sign or seal 中文意思是什麼

sign or seal 解釋
  • sign : n 1 記號,符號。2 信號,暗號。3 (示意的)姿勢,手勢;表示。4 招牌,廣告(牌)。5 形跡、痕跡〈常...
  • or : or2,〈古、詩〉在…之前,比…更早〈普通用or ever, or e'er〉。n. 【徽章】黑金色,黑色。
  • seal : n 〈sing pl 〉【動物;動物學】1 海豹。2 海豹毛皮(製品)。3 海豹皮色〈灰黃深褐色〉。4 〈Seals〉〈...
  1. A corporate applicant should sign under the hand of a duly authorised official who should state his representative capacity ( e. g., director ) together with a company chop or seal

  2. Insurance application is offerred by insurance company normally, fill in by policy - holder and sign or effect of have a youthful look of affix one ' s seal, the insurance application content that insurance company fills in according to policy - holder issue insurance policy original

  3. When insurant need is dealt with when correcting, should fill in correct requisition, sign or guarantee slip of the along with after affix one ' s seal sends insurance company along with all the others, after insurance company examine and verify agrees, sign and issue batch of sheet namely ; if produce change insurance time limit, increase or reduce the variation such as insurance liability, insurance company inspects a circumstance to still need to fill to close or reimburse insurance cost

  4. If a source document cannot be obtained due to restrictions in fact or if such document is damaged, destroyed, unavailable, or lost, in addition to handling according to the procedures under laws and regulations, a business shall prepare a voucher based on the fact and amount and have its responsible person or a designated person sign or seal for account keeping

  5. Please fill in the application form with exhibitor ' s official seal or sign, and remit the fee for exhibition booth to bank account of guangzhou fair

  6. Where a contract is concluded by a memorandum of contract, its place of formation is the place where the parties sign or seal the contract

  7. Article 88 a drawer may not sign and issue a cheque for which the signature or seal is not in consistency with the reserved specimen of signature or seal

  8. When the criminal suspect acknowledges that the record is free from error, he shall sign or affix his seal to it

  9. Article 89 the issuer shall not sign and issue cheques upon which his signature is not the same as his specimen signature or specimen seal