aba 中文意思是什麼

aba 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 駝毛[山羊毛等]原色粗呢;粗厚農民呢。
2. 阿拉伯式斗篷。

  1. 2000 : drafted by tampa bay thunderdawgs aba, 12rd

  2. Rainstorm analysis of july and august in aba district

  3. Basin evolution and hydrocarbon potential in songpan - aba area

  4. Effects of exogenous aba on the appearance quality of paddy rice

  5. Energy law journal and aba year in review - - -

  6. Stress environment hormone aba signal transduction and its regulatory control

  7. The role of ethylene and aba in cut hedychium coronarium spike senescence

  8. Effects of aba and anti - abbp pabs on heterotrophic growth of chlorella vulgaris

  9. Journal of aba teachers college

  10. American basketball association, aba

  11. The author holds that, in order to achieve a hypernormal and longspan development of aba prefecture, several tactics and thoughts should be set tip : the thought of the common development of all the nationalities ; the diversified development in the form of the combination of self - exertion and state support the combination of conventional development aril unconventional development ; the establishment, of the sense of reformation and opening ; the reinforcement of national unity and mutual aid ; the realization of common prosperity in the courses of reform

  12. He is a diplomate of the american board of anesthesiology and is certified in the subspecialty of pain management from the aba

  13. The guard cell has also become a model system for investigation of aba signaling pathways

  14. Meanwhile, after aba induced the h2o2 accumulation in guard cells, the exogenous or intracellular pd98059 could reduce the dcf fluorescence intensity

  15. Changes in ca2 + influx across the plasma membrane in guard cells of vicia faba by aba - induced hydrogen peroxide generation were performed by patch clamp

    引起的內向cj離于通道電流的加大。我們的結果表明, aba誘導蠶豆氣孔關閉可能是通過h 。 o 。
  16. High performance liquid chromatography ( hplc ) was used to detect endogenous phytohormones ( iaa, ga3, aba, zr ) of nai - plum fruits ( prunussalicina lindl. var. cordata )

    摘要本文採用了高效液相色譜( hplc )法測定柰李果實四種內源激素( iaa , ga3 , aba , zr )含量。
  17. The plant hormone abscisic acid ( aba ) plays important roles in seed maturation and dormancy and in adaptation to a variety of environmental stresses

    植物激素脫落酸( aba )在種子成熟、休眠以及植物對各種各樣環境脅迫的適應都起著重要的作用。
  18. Pretreat of 0. 15mmol - l - 1 rgd ( arg - gly - asp ) reduces the interaction between cell wall and plasma membrane and inhibits the stress induced - aba accumulation by 50 percent

  19. The microbial agent ' s ability in straw degradation was detected by potted experiment and scanning electron microscope. the result indicated that after 15d the structure of straw was destroyed and did not float longer, which did not affect crop ' s rootage ; furthermore the effect on the next crop ' s growth was studied, and the results shown that the microbial agent could accelerate the next crop ' s growth. the strain b3 secreted incretion iaa and aba by tlc and immunological analysis

    通過盆栽試驗和掃描電鏡觀察檢測了秸稈降解劑對秸稈的降解效果,結果發現,該降解劑在15d內就能破壞秸稈的結構,使秸稈不再漂浮,不影響作物的生根;進一步檢測其對后季作物生長的影響發現,該降解劑還能促進后季作物的生長,薄板層析和免疫學檢測均顯示菌株b3分泌了iaa和aba 。
  20. More often stomatal closure occurred in these responses accompanying with aba production