abandoned 中文意思是什麼

abandoned 解釋
adj. 形容詞 1. 被放棄[扔棄,遺棄]了的。
2. 心灰意懶的,自暴自棄的,放蕩的,墮落的,無恥的。

  1. He said pen was an abandoned criminal.

  2. The poor little puppy had been abandoned.

  3. The vicar soon abandoned the struggle.

  4. The plan will most probably be abandoned.

  5. The cruel man abandoned his wife and child.

  6. The match was abandoned because of bad weather.

  7. The project was abandoned [shelved ; dropped].

  8. He soon abandoned this practice.

  9. The tellico project must be abandoned.

  10. But in 1968 citizens action groups effectively intervened, and caused the plan to be abandoned

  11. The normal channels of administration were abandoned.

  12. The aestheticians thereby abandoned art to the hands of the art establishment, art dealers, impostors, cranks and all kinds of misfits who made art their heritage but without there being any art there at all

  13. Therefore, the reason why houji was abandoned was not that his father was unknown, or he had to accept the experiment of totem ritual, but that he was born " egg - like " ( wrapped in afterbirth ), a rare and hoodooing phenomenon at the time

    當時盛行普那路亞婚(即外婚制) ,民「知母不知父」 ,因而後稷被其母姜?拋棄,既不是因為他無父而生,也不是因為他要接受圖騰儀式的考驗,而是因為他出生時「胎生如卵」 (帶胞生) ,形體異常,古人以為妖異而不祥,所以被拋棄。
  14. But this additional food is only obtained by a great additional amount of labour ; so that not only an agricultural has much less leisure than a pastoral population, but, with the imperfect tools and unskillful processes which are for a long time employed ( and which over the greater part of the earth have not even yet been abandoned ), agriculturists do not, unless in unusually advantageous circumstances of climate and soil, produce so great a surplus of food, beyond their necessary consumption, as to support any large class of labourers engaged in other departments of industry

    但是只有靠大量增加勞動,才能生產出更多的糧食,因此不僅農業人口比起遊牧人口來說空閑時間要少得多,而且由於長期使用不完善的工具和不熟練的技藝(在世界上很大一部分地區直到現在仍是這樣) ,除了在氣候和土壤特別有利的情況下,農民們生產不出超過自身消費量很多的余糧,因而供養不了大群從事其他產業的勞動者。
  15. Over the next few years, the couple moved several times as amos alcott attempted and later abandoned experimental schools after they proved financially unsuccessful

  16. Vegetation dynamics and soil characteristics of different period abandoned land was conducted in typical steppe at xilinguole league and meadow steppe at hulunbeier league, inner mongolia. the results showed : the function community of annual plants, perennial rhizornatous grasses and perennial rosette grasses were appeared at different succession stage of abandoned land in typical steppe and meadow steppe

  17. Several lingayat practices, now largely abandoned, such as the remarriage of widows and the burial of the dead, are deliberately antinomian

  18. The shing mun arboretum occupies a total area of 4 hectares of abandoned terraced fields

  19. ' close to her abandoned car on argyle avenue

  20. So he abandoned his project and hitler once again escaped assassination.