甜食 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tiánshí]
甜食 英文
sweetmeats; dolce; sweet food
  • : 形容詞1. (像糖和蜜的味道) sweet; honeyed; sweet-flavoured 2. (覺睡得踏實) sound
  • : 食名詞(用於人名) a word used in person's name
  1. Alice abnegated desserts for one montrh after getting on the scale

  2. " well, then, that green preserve is nothing less than the ambrosia which hebe served at the table of jupiter.

    「好,那麼讓我告訴您吧,那種綠色的甜食正是青春女神赫柏請大神朱庇特赴宴時筵席上的神漿王。 」
  3. Ants are fond of sweet food.

  4. Beer buyers were more likely to buy frozen dinners, cold cuts, pork, mutton, crisps, sugary products, butter, margarine and soft drinks

  5. They drank iced tea with the meal and roger and thomas hudson had coffee after the dessert.

  6. With or without meat, filling up on fruits and vegetables instead of sweets, high - fat snack foods, high - sugar drinks and alcohol make weight control easier

  7. Impacts of sweet and cold drink on gastric motility in children

  8. Behind us is nha trang no 88 - 90, a simple but marvellous little place for vietnamese noodles and other snacks. william pops in to pick up a stack of free postcards. we turn the corner into lyndhurst terrace and we are nearing the end of our tour, both literally and metaphorically, for we are about equidistant from the illustrious entertainment area of lan kwai fong, and the newer soho neighbourhood, its narrow streets lined with funky restaurants and bars

  9. Then we eat dessert ? chess pie, pecan pie, cookies, pumpkin bread, and other sweets ? and drink coffee

    然後就是品- - -乳酪派,山核桃派,餅干,南瓜餅和其它的甜食,然後一起喝咖啡。
  10. What is for pudding ?

  11. Rice pudding is a sweet dish made by baking rice with milk and sugar

  12. My wife is fond of chocolates ; she has a very setter tooth

  13. Drinking warm, non - alcoholic liquids and eating something sugary can stop the shivering

  14. From the first day of life he is able to distinguish different tastes, but babies prefer the sweet one, like his mummy ' s milk

  15. After so many sweets, a wizard needs a drink and goes to the three broomsticks, where madam rosmerta will serve him or her butterbeer, red currant rum, gillywater, cherry syrup and soda with ice and umbrella and mulled mead

    在這么多甜食之後,巫師需要來一杯飲料,於是他會去羅斯默塔女士開的「三把掃帚」酒吧,在那裡享受黃油啤酒,紅醋栗朗姆酒, ,櫻桃果汁,還有裝飾著小傘的冰鎮蘇打水和研磨過的蜂蜜酒。
  16. Traditionally eaten early evening, high tea was a substantial meal that combined delicious sweet foods, such as, cakes, buns or tea breads, such as cheese on toast, cold meats and pickles or poached eggs on toast

    高茶一般是在黃昏的時候吃,是比較正規的一頓飯,可口甜食物,譬如,蛋糕、小圓麵包或茶麵包,與譬如乳酪多士, 、冷盤和腌汁或荷包蛋多士。
  17. Undesirable habits and customs : it is with smoking, excessive drinking " modern ", go hall of nightclub, singing and dancing, ground of all night until dawn is enmeshed in scene of debauchery, happy event food of blast having simmer in water and all sorts of cake sweetmeat, and never touch a mouth however to coarse food grain, vegetable ; celibate, or crossed ability marriage 30 years old to bear, gave birth to the child not to wish to nurse ; some women adorn brassiere is tightened too or still loosen too, lose the action that protects a breast

    不良生活習慣:以吸煙、酗酒為「時髦」 、去夜總會、歌舞廳,通宵達旦地沉浸在燈紅酒綠之中、喜吃煎炸品和各種糕點甜食,而對粗糧、蔬菜卻從不沾口;獨身、或過了30歲才結婚生育,生了孩子不願餵奶;還有些女子佩戴乳罩過緊或過松,失去保護乳房的作用。
  18. Will you get some chocolate ice cream for dessert and some ice cream bars or popsicles for snacks

  19. These still wore a modest expression despite their impudent gestures, for they were only beginners in their art, who had started life in the ballrooms of the slums and had been brought to laure s by some customer or other. here the tribe of bloated women, excited by the sweet scent of their youth, jostled one another and, while treating them to dainties, formed a perfect court round them, much as old amorous bachelors might have done

  20. After dinner, everyone had a dish of strawberry whip.