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Ⅰ動詞1. (比較; 較量高下、 長短、距離、好壞等) compare; compete; contrast; match; emulate 2. (比方; 比喻) compare to; draw an analogy; liken to 3. (做手勢) gesticulate; gesture 4. [方言] (對著; 向著) be trained on; be directed at 5. (仿照) copy; model after 6. (能夠相比) can be compared 7. [書面語] (依附; 勾結) attach oneself to Ⅱ名詞1. (比率) ratio; proportion 2. (比較) comparison; contrast 3. (作詩的一種手法;比喻) metaphor in poetry4. (姓氏)a surname:比明bi mingⅢ介詞1. (用來比較性狀和程度的差別) than 2. (雙方得分的對比) to (in a score) Ⅳ形容詞1. [書面語] (緊靠; 挨著) close together; next to 2. [物理學] (比的) specific Ⅴ副詞[書面語] (近來) recently
  1. In this paper, the concept of acceleration ambiguity function ( aaf ) and acceleration resolution is put forward for the first time. using aaf, the effects of target ' s relative acceleration on several outputs of a linear - phase matched filter are analyzed, such as the output signal - noise - ratio loss, the doppler resolution, the constraint on optimal accumulative time ( opt ) and their tolerable limits

  2. Byron himself is a disembodied idea, an aureate memory, compared with aaron.

  3. It was restaurant industry graven topic that that of that of from input / output angle said, how advance restaurant kernel ability to compete, with the purpose of advance business economic benefit, as soon as possible brought return, accelerating demonetization end, abaft experience know clearly near twenty year stodgy state look forward to reform mechanism, our state hotel industry be around by babyhood trend maturity, by seller ' s market trend buyer ' s market, such transit should make part rational consumer enjoy to good value for money, too brought ought to part superficial restaurant taste to inevitable ; the government owned restaurant at multinational restaurant bloc and civilian battalion restaurant enterprise " dual impact down, calendar by know clearly reform of monetary system cum bank commercialization, market open cum solution control, market cum competitive mechanism three phase, owing to planned economy belated issues, structure irrationality wrought a matter of and overlapping investment wrought a matter of wait threefold cause, make government owned restaurant at market competition middle gradualness forfeiture competitive edge, in progression appearance hot water, how advance government owned hotel competitive power a matter of, toward me state tourism possess strong operation significance, hunan lotus hotel namely same family pole tool on government owned three stars level hotel behalf of the for the last years, by way of hotel industry occupy quite specific gravity

  4. The match was abandoned because of bad weather.

  5. It's much more paying to abate a price than to increase it.

  6. I never intended to bring you into this. abby

  7. I really like abby, okay ? i really like her

  8. Justin : hi, guys. come on in ! where ' s abby

  9. What do you mean ? - abby, what did you do

    你什麼意思? -艾,你到底做了什麼?
  10. - what do you mean ? - abby, what did you do

    -你什麼意思? -艾,你到底做了什麼?
  11. I never intended to bring you into this. . abby

  12. Abby : can you show me some sweaters, please

  13. Show me, abe. show me what happened here

  14. Young abe feldman from schenectady, new york

  15. Abe wheeler here has seen the back of every station

  16. Then the king promoted shadrach, meshach, and abed - nego, in the province of babylon

    但3 : 30那時王在巴倫省、高陞了沙得拉、米煞、亞伯尼歌。
  17. Then the king caused shadrach, meshach, and abed - nego to prosper in the province of babylon

  18. Oh, you are asking for it, abercrombie

    哦,你這是自找,愛波康( abercrombie休閑品牌)
  19. Thomas j. abercrombie, kabul, afghanistan 1967, as enclosed as her pets, an afghan woman secludes herself behind the traditional chadri as she balances caged goldfinches bought at market

    阿富汗,喀布爾, 1967年,托馬斯?亞柏克隆,這位婦人將市場買來的金翅雀頂在頭上,一襲傳統的察都里袍圍住全身,把她圍得與籠中鳥一樣的禁閉。
  20. Among the grove ' s 40 or so buildings are a caribbean house with shutters and a wooden balcony, an art deco cinema and a grand beaux arts building that houses a branch of the clothes shop abercrombie & fitch

    格羅夫購物中心大約40座建築中,有一座配備百葉窗和木製樓廳的加勒式建築,一座裝飾藝術電影院和一座豪華的美術大廈(內設阿伯克龍與菲奇時裝品牌分店) 。