處置量 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chǔzhìliáng]
處置量 英文
disposal capacity
  • : 處名詞1 (地方) place 2 (方面; 某一點) part; point 3 (機關或機關里一個部門) department; offi...
  • : 動詞1. (擱; 放) place; put; lay 2. (設立; 布置) set up; establish; arrange; fix up 3. (購置) buy; purchase
  • : 量動1. (度量) measure 2. (估量) estimate; size up
  • 處置 : 1. (處理) handle; deal with; manage; dispose of 2. (發落; 懲治) punish
  1. And the traveller leopold was couth to him sithen it had happed that they had had ado each with other in the house of misericord where this learning knight lay by cause the traveller leopold came there to be healed for he was sore wounded in his breast by a spear wherewith a horrible and dreadful dragon was smitten him for which he did do make a salve of volatile salt and chrism as much as he might suffice

    旅人利奧波德與彼相識。蓋該學生騎士因故服務于仁慈聖母醫院之際,旅人利奧波德曾被一可怕醜陋之用標槍刺穿胸膛,負重傷, 13前往就醫。騎士曾於傷口上塗以大揮發性油及聖油,予以妥善
  2. We must be careful of the propaganda about the one - off dry battery because of their huge quantity used in civil utility and we have not entirely produced the battery with low or without mercury and we have not completely arrived at the demand of landfill which should be considered

  3. Article 7 when either of the net amount of the fair value of an asset minus the disposal expenses or the current value of the expected future cash flow of the asset exceeds the carrying value of the asset, it shows that no asset impairment has occurred, and it does not need to estimate another amount of the asset

  4. The treatment moderately reduced fasting blood glucose levels ( levels measured after food was removed for 12 hours ), body weight and temperature, and robustly reduced fasting insulin levels ? findings consistent with the actions of caloric restriction itself

    這種稍稍降低大鼠在非餵食期間的血糖濃度(于餵食12小時后測) 、體重與體溫,還大大降低非餵食期間胰島素的濃度這些發現與限食的作用一致。
  5. Standard specification for phase change - type disposable fever thermometer for intermittent determination of human temperature

  6. Fisrt, this paper dissertates the necessities and feasibilities for establishing and implementing ims theoretically. second, it resreachs the problems in the process of establishing and implementing ims, and list the planning and designing moughtway for 5th engineering corporation of china railway 20 bureau group. meanwhile, it provides some suggestions for key steps of establishing and implementing an ims. for example, orgnazational improment, training implementation, initial review, development of managerial principal and goals, and compilation of procedural documents. after that, this paper designs a set of evaluation indicators on the basis of pdca., and put forwards evaluation method and process for the effectiveness of an ims. last, it also makes some concrete proposals vs possible difficulties in the process of performimg an integrated management system, for the continual improvement of the corporation ' s ims

    本文首先從理論上分析了建立與實施一體化管理體系的必要性和可行性;其次,對中鐵二十局集團五公司質、環境和職業健康安全一體化管理體系的建立與實施問題進行了研究,給出了該公司建立與實施一體化管理體系的策劃和設計思路,同時就建立與實施過程中的重點問題進行了研究,如組織機構的優化、貫標培訓的實施、初始評審的實施、管理方針的確定、管理目標的設定以及程序文件的編制等;然後,設計了基於pdca (策劃、實施、檢查、)模式的一體化管理體系有效性評價指標體系,給出對五公司一體化管理體系有效性進行評價的方法和過程;最後,分析了一體化管理體系運行過程中可能遇到的問題,並給出中鐵二十局集團五公司一體化管理體系持續運行的具體建議。
  7. This paper analyses the sorts of production, amounts, sites destination of production, transport equipments, operation measures, load and unload equipment, cleaning and industrial treatment equipments, presents the sorts of container needed in dangerous cargo transport and the package condition demanded in dangerous cargo transport after investigate widely, plenty - of experiments and strict theoretical analysis on the basis of researches results before considering the facts of chinese railway transport. furthermore, this paper analyses and discusses the forces the dangerous cargo in the container receive during the transport and the effects to the inner package box influenced by every kind of environments. in the end, some suggestions about how to develop the dangerous cargo transport using container are proposed

  8. In an attempt to meet with the nda requirements in the means of safeguards and nuclear waste management, los alamos national lab ( lanl ) has started the work on developing tgs since the later 1980s with funding from department of energy ( doe ) office of safeguards and security

    二十世紀八十年代後期,由於核保障和核廢物管理的需求,許多發達國家投入大的人力、物力和財力,開始了tgs技術的探索、研究和開發。從最初的tgs基本原理, tgs圖像重建技術,一直到tgs原型裝的開發,都進行了系統的、全面的研究。
  9. It is emphasized that potential beneficial assets should be explored and investment bank operation methods should be applied to improve the technical level. also, the innovation of disposition methods would maximize the asset withdrawal and minimize the loss of non - performing assets of bank entity

  10. The scheme embraces four projects, namely ( 1 ) to build up sluices at anqiu bridge and nanzhou bridge ( and the one at anqiu bridge is the first choice ) so that pollutants can be from entering the lake ; 2 ) as a necessary accessory for the above project, to supplement water capacity from changdang lake as a strategic water source into the protection program, and culvert - pipe plan is recommended from two other alternatives through systematic analysis ; 3 ) to carry out comprehensive realignment for some reed regions which are located at the entrances of the lake, and to develop a wetland ecosystem mainly with some reeds ; and 4 ) to set up a green protection belt right round the lake, including planting reeds at lakebeach, building forest belt, developing bases of green foodstuff and disposing sludges in the lake base

    該方案由4個工程子系統組成, ( 1 )截污工程:在岸丘橋和南州橋位各築一節制閘(而岸丘橋工程又是首選工程) ,以封住湖泊兩頭入流,杜絕污染物進入水源地的截污工程; ( 2 )引水工程:是截污工程的配套工程,利用下游長蕩湖來補充水,並對3個引水工程設想進行了系統分析,推薦涵管方案,同時將長蕩湖作為該市戰略水源地一併納入保護體系中; ( 3 )濕地生態理工程:對進入蕩區前的蘆葦區進行綜合整治,發展以蘆葦為主的濕地生態理工程; ( 4 )環湖綠色自然保護帶工程:包括建設圍湖蘆葦蕩、環湖林帶、綠色食品基地以及污泥
  11. Basing on the analyzing on various materials, we conclude that the scale of nonperforming assets of chinese banking sector is underestimated while its quality was overestimated

  12. From the second to the fifth chapter such problems concerning state - owned property right are illustrated respectively as its definition, valuation and price fixing and capital sources of undertaking party and the disposal and use of transfer income. problems are raised with regard to the process of current property right system diversity in state - owned enterprises, such as the disagreement to the definition of state - owned property right, no standard of evaluation, imperfection of price fixing system and relative confusion of transfer income disposal and use. what ' s more, new solutions are offered : the probe into state - owned property right definition " changsha model " is confirmed positively ; two specific ways of quantification - - " the method of average growth rate of state - owned property right " and " the method of average cost of labor in market " ; the concept " present value of earnings " is applied to the property evaluation of receivable accounts, finished goods, invisible assets and so on ; the unjust in price fixing of state - owned property right can be avoided by improving property valuation methods, perfecting capital market especially property right trading market and bettering information publishing system ; as to the guarantee problem of human resources financial contribution, an original key is offered

    第一章運用產權理論對國企產權多元化改革進行經濟學分析;第二章至第五章主要圍繞國有產權的界定問題、評估問題、定價問題、承接方的資金來源問題、轉讓收入的運用問題分別進行闡述,指出了當前國企產權多元化過程中存在著國有產權界定不統一、評估不規范、定價機制不完善、運用相對混亂等諸多問題,並提出新的解決思路:肯定國有產權界定「長沙模式」的積極探索意義,提出化職工創造剩餘價值的「國有資產平均增長率法」和「平均市場勞動成本法」 ;將「收益現值」概念運用到對應收賬款、產成品、無形資產等資產評估之中;應從完善資產評估方法、完善資本市場特別是產權交易市場和健全信息公開機制三個方面來解決國有產權定價不公問題;就人力資本出資的擔保問題提出實際債務承擔額(比例)應小於名義出資額(比例)的新思路,並認為人力資本市場上的交易價格應包括絕對出資額和相對出資額兩部分。
  13. The seller must pay the costs of those checking operations such as checking quality, measuring, weighing, counting which are necessary for the purpose of placing the goods at the buyer s disposal

  14. At first, this thesis analyzed some essential elements about the system of personal houe loan and make the compare to chinese and foreign system, and established the system of personal credit evaluate ; the second, the thesis discusses the investment technique and strategy of national debt in the provident fund, and established the model about how to invest the national debt ; the third, the thesis build the forecast model about fund collecting and drawing, and make use of the combination invest theories to build model of individual loan and national debt ; at last, the thesis analyses the risk ' s inside reason of house funds with the risk type, and to give out the related suggestion to funds risk. mechanism. the thesis research show me how to make use of that some models and methods in the process of haf management and make me deeply understand the house funds

  15. The contents of this paper include the following several aspects : ( 1 ) a model of the fractures leakage is built through counting and analyzing the wealthy geological records of hae field, and a model of the fracture water transporting is also built according to the fracture water condition of its recharge and its runoff and its discharge in hae field ; ( 2 ) this paper studies the chemical behavior and the migration parameters of the elenent sr2 + in ground water in hae field, the main contents include : the presence form of the element sr in ground water is analyzed by way of the rmodynamics ; the absorption mechanism that granite and sand stone absorbs sr element is analyzed based on theory and experiment test the diffusion parameters of the element sr in water and in granite and in sand stone are researched with laboratory experiment test ; the partition coefficient of sand stone and granite to sr is tested by the batch way

    其研究內容包括以下幾個方面: ( 1 )通過對我國hae預選場豐富地質資料的大統計和分析,建立了該場的基巖裂隙滲透模型。再根據hae預選場基巖裂隙水的補給、徑流、排泄條件及水位動態特徵,建立了預選場基巖裂隙水水運動模型。 ( 2 )對高毒性鍶元素在我國hae預選場地下水中的化學行為和遷移參數進行系統的研究,其中主要包括運用熱力學方法分析了鍶元素在地下水中的存在形態,利用理論分析與實驗測試相結合的方法分析了花崗巖和砂巖對核素鍶的吸附機制,採用室內實驗裝研究了核素鍶在地下水中的擴散參數以及在花崗巖和砂巖中的本徵擴散參數,採用靜態批式法研究了鍶在砂巖和花崗巖中的分配系數。
  16. The cash flow shall be, during the process of fair transaction between parties that are familiar with the situation on their own free will, the amount expected to obtain from or pay for the disposal of the asset minus the expected disposal expenses

  17. Treatment means activities conducted to reduce the quantity or volume of the discharged solid waste, reduce or eliminate their dangerous composition through incineration or other methods that can change the physical, chemical or biological characterstics of the solid waste, or activities conducted ultimately to put solid waste in sites or installations that meet the requirements of environmental protection, from which the solid waste shall never be taken back again

  18. Farmers outside the prohibition areas were permitted to continue rearing livestock, but they were required to properly dispose of their waste and treat their effluent so that it complied with standards of no more than 50 mg l of suspended solids and 50 mg l of 5 - day biochemical oxygen demand by the mid - 1990s

  19. The term of “ congestion " was firstly used in transport industry, it was considered to be a phenomenon that excessive transport vehicle were input on transport, which causes the blockage and a declining transport capacity ( d. mcfadden, 1978 ). he considered the state of production factor congestion as a border state, which generally represented all phenomenon of a weak disposal capacity formed by improper collocation of production factor. under the assumption of absolutely rational and complete information in classical economics and the principle of manufacturer ’ s maximal profits, the collocation of resources will not achieve " congestion "

  20. Clinical nursing staff usually assesses neonates ' pain based on nurses ' own experience and rarely use standard procedures of pain management