襯合金 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chènjīn]
襯合金 英文
lining alloy
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (在裏面托上一層) line; place sth underneath 2 (陪襯; 襯托) set off Ⅱ名詞(襯在裏面的附...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬) metals 2 (錢) money 3 (古時金屬制的打擊樂器) ancient metal percussion instrum...
  1. Leather seat, gasoline ( unlead engine ), 4 speed automatic transmission, china specification, air conditioner, amfm radio & cassette, 6 cd changer, dual & side air bag, 16 " 6 - hole alloy wheel, sun roof, leather seat, windshield deicer, head lamp cleaner, wide inner mirror, seat heater, deluxe package ( including sport pedal set, sport scuff plate, privacy glass, sport steering wheel, sport suspension ), abs, remote key, 1 set of tools & spare tyre, front left & right power seats

    ,皮座,汽油(無鉛汽油發動機) ,四擋自動變速, 16 "六孔鋁鈴,中國標準規格,空調, amfm收音機及磁帶機,六碟cd音向系統,雙氣囊及側面氣囊式輔助保護系統,鈴,天窗,真皮座椅,車頭玻璃溶雪裝置,車頭燈清洗裝置,廣角后視鏡,前排電熱座,豪華型配套(包括:跑車型屬踏板,車門框屬裝飾板,感光玻璃,跑車型單色設計方向盤,跑車懸架) , abs ,遙控,工具及士啤呔,前左右電動座椅
  2. Characteristic and suitablescope the surface basic is 10 steeil and spcc, then sinter 20high - tin, the manufacture has good antifriction, no fever heat, against grip axes, suitable for engines camshaft and pneumatic engine, refrigerating machine bushes. at present, our factory is the greatest export factory for eccentric bushes in the domestic area, and match bushes to isuzus idler gear for japanese isuzu co

  3. Using jgp560c magnetron sputtering equipment, cu / ag film are deposited on cd1 - xznxte substrate by dc magnetron sputtering in order to get the influences of the main experiments parameters such as sputtering power, gas flow, vacuum air pressure, magnetoelectricity power and substrate temperature on deposition rate of film, discovered that dc sputtering power is the most key factor influencing the deposition rate

    在jgp560c型超高真空多功能磁控濺射鍍膜機上,採用直流磁控濺射法在cdznte晶體上制備出cu ag薄膜,揭示了氣體流量、直流濺射功率、勵磁電源功率、工作氣壓和底溫度等工藝參數對沉積速率的影響規律。結果表明濺射功率對沉積速率的影響最大,隨濺射功率的增大沉積速率快速增大。
  4. The catena product is in the light of iso international criterion to design and make iso2858, pumpbody adopt metalline crust pad fluorine plastics inside, impeller and pump - cover all adopt metal embed part wrap fluorine plastics alloy outside to press. to make it possess superduper resist impact and eximious resist causticity, axis - envelop choose advanced outer - install form moire - pipe machine - airproof, airproof of oppositely abrade have silicon nitride chinaware f4 horniness alloy to choose. it has ratio of very high capability and price

    本系列產品按國際標準設計製造iso2858 ,泵體採用屬外殼內氟塑料,葉輪及泵蓋均採用屬嵌件外包氟塑料模壓成型,使其具有超強的抗沖擊能力又有卓越的耐腐蝕性能,軸封選用先進的外裝式波紋管機械密封,對磨的密封面有:碳化硅陶瓷四氟硬質可供選擇。
  5. It is in the light of iso international criterion to design and make, pumpbody adopt metalline crust pad fluorine plastics inside, impeller and pump - cover all adopt metal embed part wrap fluorine plastics alloy outside to press. it has ratio of very high capability and price. its the most diffusely apply of resisting causticity centrifugal pumps at chemical engineering profession at present

    按國際標準設計製造,泵體採用屬外殼內氟塑料f46 ,葉輪及泵蓋均採用屬嵌件外包氟塑料模壓成型,具有很高的性能價格比,是目前化工行業應用最為廣泛的防腐離心泵。
  6. After the 4ear resistant alloy with high melting point is sprayed on the prototype, the spray formed layer is backupped, the prototype is separated from the spray layer, the post processing is completed, and a high precision perdurable metal tool is finally produced

  7. The alloyed self - propagating high - temperature synthesis technology has been investigated in this paper, by which ceramic lined compound pipes can be produced. after active carbon powder and alloy steel powder are added to the thermit, the self - propagating high - temperature synthesis reaction starts. the effect of carbon and alloy elements on the interlayer of the compound pipes has been studied

  8. Babbit - lined bearing

  9. In keeping with a bike of such immense price, technologically advanced materials such as titanium, magnesium, and carbon fibre are used extensively and a special brembo braking system has been produced just for the bike

  10. Connections for bottom discharge valves - part 1 : non alloyed, stainless or lined steel ; dimensions mating pn 10

  11. The researchers of the company have invented the new high metal alloys materials and place the high position home and abroad. the productions are sold to denmark, japan, england, germany and have won great praise for them

  12. Aerospace ; inserts, helical coil threads, screw - locking, copper alloy ; class : 1100 mpa 425 c

    航空航天.銅用螺紋鎖緊的螺紋套.等級: 1100mpa
  13. Aerospace ; inserts, helical coil threads, screw - locking, copper alloy ; assembly and special tools

  14. Determined by dsc. whereafter, the surface micro - morphology of both sides of tini sma thin film deposited on glass was investigated by atomic force microscope ( afm ), and the difference of morphology between the two sides is observed. it has been shown that, in the growing surface of sputtered tini film, the trend of grain to accumulating along the normal direction like a column is clearly observed, and the grain is very loose which resulted in more microcavities, but in the surface facing to glass substrate, grain is so compact that there are hardly microcavities

    通過濺射法,在玻璃底上淀積了tini薄膜,並在600進行了真空退火, dsc法測得其馬氏體逆相變峰值溫度為75 ,利用原子力顯微鏡,對玻璃基tini形狀記憶薄膜的底面與生長面進行了表面微觀形貌分析,發現:生長面晶粒呈現出沿薄膜法線方向柱狀堆積的趨勢,晶粒緻密性差,微孔洞多;而底面晶粒緻密,幾乎沒有微孔洞存在。
  15. The ceramic - lined steel composite pipes are lighter than alloy pipes, cast iron pipes, and cast stone pipes, which reduces the expense of transportation and makes the pipes easier to install

  16. Through the analysis of the service condition, property requirement, alloy element and cost performance of wear resistant material used for lining board of hadifield - steel cone crusher, the several kinds of lining boards with different chemical composition were designed

  17. Based on the technical requirements of manufacture, application and repair of the pump shell and cutter piece of the cutterhead pipeline dredge, put forward are the re - manufacture three principles on easily damaged workpieces of dredge engineering. with the inter - clamped structures on the pump liners, the gradient wear - resisting design on the cutter piece, and the new techniques in the process of re - manufacture, new wear - resistant materials, including high - cr alloy, overlaying and brazing deposits, and polymer adhesive coatings have been successfully applied to the re - manufacture dredge pump shell and cutter piece. the application results show that their wear - resistant lifetimes and the dredging profits have been increased remarkably

  18. Technologies such as chemical constitution selecting, alloy melting, casting process designing and optimizing, mechanical machining and heat treatment process on pump body, impeller, front and rear board of cw. nb450 dredge pump abrasion resistance parts are concluded

    摘要總結了用於挖泥船的cw . nb450型泥泵過流耐磨部件泵殼、葉輪、前後板的化學成分選擇、熔煉、鑄造工藝設計及優化、機械加工、熱處理工藝等技術。
  19. Our factory whether one is it produce and sell for integrative professional aluminium alloy case and bag factory to collect. the aluminium alloy case manufactured is elegant in appearance, durable and durable, is a main other packing box that will prevail in the future. in order to cater to the need of the market, we are researching and developing the new products constantly, really improve outside of you and pack and promote the inherent quality of the products. there is various aluminium alloy panel of pattern in our factory, the aluminium is moulded, the panel of the wooden composite of aluminium, different antidetonation inside linings, can design according to your different demands. the kind that has the aluminium case at present has aluminium alloy toolboxes, official document case, computer case, transport paper money case, hardware tools pack the aluminium case. the instrument case of aluminium alloy, medical case, make - up kit, cd case

  20. With strong high toughness and wear resistance, the use of safe, efficient, non - deformed, no fault, no broken, the main technical and economic indicators have reached the country particle counter level than the price of steel materials reduced by 20 percent or more, a warehouse liner can be used 3 years

    具有強韌性和高耐磨性,使用安全、高效、不變形、無斷裂、無破碎,主要技術經濟指標達到了國外同類產品的水平,價格卻比中鋼材料降低20 %以上,一倉板使用3年。