face mask 中文意思是什麼

face mask 解釋
1. 面罩。
2. 面模。

  • face : n 1 臉,面孔;面貌,樣子;面子,威信。2 愁容,苦臉;〈口語〉老面皮,厚臉皮。3 外觀,形勢,局面。4...
  • mask : n 1 假面具,偽裝,掩蔽物;面罩;防毒面具(= gas mask);【物理學】掩模;(劈劍,棒球等用)護面;...
  1. I donned a face mask and jumped in the pool to watch ris swimming toward me.

  2. The coloured side of the face mask should face outside

  3. Technical requirements for protective face mask for medical use

  4. Wear a face mask to reduce the chance of infection

  5. I d better wear a face mask to avoid infecting others

  6. Helmet with face mask and padded gloves are

  7. Do you feel uncomfortable with your gloves / face mask on

  8. What type of face mask should be used

  9. Wear a face mask if involved in the preparation or serving of food

  10. Introduction of a modified face mask in transnasal tracheal intubations with fast induction

  11. Bfe standard test method for evaluating the bacterial filtration efficiency of medical face mask materials, using a biological aerosol of staphylococcus aureus

  12. If they have refractory hypoxemia ( low oxygen saturation that does not respond to oxygen delivered by face mask ), the ventilator will allow higher concentrations of fio2 to be delivered to the alveoli, and pressure can be delivered through the ventilator to open alveoli that have collapsed

    如果病人有難治性低氧血癥(低氧飽和度,面罩供氧無效) ,呼吸機就可以將高濃度的吸入氧輸送到肺泡,並通過呼吸機輸送的壓力張開塌陷的肺泡。
  13. Specified on the label. ( e. g. overalls, rubber gloves, boots, face mask, goggles etc. ) when mixing and applying pesticides

  14. Respiratory protective devices - fresh air hose breathing apparatus for use with full face mask, half mask or mouthpiece assembly - requirements, testing, marking ; german version en 138 : 1994

  15. 3 replaced rifle smashed armored soldiers face mask, then select high efficiency pistol attack it

  16. Specification for full face mask assemblies for use in contaminated atmospheres

  17. Staff involved in the triage process should wear a face mask ( see below ) and eye protection and wash hands before and after contact with any patient, after activities likely to cause contamination and after removing gloves

  18. The three culprits are aged about 40, 1. 68 metres in height, in strong build and were each wearing a black wind coat and a face mask while two of them were wearing a dark cap

  19. Abiological protective respirator with equal protection level of the half face mask

  20. Urge your children to wear a face mask when going to and from, and while at, school