mabel 中文意思是什麼

mabel 解釋
n. 名詞 梅布爾〈女子名〉。

  1. There you are, mabel ! what did i tell you

  2. L know you didn ' t say mabel simmons. madea

  3. Mabel, you crazy bitch, come down and open the door

    Mabel ,你這瘋狗,趕快下來把門打開
  4. Her friends egged on mabel to spend money to show off

  5. Norman : so, what are you doing now, mabel

  6. I must have been changed for mabel

  7. By mabel kaplan, buenos aires originally in spanish

  8. Mabel : should i get it bobbed

  9. Mabel : excuse me. i ' d like to order a drink, too. whiskey, double

  10. If mabel should get another miff, they ' d never be able to appease her

  11. I m sure those are not the right words, said poor alice, and her eyes filled with tears again as she went on, i must be mabel after all, and i shall have to go and live in that poky little house, and have next to no toys to play with, and oh

    「我相信背錯了。 」可憐的愛麗絲一邊說著,一邊又掉下了眼淚: 「我一定真的成了瑪貝爾了,我得住在破房子里,什麼玩具也沒有,還得學那麼多的功課。不行!
  12. Never mind the lip, mabel. who've you got here ?

  13. Ms. mabel chau

  14. Ms mabel fong registered nurse

  15. A huge critical success, illegal immigrant won the 5th hong kong film award for best director mabel cheung yuen - ting as well as nominations for best film and best screenplay alex law

  16. Major staff list executive secretary ms. esa leung technical and advisory unit senior project manager mr. bill greaves project manager miss anne lee planning and management unit senior manager ms. sylvia tsang manager ms. gloria lam project manager development mr. bryan mak historical building unit curator historical buildings ms. cissy ho assistant curator i building conservation 1 ms. gi gi cheng assistant curator i building conservation 2 ms. irene chan assistant curator i building conservation 3 ms. carmen wong assistant curator i urban architecture miss angelea siu assistant curator i rural architecture mr. ng chi - wo archaeology unit curator archaeology mr. kevin sun assistant curator i archaeological preservation 1 ms. grace chan assistant curator i archaeological preservation 2 ms. teresa lo assistant curator i archaeological preservation 3 ms. mabel lee assistant curator i archaeological repository mr. tang kin - sang assistant curator i field archaeology mr. tsang chi - hung education and publicity curator education and publicity mrs. ada yau assistant curator i education activities mr. joseph chow assistant curator i exhibition and publicity miss katherine chu assistant curator i monument records ms. joyce pang administration unit senior executive officer ms. heidi kwok executive officer i ms. yvonne chan

    [主要職員名單]執行秘書梁潔玲女士技術及顧問組高級工程項目經理紀富善先生項目經理李小田小姐策劃及管理組高級經理曾秀慧女士經理林佩妍女士項目經理(發展)麥兆明先生歷史建築組館長(歷史建築)何詠思女士一級助理館長(建築保護) 1鄭美芝女士一級助理館長(建築保護) 2陳玉蓮女士一級助理館長(建築保護) 3王家敏女士一級助理館長(都市建築)蕭寶儀小姐一級助理館長(鄉土建築)伍志和先生考古組館長(考古)孫德榮先生一級助理館長(考古保存) 1陳慧雯女士一級助理館長(考古保存) 2盧傳倩女士一級助理館長(考古保存) 3李美樺女士一級助理館長(考古庋藏)鄧建生先生一級助理館長(田野考古)曾志雄先生教育及宣傳組館長(教育及宣傳)丘劉有女士一級助理館長(教育活動)周志廉先生一級助理館長(展覽及宣傳)朱文燕小姐一級助理館長(古跡檔案)彭少玉女士行政組高級行政主任郭秀萍女士一級行政主任陳靜儀女士[
  17. For further enquires, please contact ms alice chen of the public affairs office at 2616 8968 or ms mabel mak of the student services centre at 2616 7021

    如有任何查詢,歡迎致電2616 8968與嶺南大學公共事務處陳君如小姐或2616 7021與嶺南大學學生服務中心麥美珠小姐聯絡。
  18. The illustrious careers of the writing - directing - producing team of mabel cheung yuen - ting and alex law an autumn s tale, painted faces, etc. got off.

  19. The illustrious careers of the writing - directing - producing team of mabel cheung yuen - ting and alex law an autumn s tale, painted faces, etc. got off to an auspicious start with the illegal immigrant

  20. She is a trustee of the zoo trust, advisory member of the kirkpatrick board, and a member of the department of corrections advisory committee for mabel bassett correctional facility

    第八選區: guy libman 1995年3月首次當選,曾在俄克拉何馬市政府經濟,司法,財務,旅遊等部門任職。