補考生 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [kǎoshēng]
補考生 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (修理; 修補) repair; mend; patch 2 (補充; 補足;填補) fill up; add supplement; supply; ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (考試; 考問) examine; give [take] an examination test or quiz 2 (檢查) check; inspect3...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear 2 (出生) be born 3 (生長) grow 4 (生存; 活) live;...
  • 考生 : candidate for an entrance examination; examinee
  1. Formation master such as priests, sisters, catechists, and formation institutions, other formation groups, parishes, schools etc. are urgently requested to include the concern for ecology into their agenda, to consider adding such courses and training in which the theology and spirituality of ecology is regarded as an essential part, so that full integration can be reached between " heaven, earth, and man ". this is to correct what was lacking by the limits set in the formation of the past which concerns only the relationship between god and man and the relationships among men

  2. Cortes arrives in 1519 with a small, elite force of conquistadors and must rely on his motherland of spain for the reinforcements and supplies that will help him survive and explore these new lands

  3. This paper conducted the comprehensive discussion and analyses of cupressus gigantean biological characteristic and taxology character, geographical distribution situation, habitat condition and growth condition, research and protection status, made an according addition to the former narration, raised some authors ' opinions and guesses

  4. People might want to consider a vitamin supplement to raise their intake to 1000 ius per day, garland said, adding that it was well within the safety guidelines established by the national academy of sciences

  5. The author investigated the community of grasshoppers in changbai mountain area during the period of july to september 2001, complementally collected specimen and systematically collected and measured environmental factors from july to october in the following year, and consulted to specimen collected by fengling zhang and yanlong - yang in 1979, 1980 and 1981. by analyzing and classifying the data of five years, the author analyzed the community construction and ecological adaptability of the grasshoppers in the area. the main aspects dealing with the grasshoppers are as follows : ( 1 ) the community construction and faunal geographical elements ; ( 2 ) characteristics of their ecological distribution ; ( 3 ) vertical distribution of grasshoppers in the northern slop ; ( 4 ) the relationship between environmental factors and differences in shape of grasshoppers in different vertical belt of northern slop, etc. in terms of faunal geographical elements of grasshopper communities, 48 species of grasshopper were recorded, belonging to 31 genera, 7 families

    本文作者於2001年7 9月間系統地調查了長白山地區的蝗蟲,並於2002年的7月到10月間對標本進行了充採集,並對環境因子數據進行了系統的測量和收集,同時參張鳳嶺、楊彥龍先1979 、 1980和1981三年採集的標本,通過對標本的鑒定和整理,採用五年的野外工作數據,對長白山地區蝗蟲群落結構及態適應特性進行了研究,主要研究內容包括:蝗蟲的群落結構及區系地理成分;蝗蟲態分佈特點;保護區北坡蝗蟲垂直分佈及不同垂直帶內蝗蟲的形態差異和環境因子之間的關系等方面內容。
  6. " since the impact on the natural topography and vegetation on hei ling chau will be minimal, the conservation potential of hei ling chau and the nearby sunshine island will not be affected, " the spokesman said. he added that the bridge would run from the northwest corner of hei ling chau to the eastern end of mui wo ferry pier road at mui wo

  7. The author studied the experience in xiamen of lu yen, a chinese contemporary writer. this work could bring some benefit to the research of lu yen nowadays

  8. The results indicate : the rural households " agri - productive investment behavior are generally affected by such factors : the rural households " basic family status, the rural households " owning resource, market terms, the different geographical environment and the external economy environment if other factors remain unchangeable, the rural households would increased their agri - productive investment scale in the next year by such terms : the rural households " family size get bigger, the rural households improve the educational level, the rural households decrease the opportunity in working in the second or the third field, the family agricultural opening revenue got increased last year, the rural households " productive capital assets got increased last year

    假定其他因素不變:農戶家庭規模越大,勞動力文化水平越高,農戶非農業就業機會減少,農戶上一年農業家庭經營收入提高,以及農戶上一年產性固定資產增加,都會使農戶在下一年增加農業產性投資;同時由於農戶處于不同的地理環境、位置,也對農戶進行農業產性投資產影響。同時本文對北京市政府制定相關農業政策提出以下建議參: 1 、進一步穩固農戶投資主體地位,同時,積極引導財政支農資金、銀行貸款等其他投資形式向農業轉移,形成資金互機制。
  9. By taking advantages of epipolar line features and depth discontinuities in reference 中國科學院 軟件 研究所 博士 學位 論文 基于 圖 象 的 快速 繪制 技術 的 研究 images , an efficient inverse wmping algorithm is pfoposed in chapter 3 for gcnerating nagcs of novel views by combining multiple eference images 帆 enhm different vie 呷 oints because continuous segnents determi 。 d by pairs ofedge pixels at co 。 spending epipolar lines are order kept , only pairs of edge pixels in the reference 渝 明 e e necess 叨 口 cowute to obtain generalized disparity of all points in the desired image as a result , sighficant acceleraion could be made in the endering pfo 比 鴕 two accelerating techiq 此 s e presented in this algori 山 mb accelerate the hole illing process his algorithm extends the reference images rom projection of single col : ii ’ ected surface in previously developed nvnverse w 出 下 er to ima 驢 s captured rom complex scene in chapter 4 , an 《 dent ibr method is prese 庇 仙 y takn ull 訕 antage of 呷 bies c 咖 the method can simulate the 3d details on sllri : ace of object successfully he 。 叩 proach , called rered ature mopmp consists of two pans at fst , an origi 。 ltexture with orthogonal displacements per pixel is deco 啊 osed into a series of new t6 刀 mfcs with each 他 lug a given displacement per pixel , called ae , ea atures , or lt hen hese lt e used to render the novel view by conventional texture mapping d avoid gaps n the endered hlla 驢 , some phels are to be interpolated nd extended in the 廠 kaccoding to the depth differe eee between two neighbor pixels in the original texture as these ltlt fc … e much storage nd therefore much time is equired to install ltlt into the text ’ ufc buffec an 舊 thod is pfoposed to co 呷 fcss the ltlt , nd the cottcspondingfclldering method is given experimental esults show that the new method is efficient , especially n rendering those objects with a smaller depth rnge compared withtheir size , such as relief surfaces of building

    與己有的三維變換方法相比較,該方法不但成功地填了由於投影區域擴張而產的第一類空洞,而且成功地填了由於空間深度非連續物體相互遮擋而產的第二類空洞,從而方便地實現了虛擬環境中的漫遊;基於物體表面深度的連續性,本文提出了一個位移預測方法? ?此方法可以從單幅參圖象獲得逆映射過程中所需要的目標圖象的位移信息,從而大大提高了演算法的效率:與通常的正向映射演算法相比,此演算法克服了多幅參圖象所帶來的計算量成倍增長等問題,而且誤差較小。 2 )基於極線幾何的快速逆映射演算法。利用參圖象的邊界信息與隱含的遮擋關系,以及極線幾何的性質,本文第三章提出了一個基於極線幾何的快速3 『一中國科學院軟體研究所博士學位論文基於圖象的快速繪制技術的研究逆映射演算法,從多幅參圖象精確合成當前視點目標圖象。
  10. Counters for applications for various permits and certificates for trade or import export purposes of the agriculture, fisheries and conversation department, applications for incorporation and registration of companies, public searches of the companies registry, registration services for medical and healthcare professionals, registration and licensing services relating to chinese medicines, school dental clinics, sai ying pun dermatological clinic and chai wan social hygiene clinic of the department of health, shroff for receiving payment of debts damages of the department of justice, some support services to schools, teachers and the general public provided by the education and manpower bureau, registration services for electrical workers, lpg cylinder wagons, lifts and escalators, builders lifts tower working platforms and amusement rides provided by the electrical and mechanical services department, processing of sick leave clearance for employees claiming work injury compensation by the labour department, sections dealing with family litigation and insolvency matters and criminal matters of the legal aid department, licensing and port formalities at four marine offices and advance booking of professional ship surveying and inspection service of the marine department, services for offenders and medical social services at department of healths kowloon bay integrated treatment centre provided by the social welfare department, road driving tests and driving ability assessment services to people with disabilities provided by the transport department and customer enquiry centres and meter testing services of the water supplies department will move to a five - day week with effect from january 1, 2007

  11. To get mass flow rate of vent gas and coarse aeetaldehyde from their volume flow rate data, density compensations are performed with regressed relationship between density and ( temperature, pressure and concentration )

  12. Through the analysis, the author found many questions which served further discussion, such as the lack of anxiety research on science and engineering course undergraduates, no inventory based on chinese psychological characteristic, and the desperation of anxiety research and psychological education, etc. the purpose of this research are ( 1 ) to investigate behavioral characteristic under anxiety of science and engineering course undergraduates ; ( 2 ) to make science and engineering course undergraduates anxiety questionnaire on the basis of behavior under anxiety

    通過對相關研究的分析,發現有很多值得進一步探討的問題,如對理工科大學焦慮的研究很少,沒有一套適合中國人心理特點的焦慮問卷,焦慮研究與心理健康教育實踐存在脫節等。本研究的目的是: ( 1 )對理工科大學焦慮狀態下的行為特點進行研究,為彌對理工科大學焦慮研究的空白盡微薄之力; ( 2 )嘗試根據焦慮的行為特點編制有效、簡潔的大學焦慮問卷,並以此為工具對理工大學焦慮特點進行察。
  13. Those students who failed the exam will have to take it again.

  14. The demonstration research on the freshman ' s make - up

  15. Mr. gerard. you need to make that up with me

  16. A special examination for a student who has been absent from or has failed a previous examination

  17. In order to solve those problems, this thesis is based on a case study of the 2002 senior high school entrance exam in huangzhou district, huanggang city, hubei province. by applying the principles of language testing and using the computer - aided analysis of the test, it gives a detailed analysis and evaluation of the test along the criteria of language testing and the english curricular criteria for full - time compulsory education common middle school

    為了彌這些空缺,本文以湖北省黃岡市黃州區2002年初中升學英語試為例,抽取13的答卷,運用語言測試的原理,以語言測試的標準和中學英語課程標準為準繩,通過利用計算機軟體spss10 . 0forwindows對試卷進行具體分析和評估。
  18. Given that there have been incidents of suspected leak of public examination questions over the years, and a number of tutorial schools have even made promotional claims that their tutors have correctly guessed questions of public examinations, whether it knows if hkeaa will learn from experience, and comprehensively review and reform the processes involved in public examinations in hong kong, in particular those in respect of the design and review of examination questions, so as to dispel the doubts of candidates, enhance the authoritativeness and credibility of such examinations, and ensure that all candidates will obtain the results they deserve in examinations conducted in a more fair and open manner

  19. We make use of object, property, method in asp to complete many functions, including browser splitint many pages in query section and count vistor. we research the relation between server and score data with ado. compared sql language with object, property, method in asp, the result is we find out a combination method of them. we design, the ssms based on browser / server structure

    因此,本文重點探討了如何利用asp技術的內置對象、 activex服務器組件和ado對象來實現對學成績數據庫的訪問方法,給出了設計細節和具體步驟和方法基於b / s結構的學學籍管理系統(以下簡稱ssms )就是利用b / s技術和基於web的應用系統開發相結合實現的,它具有數據輸入、查詢修改、處理、畢業處理和報表輸出等功能。
  20. Although i ' m a f. 7 student, i have studied account for two years. i got a c in account in ce. i can provide many past papers and practice papers. i hope you can consider my application. thank you