macao 中文意思是什麼

macao 解釋
n. 名詞 澳門〈中國東南一海島〉。

  1. Plays actively both as an accompanist and conductor in macao, hong kong and china

  2. He has been an accompanist of the macao perosi choir since 1998 and was awarded the prize for excellent accompaniment in the 6th china international chorus festival in 2002

  3. The anglican church, hong kong and macao diocese

  4. In october 2005, the choir was invited by the cultural affairs bureau to perform with the macao orchestra in the yellow river cantata of the centenary of the birth of xian xinghai commemorative concert as a part of the 19th macao international music festival

  5. The island is situated at the mouth of the canton river, and is separated by about sixty miles from the portuguese town of macao, on the opposite coast

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  7. In various concerts including the macao arts festival and the macao international music festival, he performed harmoniously with many soloists and chamber orchestra

  8. Charming chinese lanterns this is the sixth joint issue by hongkong post, china post and macao post

  9. Macao lai clansman association, the

  10. Marketing centre of henan bangjie food co., ltd deal with mainly food of over 800 varieties, including western clyster series, chinese soft - packings, chinese food, low - temp meat products, fresh products, deepfreezes etc. marketing center find good markets at home, as well as russia, the united arab emirates, hong kong, macao, etc

  11. Soft - packing series, western hi - temp clyster series, chinese low - temp product series, chinese food series, pre - frozed fresh meat series and deepfrozed food series, etc. the market network systems cover northwest, north china, east china, south china, and export to the countries and regions, such as russia, the united arab emirates, hong kong, macao, etc

  12. The comparison of the mainland corporation law and macao corporation law

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  14. Macao ian veng human resources employment agency

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  16. Macao : a precious land of research of ethnology and anthropology

  17. Compared the principle " nullum crimen sine lege, wulla poena sine lege " in mainland china and macao, we find that there are some differences about the principle as follows : history, expression, the problem of ex post facto statute, custom, interpretation of criminal laws and void - of - vagueness principle

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  19. 5 ) the rooting fervency of chinese aboard and in hong kong, macao and taiwan help it casually

    5 、旅居海外的華人和港、澳、臺同胞興起的尋根熱,無形中助長了宗族勢力的復活。
  20. Frid macao sole fish balls with with vegetable