iberia 中文意思是什麼

iberia 解釋
n. 名詞 伊比利亞〈西班牙半島的古名〉。

  1. In business, iberia ' s link - up with british airways awaits approval from brussels

  2. New iberia has very lenient security regulations, many of her best picks come from new iberia, and she likes travel there, because her brother lives there

  3. Michaels, daniel. " dogfight : in the secret world of airplane deals, one battle up close - boeing, airbus vied to meet cutthroat terms of iberia. " the wall street journal, 10 march 2003

  4. In her position, monica travels frequently to new iberia which has had booming economic in recent years thanks to outsourcing for large international corporations for software development

  5. So even though new iberia has loose regulations and likely no prohibitions against inside trading, monica is required to in appliance with the cfa institute standard 2a which prohibits the use of inside information

    因此,即便新伊比利亞的制度鬆散,而且似乎沒有禁止內部交易的規定,莫尼卡仍應遵循cfa機構的標準2a ,即禁止內部信息外用。
  6. Cathay pacific and oneworld airlines qantas airways, british airways, american airlines, aer lingus, finnair, iberia and lan are among asia miles partner airlines. others include alaska airlines, air china, china eastern airlines, dragonair, gulf air, japan airlines, japan asia airways, royal brunei airlines, south african airways, swiss international airlines and vietnam airlines