender in a. vulgare, because male pill bugs have all the genes necessary to become females

  16. Males, as nontransmitters, are akin to evolutionary prison cells for the bacterium

    性宿主不能傳播細菌, ?們的身體無異是沃巴菌的演化牢房。
  17. This power cannot be that direct power of the physical ascendency of a strong creature over a weak one, that ascendency based on the application or the threat of the application of physical forcelike the power of hercules. nor can it be based on the ascendency of moral force, as in the simplicity of their hearts several historians suppose, maintaining that the leading historical figures are heroesthat is, men endowed with a special force of soul and mind called genius

  18. Again dohturov was sent to fominskoe, and from there to maley yaroslavets, the place where the last battle was fought with the french, and where it is plain the final destruction of the french army really begun. and again many heroes and men of genius are described to us in accounts of this period of the campaign, but of dohturov nothing is said, or but few words of dubious praise

  19. The same thing rings true when the ? nemean lion representing leo in the mythology finally fall to hercules

  20. Pyotr petrovich konovnitsyn, like dohturov, is simply as a formality included in the list of the so - called heroes of 1812 with the barclays, raevskys, yermolovs, platovs and miloradovitchs. like dohturov, he had the reputation of being a man of very limited capacities and information ; and, like dohturov, he never proposed plans of campaign, but was always to be found in the most difficult position