收縮力 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shōusuō]
收縮力 英文
cf contractile force
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (把攤開的或分散的事物聚集、合攏) put away; take in 2 (收取) collect 3 (收割) harvest...
  • : 縮構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ名1 (力量; 能力) power; strength; ability; capacity 2 [物理學] (改變物體運動狀態的作用) forc...
  • 收縮 : 1 (由大變小; 由長變短) contract; shrink 2 (緊縮) concentrate one s forces; draw back 3 take u...
  1. Each of the troponin complexes appears to determine the ability of seven actin monomers to participate in the contractile process.

  2. Muscle contractions are powered by the chemical adenosine triphosphate(atp ).

  3. Muscle contractions are powered by the chemical adenosine triphosphate ( atp )

    肌肉是由化學物質三磷酸腺苷( atp )提供動的。
  4. Its medicinal clinic functions are : antiphlogistic, antalgic, antifebrile, reducing blood sugar, keeping normal ocular function ; adjusting nerve conduct and fat assimilation. it also takes part in incretion activity, increases systole to improve immunity, which has sanitarian effect to different ages

  5. It felt very flabby, and the myocardium was poorly contractile

  6. The effect of lactate on the contractile force of ventricular papillary muscle and cellular action potential

  7. Heart failure gratified the function is not complete, it is to show the case that has circumfluence of blood of right amount vein falls, because the heart is long - term bear is overweight or heart myapathies caustic makes force of cardiac muscle systole drops, heart cannot enough blood satisfies eduction constituent metabolization need so that all round constituent perfusion inadequacy and pulmonary circulation or blood of systematic circulation yu, a series of clinical symptoms that appear thereby and body are asked for, say for heart failure

  8. Weightlessness or simulated weightlessness has been shown to cause atrophy, to reduce contraction function, and to increase fatigability in rat hindlimb skeletal muscles

  9. Helps strengthen the muscle power and restore voiding control 6. improvement of home environment ensure an easy access to the toilet or use a commode in the bedroom if necessary

  10. Effects of onion juice on the contratile force in deported frog ' s heart cardiac muscles

  11. Effect of propofol on contraction of isolated rabbit tracheal smooth muscle

  12. Exercise could lead to remodeling of icn, of which normal exercise load might lead to proportional increase of cardiac and icn, adapting oneself ot transmit of contractility between myocardial bundles and cardiac muscle cell ( cmc ) under conditions of myocardial hypertrophy ; and exercise overload might lead to increase of a large number of different collagen among myocardial bundles, cmc, arteriole and capillary, that could lead to increase of stiffness and descent of systolic and diastolic function of heart

  13. On the other hand, a positive inotropic response was induced by il - 2 in isolated rat atria, indirectly by activating myocardial 3 - adrenoceptors by release of catecholamines, and directly by increasing the production of second messenger camp. in the isolated rat heart, stimulation of cardiac k opioid receptors has been shown to induce ventricular ectopic beats and to reduce the force of ventricular contraction

    通過文獻調研和我們的預實驗,我們假設, il - 2的心臟作用涉及心肌細胞收縮力和細胞內鈣的變化,其信號轉導途徑可能並非通過自身受體,而是通過存在於心肌細胞膜上的阿片受體發揮作用的;其對血管的作用可能循相關途徑。
  14. In those given viagra, the strength of the heart ' s contractions was reduced by half, from 150 per cent to 75 per cent

    在那些用偉哥進行治療的人當中,他們心臟的收縮力減少了一半,從150 %降低至75 % 。
  15. In the new paper, the team reports that contraction forces increased when the behm tissues were bathed in a solution that included additional calcium and a drug that acts on beta - adrenergic receptors

  16. Standard test method for thermal shrinkage force of yarn and cord with a thermal shrinkage force tester

  17. The muscles then must produce a large contraction force

  18. Resistance to contraction

  19. Resistance to shrinking

  20. The comparative study of meridian - pricking and blood - letting therapy of different nations in china