aback 中文意思是什麼

aback 解釋
adv. 動詞 副詞 向後;【航海】逆帆。
Be taken aback 1. (突遇逆風)成逆帆。
2. 嚇了一跳 (He was taken aback by the news. 他被這消息嚇了一跳)。

  1. I was quite taken aback by the news.

  2. He was taken aback by the news.

  3. He was taken aback, but he managed to remain calm.

  4. F. j. was taken aback as i described my confrontation with hollis.

  5. As soon as he finished, his supporters applauded vigorously, but most of the masses were taken aback and exchanged doubtful glances.

  6. I was really taken aback upon hearing of his death

  7. We were all taken aback by the news of prince ' s divorce

  8. For once, he was taken honestly aback

  9. And the " sir " was very surprised and taken aback

  10. She was really taken aback upon hearing of his death

  11. They paused, as if taken aback ; and before they recovered, not only the squire and i, but hunter and joyce from the block house, had time to fire

  12. Nurse callan taken aback in the hallway cannot stay them nor smiling surgeon coming downstairs with news of placentation ended, a full pound if a milligramme

    正笑嘻嘻地走下樓梯的外科醫生也阻止不了他是來告訴大家胎盤已處置完畢, 」足足有一磅重。
  13. When prolactin was injected in non - pregnant mice and the researchers used electron microscopes to examine the results, they were taken aback by how much damaged myelin had been repaired. “ it blew us out of water ”, said dr

  14. The elderly dignitary was, like the young foreign prince, for the first moment taken aback at this proposal of marriage from a wife whose husband was living. but ellens unfaltering confidence in asserting that it was a matter as simple and natural as the marriage of an unmarried girl had its effect on him too

  15. He was taken aback at the news that li li had been copped out

  16. We headed for the publication counter, only to be taken aback by the vast selection of available audiotapes. " how could i possibly finish listening to all these tapes ?

  17. My friend was also taken aback, so i just smiled jokingly

  18. Crossing the threshold, i was taken aback by the mess in the house

  19. Alan was taken aback but then he became aware that the crickets had started. how long had they been singing ? he wondered. “ let go and see

    他吃了一驚,隨后意識到蛐蛐兒的鳴叫聲已經響起。他不知道它們已經鳴唱了多長時間。 「讓我們去看看吧。 」
  20. Revolving these matters, nana at length reached her home in the rue veron and was taken aback on observing a light in the window