happily 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['hæpili]
happily 解釋
adv. 動詞 副詞 1. 幸運地,幸福地。
2. 快樂地。
3. 巧合地,適當地。
4. 〈古語〉偶然。

  1. Happily, however, there was sleep in beauvais that night to help them out of it, and they passed on once more into solitude and loneliness : jingling through the untimely cold and wet, among impoverished fields that had yielded no fruits of the earth that year, diversified by the blackened remains of burnt houses, and by the sudden emergence from ambuscade, and sharp reining up across their way, of patriot patrols on the watch on all the roads

  2. Amy chatted happily along, as they walked, for her heart was singing, but tom's tongue had lost its function.

  3. Nearby, along the serpentine, children happily fed ducks which competed for water space with splashing bathers.

  4. Diana, aunt of the sister singers carnie and wendy wilson from the beach boys family and friends, happily talked with our reporter. " she is so talented. i am very happy to be here.

  5. Happily, the time was beguiled by an accordion, produced somewhat ostentatiously by tom simson from his pack.

  6. So, we ought to take good care of our body, keep it healthy and then do things that benefit society and are good for our life so that we can live happily

  7. I knelt down with dad and helped untie bogy, who wriggled against us happily, his stub tail wiggling furiously

  8. Their love affair had a story - book ending, ie ended happily, as most children ' s stories do

    他們的戀愛結局是皆大歡喜(有如大多數兒童故事的結尾) 。
  9. I was spared the trouble of answering, for bessie seemed in too great a hurry to listen to explanations ; she hauled me to the washstand, inflicted a merciless, but happily brief scrub on my face and hands with soap, water, and a coarse towel ; disciplined my head with a bristly brush, denuded me of my pinafore, and then hurrying me to the top of the stairs, bid me go down directly, as i was wanted in the breakfast - room

  10. Happily mark rogers got the bulge on george.

  11. Right under the camphor tree they toast each other with poisoned drinks and happily die together in a last burst of glory

  12. Happily, richard howard ( who did a fine nip - and - tuck job on stendhal ' s the charterhouse of parma in 1999 ) has streamlined and simplified to wonderful effect

    幸虧理查.霍華德(他1999年在司湯達的< >中工作傑出)使其成流線型並簡化(更有效率)至極好的效果作用。
  13. In summer, cicadas sing happily

  14. Archaeologists discovered that there was another hominoid called homo neanderthalensis had been living happily in europe and the circumjacent land before our remote ancestors homo sapiens migrated to europe

  15. After ( 1 ) 68 years ' waiting, and ( 2 ) leaping over a distance of 10 000 km, finally and happily, 1 plus 1 equalled 3 on sunday the 21st january 2001. " 3 " weighed 3. 5 kg, cried as melodiously as " black 1 " sang, and looked most loveable, ( 3 ) cuddlesome and bright

    等待六十八年,跨越一萬公里,一加一終于在二零零一年一月二十一日幸福地等於三. 「三」凈重七斤,其聲優美動聽,猶如「黑發一」引亢高歌之聲. 「三」聰明伶俐,人見人人愛
  16. She went around to the front of the house, padding happily through the dewy grass with her bare feet.

  17. Middle - aged men riding harleys for the first time often make pit stops in emergency rooms, and happily married men who choose to have affairs usually end up in divorce court

  18. Happily we all shoot at the moon with ineffectual arrows ; our hopes are set on inaccessible el dorado ; we come to an end of nothing here below

  19. For the douala initiates, its very difficult to rent a dvd projector with a large screen. nonetheless, through masters blessing, a miracle occurred, and the needed equipment was finally found at a local shop, whose owner happily offered his technical assistance to the initiates

  20. Before learning to write numbers, have your child work on his motor skills such as through picture drawing or simple line drawing games to guide him to learn happily and actively