襯合物 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chèn]
襯合物 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (在裏面托上一層) line; place sth underneath 2 (陪襯; 襯托) set off Ⅱ名詞(襯在裏面的附...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 名詞1 (東西) thing; matter; object 2 (指自己以外的人或與己相對的環境) other people; the outsi...
  1. Specification for insulating materials based on mica - specifications for individual materials - glass - backed mica paper with a b - stage epoxy resin binder

  2. Specification for insulating materials based on mica ; part 3 : specifications for individual materials ; sheet 6 : glass - backed mica paper with a b - stage epoxy resin binder

  3. Specification for insulating materials based on mica. part 3 : specifications for individual materials. sheet 6 : glass - backed mica paper with a b - stage epoxy resin binder

    雲母基絕緣材料規范.第3部分:專用材料規范.活頁6 :用b級環氧樹脂粘劑粘結的玻璃纖維織底雲母紙
  4. Gaas crystal is a kind of iii - v group compound semiconductor material with good electrical performance. the semiconductor devices and integrated circuit ( ic ) fabricated on gaas substrate have such advantages of hign - speed information processing that they have drawn the researcher ' s attention

  5. Specification for insulating materials based on mica. part 3 : specificatins for individual materials. sheet 5 : glass - backed mica paper with an epoxy resin binder for post - impregnation

    雲母基絕緣材料規范.第3部分:專用材料規范.活頁5 :用環氧樹脂粘劑粘結的待浸漬處理的玻璃纖維織底雲母紙
  6. Specification for insulating materials based on mica ; part 3 : specifications for individual materials ; sheet 5 : glass - backed mica paper with an epoxy resin binder for post - impregnation

  7. Multi - layered ( not - newspaper or newsprint ) paper padding ideal for wrapping medium to large sized, non - fragile items and those that may require moisture absorption. paper cushioning is excellent for filling empty spaces

  8. A triangular insert, as in the seam of a garment, for added strength or expansion

  9. In the third section, i. e. chapter five, the normal raman spectra of nil2, cul2, pdl2 powder are studied under the excitation of laser with the wavelength of 632. 8nm and aqueous silver colloid is prepared by pulsed laser ablation, from which the surface enhanced raman spectra of the three compounds are obtained. after preliminary assignment, the identical and different features of vibration of the compounds due to the different central metal atoms are analyzed

    第三部分,即論文的第五章,我們以632 . 8nln為激發波長研究了nilz 、 culz和pdl :三種新型金屬有機化粉末的正常拉曼光譜,並且以脈沖激光刻蝕法制備了水銀膠,以其為底研究了三種化溶液在其上的表面增強拉曼光譜,通過對其拉曼光譜進行了初步指認,了解由於中心原子的不同,三種金屬有機化分子振動的相同和區別。
  10. The properties of cn thin films such as their morphology, component, crystal structure and the bonding structure and the relation between those properties and the gas - phase reaction parameters were discussed, showing that the deposition of p - c3n4 thin film is the compete result of various reaction processes in the dynamics balance conditions ; the process of cn films depo sition is diagnosed in situ through the optical emission spectra technique, the effects of experimental parameters on the concentration of the precursors and the gas - phase reactions in the plasma have been obtained ; the main reaction precursors for film deposition identified ; the relation between the characteristics of cn thin films and the reaction process in the plasma is analyzed. the cn thin films deposition under different substrate temperatures in high pressure pe - pld shows that the si atom of the substrate has participated the cn films growth process, based on this the growth mode of cn thin films on the si substrate is proposed. the further experiment of cn thin films deposition on si substrate scratched by diamond as well as covered with fe catalyzer has been attempted, which indicates that changing the dynamics conditions of the surface reaction can alter the growth characteristic of the cn thin films and can enhance obviously the films growth rate

    採用pld技術進行了碳氮化薄膜沉積,得到了含氮量為21at的cn薄膜;研究了底溫度和反應氣體壓強對薄膜結構特性的影響,給出了cn薄膜中n含量較小、 sp ~ 3鍵結構成分較少和薄膜中僅含有局域cn晶體的原因;引入脈沖輝光放電等離子體增強pld的氣相反應,給出了提高薄膜晶態sp ~ 3鍵結構成分和薄膜的含n量可行性途徑;應用pe - cvd技術以ch _ 4 + n _ 2為反應氣體並引入輔助氣體h _ 2 ,得到了含n量為56at的晶態cn薄膜;探討了cn薄膜形貌、成分、晶體結構、價鍵狀態等特性及其與氣體壓強和放電電流的關系,證明了- c _ 3n _ 4薄膜沉積為滿足動力學平衡條件的各種反應過程的競爭結果;採用光學發射譜技術對cn薄膜生長過程進行了實時診斷,得到了實驗參量對等離子體中活性粒子相對濃度和氣相反應過程的影響規律,給出了cn薄膜沉積的主要反應前驅,揭示了cn薄膜特性和等離子體內反應過程之間的聯系;採用高氣壓pe - pld技術研究了不同底溫度條件下cn化薄膜的結構特性,揭示了si原子對薄膜生長過程的影響,給出了si基表面碳氮薄膜的生長模式;在金剛石研磨和催化劑fe處理的si底上進行cn薄膜沉積,證明了通過控制材料表面動力學條件可以改變碳氮薄膜結構特性,並可顯著提高晶態碳氮材料的生長速率。
  11. We found that hydrogen content incorporated as monohydride maintains constant and hydrogen content incorporated as polyhydride gradually decreases with the increase of substrate temperature

  12. As for toluene, it was shown that the cumulative mass discharged from the gcl composite liner was several orders of magnitude greater than that from composite liners having a thicker soil liner

  13. Standard test methods for heat resistance of polymer linings for flue gas desulfurization systems

  14. The main contents of the paper are : ( 1 ) review the state and art for fiber - wound vessel with metal inner lining ; ( 2 ) provide a method to present the technical features including wound process, equal stress dome and fiber gathering at the dome etc. ( 3 ) establish a finite element analysis model considering nonlinear physical and geometrical effects and develop a equivalent constitutive relation for winding graphite fiber reinforced plastic layers ; ( 4 ) set up a failure criterion for the inner metal lining and winding graphite fiber reinforced plastic layers ; ( 5 ) develop a corresponding engineering analysis code based on the commercial software ansys ; ( 6 ) investigate the plastic deformation and residual stress in the inner lining due to winding tension and pre - tension, and stress distribution of the composite vessel under service loading case

    本文旨在為具有金屬內的纖維纏繞復容器的參數設計提供分析模型、方法及工程軟體。論文主要內容是: ( 1 )對復容器分析國內外研究的概述; ( 2 )復容器的幾何表徵方法及工藝中若干力學問題; ( 3 )復容器結構分析的理和幾何非線性有限元列式及其纖維層的等效本構關系; ( 4 )復容器的破壞類別; ( 5 ) ansys程序的二次開發; ( 6 )典型復容器的數值討論。本論文工作將對工程界復容器設計和分析工作者具有參考價值。
  15. Standard specification for self - adhering polymer modified bituminous sheet materials used as steep roofing underlayment for ice dam protection

  16. In succession, tini thin film is deposited on single - crystal silicon substrate using optimized parameters utilizing sputtering, and its transformation temperature ( a * ) is 72 ? indicated by dsc curve after being annealed in an ultra - high vacuum ( uhv ) chamber. in addition, the composition of the silicon - based tini film was analyzed by an energy dispersive x - ray spectroscopy ( eds ), and the ti content in the film is approximately 51at %

    按照改進的工藝參數,在單晶硅底上濺射-淀積了tini薄膜,並進行了超高真空退火, dsc法測得其馬氏體逆相變峰值溫度為72 ,利用能譜分析( eds )技術測得其ti含量約為51at ,通過對非晶tini薄膜與單晶硅底之間的界面進行eds及x射線衍射( xrd )分析,發現在用大功率( 2000w )直流磁控濺射法制備tini薄膜過程中,存在ti 、 ni與si的雙向擴散,發生了界面反應,並有三元化ni _ 3ti _ 2si生成。
  17. On basis of ionic exchanges and electrostatic adsorption of charged groups, multilayer thin films of polymer / polymer, polymer / organic molecules, polymer / gold nanoparticles and polymer / inorganic nanoparticles were self - assembled onto versatile substrates including silicon, glass and optic fibers. polyelectrolyte pdda - polymeric dye ps - 119 system exhibited a favorite self - assembling feature

  18. The properties of crystalline carbon nitride films ( cn ) on silicon substrate have been explored experimentally by the pe - pld and pe - cvd method. the relation between different deposition parameter and the structure properties of cn compound films is analyzed ; the deposition mechanism of the cn films is studied. cn thin films with up to 21at % nitrogen content have been prepared by pld method

    本論文採用pe - pld技術和pe - cvd技術,以si基片為底對晶態cn薄膜制備進行了實驗探索,主要探討不同工藝條件和cn化薄膜的結構特性之間的關系,研究晶態si基cn薄膜的生長機理。
  19. Standard specification for flexible polymeric foam sheet insulation used as a thermal and sound absorbing liner for duct systems

  20. Molecular diffusion is the predominant mechanism controlling volatile organic compounds transport within the composite liner