happiness 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['hæpinis]
happiness 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 幸福;〈古語〉幸運。
2. 愉快。
3. (用語等的)適當。

  1. She had been too absorbed in her happiness.

  2. “ where is the happiness then ? ” asked avatar adi da

    「那麼這幸福在哪兒? 」阿瓦塔阿諦達問。
  3. This admirable principle for the furtherance of human happiness is perfectly familiar to businessmen and advertisers.

  4. If you look from afar it ' s filled with happiness

  5. Much happiness came to agnes in this yan'an period.

  6. Their faces were alit with happiness

  7. Nothing occurred to alloy our happiness.

  8. The pursuit of happiness may even help to explain the surge of anti - americanism

  9. Happiness is not always annexed to wealth.

  10. People will be moderate in seeing something at present, then have the motivation of improving and being good basis on the appetence of departing from the sufferings and getting close to the happiness, and seeking for high achievements by the guidance of education

  11. Sir thomas exerted himself so far as to speak a few words of calm approbation in reply to an eager appeal of mr. yates, as to the happiness of the arrangement.

  12. Man is the artificer of his own happiness

    (人是自己幸福的創立者。 )
  13. The secret of happiness lay in limiting the aspirations.

  14. Don ' t want astounding asseveration, mutually 濡 the 沫 be the happiness that can touch most, don ' t want the commitment of the everlasting, whole life an a life time guards mutually already enough

  15. He took that as an auspice of happiness

  16. Avarice is a bane to happiness.

  17. The man has a meal and doesn ' t need a person to accompany before have no woman ; after man have woman, even the woman is not hungry, the man also hopes the woman sit just across the street see an oneself be like a kid similar to eat with avidity, the man feels this is a kind of happiness

  18. Happiness is like a visitor. you can ' t command her appearance ; you can only appreciate her when she does show up. and you can ' t force happiness to happen, but you can make sure you are awre of it when it does

  19. Most of baldric and ornament products have such implied meanings as love, having many sons and much happiness, safety and luck, for example, laijian, kaohong, jiaqi and dielianhua in the romance of west chamber

    從含義上有《西廂記》中的《賴柬》 《拷紅》 《聽琴》 《佳期》 《蝶戀花》等多為愛情,多子多福等寓意,平安、吉祥、如意。
  20. Many have found happiness in this dignified atmosphere, have married and baptised their children