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中文拼音 [duō]
法利多 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  1. Methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis for benzocaine, lidocaine, procaine, amethocaine, bupivacaine in case samples by gc npd

    中毒檢材中苯唑卡因卡因普魯卡因丁卡因布比卡因的gc npd定性及定量分析方
  2. A highly efficient numerical algorithm by using multi - grid method ( mgm ) is introduced to solve the three dimensional field distribution in the present paper. formulae of the restriction and prolongation in mgm computation is deduced, and a 3d program of mgm is accomplished, which can solve the field distributions in electron optical systems for various electrostatic lenses. the 3d field distribution in an electrostatic concentric spherical model is tested with mgm algorithm and an algorithm based on finite difference method ( fdm ) respectively. comparing these two results in view of computational efficiency and computational accuracy, it appears that mgm is superior to fdm in solving electrostatic field distribution for the electron optics problem. this paper shows that the 3d field computation using mgm greatly improves the computational efficiency of field distributions in electron optical systems and shortens the computational time

    本文將一種高效率的數值計算方? ?重網格引入三維靜電場分佈的計算,重網格用限制和延拓可迅速求得滿足精度要求的場分佈.研究了求解各種靜電透鏡電子光學系統三維場分佈的重網格程序,驗算了靜電同心球模型的三維場分佈.通過與目前在場計算中常用的有限差分進行比較,可以看出重網格的計算效率和計算精度優于有限差分.本文表明重網格計算三維場大大提高了場分佈的計算效率,縮短了計算時間,因此為后續計算打下了良好的基礎
  3. 5. detection : the samples were extracted with ethyl ether. the lidocaine in the sample was qualitated by rf and a tlc scanning spectrometry, quantitated by a tlc scanning chromatography and a two points external standard method or a standard curve method

    5 、卡因檢測方:樣品堿化處理后,乙醚提取,薄層掃描檢測,根據卡因的rf值結合光譜掃描圖定性,外標兩點或標準曲線定量。
  4. On the basis of former work, author presents a fga based on the diversity measure. in order to keep the dynamic balance between eer, t ' uz / y logic controller ( flc ) was used to adjust ga ' s important parameters dynamicly

  5. The ratio changed when umbridge became defense against the dark arts professor in op - but only until dumbledore brought in firenze after the sacking of trelawney

  6. Faria, the worthy master of the young amelia the name of the genoese tartan knew a smattering of all the tongues spoken on the shores of that large lake called the mediterranean, from the arabic to the proven ? al, and this, while it spared him interpreters, persons always troublesome and frequently indiscreet, gave him great facilities of communication, either with the vessels he met at sea, with the small boats sailing along the coast, or with the people without name, country, or occupation, who are always seen on the quays of seaports, and who live by hidden and mysterious means which we must suppose to be a direct gift of providence, as they have no visible means of support

  7. The russian expedition cost france itself less than fifty thousand men. the russian army in the retreat from vilna to moscow in the different battles lost four times as many men as the french army. the fire in moscow cost the lives of one hundred thousand russians, dead of cold and want in the woods ; lastly, in its march from moscow to the oder, the russian army, too, suffered from the inclemency of the season : it only reckoned fifty thousand men on reaching vilna, and less than eighteen thousand at kalisch

    對俄國的遠征,其實國的損失不到五萬人俄軍從維爾納撤退到莫斯科,以及在各次戰斗中,損失比三倍莫斯科的大火使十萬俄國人喪生,他們由於森林里寒冷和物資匱乏而死亡最後,在由莫斯科至奧德河的進軍中,俄軍也受到嚴酷季節之苦在抵達維爾納時,它只剩下五萬人了,到了長什,就不到一萬八千人了。 」
  8. In ideological education, he solved many problems that had puzzled people by using contradiction dialectics, coordinating interests, having an iron hand in a velvet glove, shooting the arrow at the target, drawing lessons from history, and speaking humorously, thus contributing a lot to the policy of " open and reform "

  9. Part three paretively study the law of protection for disadvantages. it stresses particularly on the american, german and sweden into which we probe the experience is social welfare polycentrism, social run oneness, executive rigorism and jurisdiction authoritism. meanwhile, the thesis points out that disadvadvantages must be properly protected in the priniciple of either survive or competition

  10. He forced himself not to break down as he remembered dumbledore ' s funeral, and the rows and rows of golden chairs, and the minister of magic in the front row, the recitation of dumbledore ' s achievements, the stateliness of the white marble tomb

    他逼著自己不要失去控制? ?因為他想起了鄧不的葬禮:一排排金色的椅子,坐在前排的魔部長,贊美鄧布一生成就的頌詩,莊嚴的白色大理石墓。
  11. Theoretically, there are many measure method for the goodwill, for example, there are capitalization of income method, present value of super - profit method and so on, but we adopt the difference between thb c t of the whole business and the identifiable net assets method

  12. To restructure the basic principles of the civil mediation system, perfect the procedural rules, truly implement principles of self - willingness and judgement authority, so as to restore the original requirements of a mediation system. to implement a policy of limited case review, so as to maintain the effect of the mediation agreement, and the authority of a court mediation. meanwhile, to give the litigants certain subsidy rights, so as to achieve a balance between the litigation interests and private law interests

  13. Based on the theory of segmenting video frequency image, this paper, it discusses the methods of segmentation based on dynamic checking blur main tone table and multi thresholds

  14. Design method of the electromechanical actuator controller based on the robust mixed h2 / h * control theory is studied, taking advantage of the priority of the linear matrix inequation in solving the problems of the multiobject control, the robust mixed h2 / h * control problem of the electromechanical actuator under the condition of parameter perturbation and external disturbance can be transformed to the solving of the linear matrix inequation

    研究了基於魯棒h _ 2 h _混合控制理論的電動舵機的控制器設計方用線性矩陣不等式在目標綜合控制問題求解方面的優勢,將存在參數攝動及外部擾動時的電動舵機的魯棒h _ 2 h _混合控制問題轉化為線性矩陣不等式問西北工業大學博士學位論文題並進行求解。
  15. 3 - d measurement has capacious applications in engineering, such as its uses in machine vision, profile modeling and biomedical industry. but many 3 - d measurements only can be estimated by handiwork now, for example, the area of mitral valve, the shape and size of eyepit and the volume of tumour in medicine field

  16. In this paper, we studied the deterministic mechanism of isi with the unstable period orbit ( upo ) ; we tested many isi data from different model with the method of approximate entropy ( apen ) to study the method which is used in testing the degree of complicacy of isi and we built up a system including hardware and software for our lab to view and record action potential, firing frequency and isi in real time. results 1. spontaneous firing patterns were observed from neurons of supraoptic nucleus ( son ) in hypothalamus with the method of patch clamp

  17. However, according to ann ' s theory, making use of visual basic development tool, friendly - interface single output three layers " artificial neural network generator base on improved bp algorithm has been developed by the author, and after constructing the model, the value of d _ ( cmax ), finally the gross bed - load transport rate of non - uniform sediment with a wide distribution in flume experiment of stead sediment transportation have been forecasted

    筆者採用的途徑則是根據人工神經網路理論,用vb開發出界面友好、基於改進bp演算輸入單輸出三層神經網路生成器軟體,並採用該生成器建模,對平衡輸沙狀態下的水槽輸沙試驗的d _ ( cmax )和總輸沙率進行預測計算。
  18. It is likely that dumbledore assigned detention in the forbidden forest because he wanted harry to find out who was after the philosopher ' s stone

  19. Dumbledore could have sent hagrid to do pick up harry and retrieve the stone from the gringotts vault at separate times

  20. If there were some urgency requiring the stone be retrieved from gringotts at precisely the time harry needed to be picked up, dumbledore could have sent someone else to gringotts