half-chain 中文意思是什麼

half-chain 解釋
  • half : n (pl halves )1 半,一半;一部分。2 半小時;半英里;半品脫;半價票;〈美國〉半美元;半學年,一學期。...
  • chain : n 1 鏈子,鏈條;項圈;表鏈。2 連鎖;連續,一系列,一連串;(山)脈。3 〈常 pl 〉鐐銬;羈絆,拘束...
  1. To his half - torpid system. the three formed an electric chain

  2. The company offers the following key products to complete whole set machinery and equipment for cardboard box production : high - speed fully automatic printing and slotting machine ; one color, double - color, three - color and four - color water - based printing machine ; automatic ( air suction type ) and half - automatic ( chain type ) rotary slotting and corner cutting machine, four - connection slotting and corner cutting machine, four - axis paper separating and line pressing machine, thin knife paper separating and line pressing machine, carton stapler, carton binding machine and die cutting machine

  3. The 4 - layer printed circuit board, which proposes good electro magnetic compatibility, electrical trait and heat elimination ;. full / half duplex auto - negotiation support ; diagnostic monitoring for malfunction indication and troubleshooting ;. supporting hot - pluggable ; good compatibility ; good at heat elimination. 1. 25gbit / s sfp optic transceiver has been deployed in various broadband applications will be used in backbone networks of ring or daisy - chain topologies

  4. The number of people confirmed to have fallen ill after eating raw or half - cooked snails contaminated with parasites at a beijing restaurant chain has risen from 70 to 87, the beijing health bureau reported on wednesday

  5. China ' s first native dishes international cooking contest : china association for the study of native dishes, sichuan breeze kitchen g management ltd., shanghai xin billion entertainment food limited, half restaurant chain field, a century - kee restaurant management limited jointly sponsored ; chinese chinese food by the australian association for the exchange, chongqing yin rui restaurant management company, mentoring restaurant management company, rui qi jia food management limited, " chinese chefs " co magazine ; chinese arts and cultural food festival yiwu " half field " food chain management of a whole host of international events catering, located throughout 60 for many points, you peer in the october 30 submitted application forms and related that witnessed the glorious unity cohesion

    中國首屆鄉土菜國際烹飪大賽由中國鄉土菜研究協會、川味飄香廚政管理有限公司、上海億欣娛樂美食有限公司、半畝田餐飲連鎖機構、百年榮記餐飲管理有限公司共同主辦;由澳洲華人中餐交流協會、重慶賢銳餐飲管理公司、摯友餐飲管理公司、銳綺佳餐飲管理有限公司、 《中國大廚》雜志社協辦;中華藝術文化美食節組委會和義烏「半畝田」餐飲連鎖管理機構全程承辦的一次國際性餐飲賽事,目前全國各地設60多個報名點,請各位同行於10月30日前提交報名表格和相關證明,共同見證團結凝聚力的輝煌。
  6. Roughly half of the product derived from thermal - cracking of long - chain hydrocarbons was c2 and c3 gases, useful for thier ethylene and propylene content, but not for the gasoline technology of the 1930s

  7. The supply chain describes a variety of objective existence. it covers the following steps : purchasing, raw material, producing half - finished and finished goods and finally sending products to consumers through sales network, all of which are carried out around core enterprises. by taking control of information flow, logistics flow and capital flow, it connects supplier, maker, distributor, retailer and finally end user into a whole network system or mode

  8. The move to buy half of the hymall chain from ting hsin is part of tesco ' s expansion away from the uk and into the emerging markets of asia and eastern europe

    從頂新國際收購50 %股權舉動,是tesco從英國向亞洲和東歐新興市場擴張戰略的一部分。
  9. Circuit city, a big american electricals chain, expects in - store pick - ups to account for more than half its online sales this year

  10. The hi - technology company where resource fast mobile and combined, life cycle of the product or price change are half of year or a few months, it require all the elements including cash and technology, vendor , manufacturers and customers, should combine quickly and the product r & d period form lab to market should be short then the company can get opportunity win the competition all of those need the company deploy the supply chain to response the market demand quickly this article study scm deployment of the maipu communication company using scm theory study the scm current status and analyze the virtual manufacture of cisco, integrated scm system of huawei technology focus on the maipu current status, research the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. analyze the issues including the demand plan, supply chain integration and strategy combine, product design, information technology and mis. base on this, submitting the resolution to the demand plane restructure, supply vendor estimation and the supply issue during r & d, also provide the selection of scm products for maipu, those research is valuable for other hi - technology companies

  11. China ' s export markets are also more diversified than in the past, and the product mix has been moving up the value - added chain : exports of high value - added products, such as machinery and electrical products, contribute over half of total export growth, and have continued to expand in recent months

  12. The accursed was already under the carriage with some half - dozen particular friends, pointing out the chain with his blue cap