quadrature 中文意思是什麼

quadrature 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 【數學】求積分,求面積。
2. 【天文學】矩;(月的)上[下]弦;方照。
3. 【物理學】正交;轉象差;九十度相位差。

  1. Multi - level quadrature amplitude modulation

  2. Qam for quadrature amplitude modulation

  3. A neat solution of the quadrature problem can be achieved with the spiral of archimedes.

  4. Application of differential quadrature method to space axial symmetry problems in elasticity

  5. Research the digital quadrature demodulation

  6. A linearized differential quadrature method for navier - stokes equations in the stream - function and vorticity form

  7. Pll - qpsk, phased - locked loop quadrature phase shift keying

  8. Pll - qpsk phased - locked loop quadrature phase shift keying

  9. Quadrature differential phase shift keying qdpsk

  10. Set up quadrature cells in the domain

  11. Quadrature differential phase shift keying

  12. Bandpass sampling theorem and digital quadrature coherent detection

  13. Quadrature partial response keying qprk

  14. In the thesis, a signal processing scheme of polarization - insensitive fiber optic michelson interferometric magnetic sensor is described : making the interferometer work near the quadrature with closed loop controlling working point method, the fundamental frequency component of the magnetic field sensing signals can be detected to measure the input direct current ( dc ) magnetic field by phase sensitive demodulation

  15. Give an example, for a built arch dam, the paper worked out calculational programme based on the calculational model and calculate the reliability index of abutment with simple and double quadrature method

  16. When the cur - cuit resets, the chip remains accepting state, works in burst mode, and adopts dpsk modulation mode. it proceeds quadrature - sampled intermediate frequency signal after the ad9057 has converted, then down - converses, despreads and demodulates. the demodulated baseband signal will be sended into scm to dispose through interrupt

  17. When the nopa was operated at amplification, the epr states with amplitude - quadrature correlation and phase - quadrature anticorrelation were generated firstly in 1999. the product of the amplitude and phase quadrature correlation degrees was 0. 727 0. 004 < 1 ; after the laser source was reconstructed, the epr beams with amplitude - quadrature anticorrelation and phase quadrature correlation were obtained in 2001 and the product of the correlation degrees was 0. 332 0. 003 when the nopa was operated at deamplification. 2

    參量放大過程產生的糾纏光束具有正交振幅正關聯、正交位相反關聯的特性,乘積關聯度為0 . 727 0 . 004 1 ;改進光源后,利用參量反放大( deamplification )過程產生了正交振幅反關聯、正交位相正關聯的明亮epr糾纏光束,乘積關聯度達到0 . 332 0 . 003 1 。
  18. Changing temperature velocity in inner barrel is not a stable constant, and it will vary with advancement of measuring from time to time, thus cooling emendation quadrature model is established to compensate temperature dissipation

  19. Based on this result, convergence of gaussian quadrature formulas for riemann - stieltjes integrable functions on an arbitrary system of nodes on infinite intervals is discussed

    應用這個結果,我們討論了關于riemann - stieltjes可積函數f ( x )基於無限區間上的任意節點系的gauss求積公式的收斂性。
  20. The image rejection mixer is composed of two unit mixers, rf is halved as two parts in quadrature ; lo is halved as two parts in phase ; if is synthesized in quadrature