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名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. Rebecca : you and paul thought the lisa aaron murder

  2. On the relations between the saff rids and the abb sids

  3. Camping facilities which exists in the chobe national park includes : serondela, a developed site with ablution facilities ; linyati, partially developed ; savuti a temporary camping ground and noghatsaa yet to be developed

  4. Currently hold the post ofni ji academician of president sa duofu

  5. Arrive lhasa at 21 : 30. tour will be greeted at train station and transferred to the hotel for acclimatization

  6. The acolytes of shalassa are a group of female sea - elves devoted their long life to serve the will of shalassa

  7. Zalayeta is also unavailable due to a problem with his right adductor muscle

  8. Winnie also liked children and lisa adored her.

  9. In may of 1997, a consultancy study commissioned by the agriculture and fisheries department ( afd ) on " development of a comprehensive conservation strategy and a

  10. Language : there are 11 official languages, including english, afrikaans and xhosa, zulu, sesotho and other nine african languages

    語言: 11種官方語言。其中包括英語、南非荷蘭語和克索語、祖盧語、塞蘇托語等9種當地主要部族語言。
  11. Ithaca cannot afford an enemy like agamemnon

  12. Now, i myselfwent to texas a m. i ' m an aggie

  13. Now, i myselfwent to texas a & m. i ' m an aggie

  14. Our products cover several tens of varieties such as xylophone series, glockenspiel series, drum series ( bongo drum, conga drum, hall drum, tambourim drum, waist drum, floor tom drum, wave drum, tambourine, frame drum, rattle drum ), maraca, egg shaker, headless tambourine, sand block, shaker, castanet, finger castanet, block series, wooden agogo, clave, triangle, hand bell, sleigh bells, wooden fish, guiro, cabasa, finger cymbal and so on ; to improve craftwork level, our products design aims the requirements from clients and the innovation in varieties ; to satisfy the clients ' requirements on various grades and various batch scales, our manufacture introduces advanced manufacturing process to control the procedure more rationally and guard the products quality more strictly ; to build a popular brand in market, we perseveres in a long term effort on service including that after sale and digs more latent clients ' requirements

    本廠的產品涵蓋打擊琴類(木琴、鐘琴、兒童彩琴) 、鼓類(邦戈鼓、康加鼓、堂鼓、桑巴鼓、腰鼓、地鼓、印地安嗵嗵鼓、海鼓、鈴鼓、手鼓、波浪鼓) 、砂球、砂蛋、鈴圈、砂板、砂筒、響板、舞板、梆子、響筒、響棒、三角鐘、碰鐘、響鈴、木魚、魚蛙、卡巴、指鑔等數十個品種;本廠的產品設計立足於滿足客戶需求,不斷創新,追求工藝品質;產品生產嚴把質量關,採取柔性製造工藝,合理控制生產流程,可以滿足客戶不同檔次規格和不同批量規模的產品需求;本廠注重產品的銷售及售後跟蹤服務,深度挖掘客戶潛在需求,力爭樹立優質、完整的市場品牌形象。
  15. Yonder woman, sir, you must know, was the wife of a certain learned man, english by birth, but who had long dwelt in amsterdam, whence, some good time agone, he was minded to cross over and cast in his lot with us of the massachusetts

  16. I am now most agreeably affected by two letters, which i have lately seen from lausanne, upon your subject.

  17. The ring which is held in the achaemenid faravahar ' s hand is still used in sassanian art to depict the royal diadem, which is handed to the new king by the symbolic representation of ahura mazda himself or by the yazata ( guardian spirit ) of waters, anahita

  18. King feisal air base, al jafr

  19. By air to vancouver thence by surface. all postal services are temporarily suspended except ordinary and registered air letter mail to berbera, borama, burao and hargeisa

  20. " we don ' t know who sent it to miss tripsack. we can only assume that they must have been of means, as cards were a novelty at the time, " aldridge said

    奧爾德里奇說, "我們不知道是誰將它寄給了瑪麗?切克小姐。只能認為,在當時賀卡是富有的一種象徵,因為在那個年代,賀卡是很新奇的事物。