法爾雅 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [ěr]
法爾雅 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • : [書面語]Ⅰ代詞1 (你) you 2 (如此; 這樣) like that; so 3 (那;這) that Ⅱ[形容詞后綴: 率爾而對 ...
  • : 雅同「鴉」
  • 爾雅 : erya
  1. To pierres asseveration that he was not a frenchman, the captain, plainly unable to comprehend how any one could refuse so flattering a title, shrugged his shoulders, and said that if he insisted in passing for a russian, so be it, but that in spite of that he should yet feel bound to him for ever by sentiments of gratitude for the defence of his life

  2. In the end, the paper demonstrates the application of the model with two listed companies in china, younger and kelong. it makes some calculation based on the initial experts grading, and gets basic status of the two companies by the analysis of weights, relative importance and effect of each factor. the results from the model are not contradictious to those from professional credit rating companies, who usually evaluate firms through financial analysis and on - site investigation

  3. The debonair 74 - year - old turns over power wednesday to tough - talking fellow conservative nicolas sarkozy, who won election on pledges of a break with the past

  4. The sobriquet of la carconte had been bestowed on madeleine radelle from the fact that she had been born in a village, so called, situated between salon and lambesc ; and as a custom existed among the inhabitants of that part of france where caderousse lived of styling every person by some particular and distinctive appellation, her husband had bestowed on her the name of la carconte in place of her sweet and euphonious name of madeleine, which, in all probability, his rude gutteral language would not have enabled him to pronounce

  5. French field marshal who commanded the allied armies in france during world war i

    霞飛,約瑟夫?克?塞澤1852 1931國野戰軍團元帥,在第一次世界大戰中他指揮在國的盟軍
  6. After crossing by a forced march behind pahra to the tula road, the generals of the russian army intended to remain at podolsk, and had no idea of the tarutino position. but an infinite number of circumstances, among them the reappearance of french troops on the scene, and plans for giving battle, and most of all, the abundance of supplies in kaluga, led our army to turn even more to the south, and to pass from the tula to the kaluga road to tarutino, a central position between their lines of communication with their supplies

  7. Fellow initiates have been encouraged to acquire additional airtime on local public access tv stations. thanks to viewer interest in master s teachings and the broadcast quality of our programs, the response has been overwhelmingly favorable. to date, master s world tour lecture program has been aired in many cities and counties across the nation, including seattle, portland, los angeles, orange county, san diego, san jose, sacramento, phoenix, houston, denver and boulder, colorado, frankfort, kentucky, sanibel, florida, minneapolis, indianapolis and new york city

  8. Yes, yes, of course, put in pierre, delighted at the assistance that had come to support him. one must admit, pursued prince andrey, that napoleon as a man was great at the bridge of arcola, or in the hospital at jaffa, when he gave his hand to the plague - stricken, butbut there are other actions it would be hard to justify

    「不能不承認, 」安德烈公爵繼續說下去, 「從拿破崙在阿科拉橋上的表現看來,他是一位偉人,拿破崙在醫院向鼠疫患者伸出援助之手,從表現看來,他是一位偉人,但是但是他有一些別的行為,卻令人難以辯解。 」
  9. From a child this frank had been a donought that his father, a headborough, who could ill keep him to school to learn his letters and the use of the globes, matriculated at the university to study the mechanics but he took the bit between his teeth like a raw colt and was more familiar with the justiciary and the parish beadle than with his volumes

  10. Almost all the young men and certain individuals with distinguished, aristocratic manners were the marquis de chouard s contribution to the circle, he having kept touch with the legitimist party after making his peace with the empire on his entrance into the council of state

  11. His whiskers cut off, noirtier gave another turn to his hair ; took, instead of his black cravat, a colored neckerchief which lay at the top of an open portmanteau ; put on, in lieu of his blue and high - buttoned frock - coat, a coat of villefort s of dark brown, and cut away in front ; tried on before the glass a narrow - brimmed hat of his son s, which appeared to fit him perfectly, and, leaving his cane in the corner where he had deposited it, he took up a small bamboo switch, cut the air with it once or twice, and walked about with that easy swagger which was one of his principal characteristics. " well, " he said, turning towards his wondering son, when this disguise was completed, " well, do you think your police will recognize me now.

  12. Of wild and overweening temper, she could not bear the humiliation of her husband's soft, half-appealing kindness to everyone.

  13. So we ' re having it at pierre ' s, the upmarket french restaurant, but we ' re serving burgers and french fries

  14. French manufacturer of hoops, jacques de saint - phalle, was afraid the church might notice and object

  15. Thorough an analysis to the semantic field of erya shitian and a further comparasion to the semantic category in traditional exegtics of erya, the categorical feature of word meaning and its limitations are disclosed, the ways people in the qin and the han dynasties understand the world and categorize things are illustrated

  16. This paper deals with the results of preliminary investigation on the plant parasitic nematodes in yaan. 24 species of plant parasitic nematodes were found from 39 species of plants in yaan from 1993 to 1995

    於1993 - 1995年先後用直接剝離和貝安市的39種農作物、果蔬、花卉及雜草的根和根際土壤,少數植物的莖葉及果實進行了檢查。
  17. Wine endless aftertaste let people praise from wine also triggered numerous music from mozart ' s " champagne flavor, " fallia " wine smell, " vanessa " four seasons " in the fragment " with the grape harvest women happiness ", one we can bring wine gleaned masters of creative inspiration

    葡萄酒的無窮回味讓人們稱頌,由葡萄酒引發的音樂作品也不計其數,從莫扎特的《香檳氣息》 ,的《葡萄酒的香味》 ,維瓦第《四季》中的片斷《葡萄收獲與女人們的快樂》中,我們能一窺葡萄酒帶給大師們的創作靈感。
  18. The debonair 74 - year - old turns over power wednesday totough - talking fellow conservative nicolas sarkozy, who won election on pledges of a break with the past

  19. French president jacques chirac ends his final full day in office tuesday with an evening farewell speech to the nation that he has led for 12 years. 74 - year - old turns over power wednesday to tough - talking fellow conservative nicolas sarkozy, who won election on pledges of a break with the past

  20. A widow won $ 2. 1 million from a high - priced matchmaker whom she claimed failed to deliver on promises of introductions to cultured, wealthy men