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薄墨 英文
  • : 名詞[方言] (浮萍) duckweed
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (寫字繪畫的用品) china [chinese] ink; ink cake; ink stick2 (寫字、繪畫或印刷用的顏料) ...
  1. Underneath came a sort of escritoire outfit : blotters, pens, ink - bottles, paper, envelopes, memorandum books : and then a perfect sewing - outfit, with three different sized scissors, thimbles, needles, silks and cottons, darning egg, all of the very best quality and perfectly finished

  2. In this thesis study, graphite nanosheets were effectively prepared from natural graphite flake. fabrication of graphite nanosheets with nylon 6 via an in - situ polymerization approach led to the nylon 6 / foliated graphite nanocomposites

  3. Gravure ink for cold - laminating plastic film

  4. Gravure ink for hot - laminating plastic film

  5. It is this nodular microstructure of carbon in ductile iron which produces high ductility and shock resistance while the flake form of cast iron results in no malleability

  6. The chemical compositions of sei films formed on the interfaces of a3000 samples in different electrolytes during the first charging process are mainly li2co3 and lioco2r, but their textures are different. the sei films formed in ec - based electrolytes are thin and compact, which can prevent the solvated lithium ions from cointercalating between two graphene layers of the graphite crystallites effectively, therefore samples a3000 have small irreversible capacities and good compatibilities with this kinds of electrolytes. however, the sei films formed in pc - based electrolytes are thick but defective, which could not effectively prevent solvated lithium ions from intercalation, therefore sample a3000 shows large irreversible capacities in pc - based electrolytes and bad compatibilities with this kind of electrolytes

    A _ ( 3000 )試樣在六種不同的電解液中,首次充電過程中所形成的sei膜,其化學組分均為碳酸鋰和烷基碳酸鋰,但在ec基電解液中形成的sei膜而緻密,可以有效地阻止溶劑化鋰離子插入石層間,不可逆容量少,表現出與a _ ( 3000 )試樣有良好的相容性;在pc基電解液中形成的sei膜厚,且有缺陷,不能有效地阻止溶劑化鋰離子嵌入試樣中石微晶的層間,不可逆容量大,與a _ ( 3000 )試樣的相容性極差。
  7. The solid ink roll be uses in the machine, used for plastics thin film, paper quality etc. material surface prints to make the date of production, batch number. . etc marking

  8. Flat breads include tortillas ( mexican ), chapatti ( indian ) and pita bread ( middle eastern )

  9. In the hipib film deposition, high purity graphite was employed as target. relations between process parameters and the microstructure, as well as different physical properties of diamond - like carbon ( dlc ) film deposited by hipib ablated plasma were studied by adjusting the distance between target and substrate, which affects the intensity and ion energy of hipib ablated plasma, and the temperature of substrate in the film deposition processes. the mechanism of film deposition by hipib ablated plasma was explored also

  10. Materials for interconnection structures - part 8 : sectional specification set for non - conductive films and coatings - section 7 : marking legend inks

  11. Paper and board. tests for paper and board. determination of inke and dye content of printed dyed or coloured articles made of soft tissue cellucotton and crepe paper

  12. Standard test method for determining the abrasion resistance of inks and coatings on membrane switches using the norman tool " rca " abrader

    使用norman工具" rca "磨擦器測定膜開關上水和塗層抗磨性的標準試驗方法
  13. Isothermal and non - isothermal crystallization experiments conducted for the nanocomposite showed that addition of graphite nanosheets significantly changes the crystallization behaviors of the nylon 6 resin

  14. Gravure ink for polyvinyl chloride film

  15. Main products : textile printing paste, latex colorants, coating colorants of paper, all - purpose solvent colorants, plastic film gravure ink, paper gravure ink, water - based flexo ink

  16. The structure of films deposited at higher power was found to be a mixture structure of amorphous, graphite and diamond with diamond - like stucture

  17. It was there she kept her girlish treasures trove, the tortoiseshell combs, her child of mary badge, the whiterose scent, the eyebrowleine, her alabaster pouncetbox and the ribbons to change when her things came home from the wash and there were some beautiful thoughts written in it in violet ink that she bought in hely s of dame street for she felt that she too could write poetry if she could only express herself like that poem that appealed to her so deeply that she had copied out of the newspaper she found one evening round the potherbs

    這是姑娘的寶庫,收藏著玳瑁梳子"瑪利亞的孩子" 63徽章白玫瑰香水描眉膏雪花石膏香盒替換著釘在洗衣房剛送回來的衣服上用的絲帶等。懺悔上記載著她用紫羅蘭色水是從戴姆街希利64的店裡買來的寫下的一些雋永的思想。因為她感到,只要她能夠像如此深深地感染了她的這首詩那樣表達自己,她就也能夠寫詩。
  18. It is thought that the emission process happened with the participation of diamond crystal, graphite, amorphous carbon and intra - face states in the diamond films

  19. In addition, by treating the conductivity data, tunneling conduction was found to be present in the nanocomposites, which also could be used to account fo r the non - universality of the critical exponent. investigations into the microstructures of the nanocomposites revealed that the nanosheets form " house of cards " conducting network spanning across the whole composite

    對該納米復合材料的微細結構的研究表明,納米石片在尼龍6基體中形成類似於「卡片屋」 ( 「 houseofcards 」 )結構的導電網路,貫穿整個復合物體系。
  20. Consists of baled unprinted, coated and uncoated shaings or sheets of white groundwood free printing paper. prohibitie materials : none permitted 。 total outthrows may not exceed : 0. 5 %

    硬質白紙邊:未經表面處理的白色證券紙,帳紙或書寫紙和其紙邊,打包供貨。不得含有磨木漿,也不得帶有印刷油。不允許混有雜物。不合格廢紙總量不得超過0 . 5 % 。