中文拼音 [zhū]
名詞1. (珠子) pearl 2. (小的球形物) bead
  1. Analysis of relation in abacus calculation teaching

  2. The application of psychological method to abacus teaching

  3. The necessity that reconing by the abacus exists in computer times

  4. On the abacus teaching in the college

  5. In this paper the floral ontogeny and the ovary development of rivina humilis l. were observed. the results showed that ( 1 ) the tepal primordia initiated in 2 / 5 spirals. the abaxial one initiated first, then the adaxial one, finally the lateral two initiated nearly simultaneously. the third one initiated on the position near the first tepal, and there is a gap between itself and the second tepal. ( 2 ) the 4 stamineal primordia initiated in one whorl at the same time. ( 3 ) the carpellary primordium initiated from the abaxial side of flower primordium ; the carpellary primordium grew upwards and towards axis after it was formed, therefore an elliptic orifice was formed at the adaxial position of ovary, which was the remainder of the mouth of ovary before the ovary was fused completely. with the ovary maturing, the orifice was narrowed because of the ovary growth, at last fused completely. the gynoecium is composed of a single carpel. ( 4 ) in the series developmental sections of ovary, the ovular primordium was initiated on the adaxial meristem when the mouth of ovary was formed

    對數珊瑚的花器官發生和子房的發育過程進行了觀察.結果表明: ( 1 )數珊瑚花被呈2 / 5螺旋狀發生,遠軸側的1枚先發生,其次為近軸側的1枚發生,最後側方的2枚花被幾乎同時發生,第3枚花被在靠近第1枚的位置發生,第2枚和第3枚之間有1個空隙; ( 2 ) 4枚雄蕊是同時發生的; ( 3 )心皮發生於分生組織的遠軸側,心皮原基形成后,向上向軸生長,在子房成熟前在近軸側非正中位形成1個孔,該孔為心皮最終愈合前的殘跡,到子房成熟時,因子房的生長孔被擠壓縮小,在進一步的生長過程中愈合.子房由1枚心皮構成; ( 4 )從子房發育過程的切片看,該植物的胚是在子房發生后不久發生的,子房上的圓孔形成時,從近軸側的分生組織發生胚原基,由胚原基分化出被與
  6. Frequently the basal ovule, which is the last one to be fertilized would abort.

  7. When the viviparous plantlet abscises, there are 1 - 3 leaflets on it

  8. At the end of february, the bract attained approximately their full size, and a pair of anatropous ovules were initiated on the adaxial surface at the base of the fertile ovuliferous scale

  9. The apt citations and poetic gems have adorned his speeches.

  10. With her love for the theater came the desire to adorn herself with costume jewelry.

  11. It is most important to recognize the characteristics including cylindrical section of rhizome ( yuanlu ), drooping adventitious root tuber ( xiachuiding ), wirelike wrinkles on tap shoulder ( tiexianwen ) and some slender pliable warty fibrous roots ( zhenvuxu )

  12. I am apt to recently little stomach an angina next have loose bowels, and go up gas, keep exhaust, lie on the bed in the evening especially, can feel the position that feels bowel rouses a packet, particularly afflictive, the doctor says i am alvine function disorder, i eat now " li zhu bowel is happy " a week, angina was solved, other did not see how old the effect, i want to ask the year before last year i made alvine looking glass, have the possibility of the adhesion that get bowel, is my symptom resembled unlike

  13. At the same time, the paper puts forward the design projects of each part of the transmission system, explains design thoughts of several parts, such as the ballscrew, aerostatic guide, connection of ballscrew and aerostatic guide

  14. The same process creates pellets for air guns and balls for ballpoint pens and roll - on deodorant

  15. First of all, let me talk about the emission of the prd economic region, including hong kong, which is in the same air shed

  16. While hong kong and guangdong share the same airshed, they also share several water bodies, such as the pearl river estuary, deep bay and mirs bay

  17. Droplets or ice crystals are small enough to remain suspended aloft indefinitely.

  18. 1993 90 alpinists in the autumn alone, the commercial " everest - climbing " starts

    1993 90登山運動員在秋天開始單獨登上。 「登穆朗瑪峰「的商業活動開始了。
  19. 1996 15 alpinists perished on the top of the mountain. one of the biggest sacrifice in the history of everest ascent

    1996年? ?包括著名登山家羅布?哈爾在內的15名登山者在登頂過程中犧牲,是歷史上攀登穆朗瑪峰犧牲人數最多的一年。
  20. Alumna dong mingzhu elected " cctv 2006 chinese business figure