abase 中文意思是什麼

abase 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 貶,降低(地位、價值、身分)。
abase oneself 自貶,自卑。
n. 名詞 -ment 失意;屈辱;敗落。

  1. She wanted to abase herself before the strong man, to be low and humble before him.

  2. A man who use bad language will only abase himself

  3. A group of machine addresses that refer to abase address

  4. Thus saith the lord god ; remove the diadem, and take off the crown : this shall not be the same : exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high

  5. Whatever state im in, ive learned to be content, i know how to abase and abound i. e.,

  6. How inscrutable are the ways of providence - for what great and mysterious purpose has it pleased heaven to abase the man once so elevated, and raise up him who was so abased ?

    天意真太難測了!究竟是因為什麼蒼天要貶黜一個顯赫有名的人,去抬舉一個軟弱無能的人呢? 」
  7. Since the suggested method makes a significant improvement in wind speed, it is more suitable for wind field estimation over complex terrain than other methods which only concerns the effect of distance. then we calculate the wind change with evaluation, last we can conclude the wind abase the hilly terrain, we find the wind in westward and center plain is much smaller than other area. while the wind in northward hilly area is much bigger with the hilly arising. the wind of chongqing is the biggest period in spring ( april ), the smallest period in winter ( january ), the wind in summer ( july ) is bigger than its in autumn ( october )

    本文利用重慶及其周邊地區的常規氣象站的1951 ? 1980年30年的風速平均資料,針對復雜地形風速診斷,以地理信息系統為數據處理平臺,根據重慶1 : 25萬dem數據,來獲得重慶市實際復雜地形的高程,提出了一種適合於起伏地形的權重內插方法,通過引入一個表示地形起伏變化程度的因子,構造了一種新的權重函數,來處理復雜地形上的風速,通過與只考慮距因素同反平內插方法比較發現,本方法更適合在起伏地形條件下使用;然後根據經驗公式在地形上進行計算,得出重慶地區起伏地形下的風速分佈;得出重慶市的西部、中部平原地帶風速較小,而北部山區隨海拔高度升高風速也較大;重慶市風速最大時期為四月份,冬季一月份最小,夏季(七月份)大於秋季(十月份) 。
  8. " and you save an afflicted people ; but your eyes are on the haughty whom you abase

    撒下22 : 28困苦的百姓、你必拯救但你的眼目、察看高傲的人、使他降卑。
  9. Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath : and behold every one that is proud, and abase him

  10. Chapter i : this chapter does n ' t amount to the comprehensive study of standby letters of credit, instead, attention is directed towards the point that standby letters of credit is a kind of contract, because of which theory on applicable law of contract will become abase of choosing applicable law in standby letters of credit