abalone 中文意思是什麼

abalone 解釋
n. 名詞 【動物;動物學】石決明〈舊稱鮑魚〉。

  1. Malone is lonely, eating long abalone alone

  2. Fried superior shark s fin w abalone sauce ( 2. 5 teals )

  3. Double boiled abalone, conch & maw w yam & lycium chinense

  4. Maricultural technologic regulation of abalone. seedling

  5. The temple of ten thousand buddha, abalone meal napa winery

  6. Abalone hatchery, half moon bay orchid

  7. And the abalone at lkaho hot springs is the tops

  8. Thanks for coming to seiki ' s catch and eat abalone tour

  9. We can go on the king seiki abalone tour. right ?

  10. Abalone hatchery and half moon bay orchids 1 - day tour

  11. His aomori abalone was the most chinese of all his dishes, very tender, almost melting with a light glaze of oyster sauce

  12. Braised dried superior abalone ( 20pcs. per catty )

  13. Braised dried african abalone ( 15pcs. per catty )

  14. Famous dishes are braised abalone with shells, fried sea cucumber with fistulous onion and fragrant calamus in milk soup

  15. Location : level 1 specialities : grand metropark roast du - ck, braised sea cucumber with abalone sauce, boiled fish slices in spicy oil stir - fried, crab with chilli sauce braised pomfret

  16. In many places, restocking of fish, crustacean ( mainly prawn and crab ), mollusk ( e. g. abalone and clam ) and echinoderm ( sea urchin ) to augment depleted marine resources has been commonly practiced

    為了增加已下降的海洋資源,在很多地方早已廣泛進行幼苗放養計劃,當中包括魚類、甲殼類(主要是蝦及蟹類) 、軟體類(例如:鮑魚和蜆)和棘皮類(海膽) 。
  17. Fricassee abalone with minced chicken

  18. As a gastronome and a connoisseur of the good life, tsai designed his restaurant around a combination of fine dining shark fin and abalone top the menu and antique decor, with chinese music in the background. diners may be forgiven for thinking that they are banqueting at the imperial palace

  19. With more than 300 booths, the 3rd hong kong food festival will include a special " international food palace " which will gather thousands of international food, such as korean kimchi, german sausage, philippine ice - cream and australian abalone. additionally, a special area named " chinese festive delicacies zone " will be created for visitors to buy all kinds of lunar new year food at the same time

    此展覽會共有超過300個參展攤位,場內特設"國際美食城" ,搜羅過千款本地及各國特色小食,如韓國泡菜、德國風味腸、菲律賓冰淇淋、澳洲黃金鮑等以供場內人士品嘗。場內更設"賀年食品專區" ,展出賀年食品新潮流,是辦年貨必到之處。
  20. Dishes include main courses like chicken, jellyfish and smoked goose, and stir - fried items like abalone, and minced crab with loofah