small parts 中文意思是什麼

small parts 解釋
  • small : adj 1 小 (opp large) 少 (opp large numerous) 細小的;窄小的;瑣細的;些微的;少額的(收入等)...
  • parts : 部分
  1. Because it is hard to mesh for small angularity in the body, especially spline, so we have to simplify these parts. we adapt two methods to simplify them, and choice the better one to calculate the strength of the shafts. above all, we also optimize the shafts structure

  2. Ingersoll production systems ( ips ), in cooperation with dalian machine tool group, offers flexible and dedicated transfer lines, flexible machining systems and small parts assembly machines and systems for the automotive sector

  3. Helping make babies and cutting down on kleenex costs are two small parts of the growing consumer appetite for products and services derived from ancient asian medicines

  4. Safety performance : the minute glass won ' t harm the body seriously when the glass breaks into small parts

  5. Also remember that babies like to put small parts in their mouth and risk strangulation any time

  6. At the same time, the studio began to seek out and develop new talent, such as linda lin dai, lucilla you min, chao lei, etc, featuring them in small parts so as to clock up experience

  7. Glauca were suppressed all along, no release, but they still reached the canopy layer. this meant that this small parts of neolitsea aurata var. glauca could regenerate under the closed canopy, which was superior to the regeneration of

  8. The multi - level carousel is the latest development in the automated warehouse. it is specifically applied to store small parts

  9. Light loading works, suchas, small parts pressing, shaping, punching, bending, riveting marking which are widely used in manufacturing

  10. The pole projecting makes it easily to apply your superior technic for sewing small parts and special shaped type material

  11. Further small parts are gained by the division of the three big parts. these smaller modules include route module, portal module, fee module and connection management module, etc

  12. It is very popular to be used for the welding of orbital tube, pipe, very small parts, short welding cycles and also where a specific number of welds are called and then the electrode is to be replaced. cerium tungsten electrode, tungsten cerium electrodes, w - ce electrode, ce - w electrodes, tungsten electrode, tungsten

  13. This part is divided into two small parts : the first small part is the research on the frame of system of targets assessment for drought economic losses of chongqing in 2001. according to the regional principle, the frame of system of targets assessment for drought economic losses of chongqing includes direct economic losses, indirect economic losses and disaster relief losses ; the second small part is the quantitative analysis of the mid - summer drought of chongqing in 2001. this part carries on a quantitative calculation separately in the light of direct economic losses, indirect economic losses and disaster relief losses of the mid - summer drought in chongqing under the frame of system of targets assessment for drought economic losses of chongqing in 2001

  14. There were 5ms pulse output delay to the rapid and reliable detection of small parts

  15. We practice rites ( small parts of rituals ) and rituals ( sacred ceremonies ) to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the moon phases and the seasonal quarters and cross - quarters

  16. First chapter is " the analysis of the manifestation and quality of gym news recreation in our country ". it includes three small parts, separately carried on the concrete analysis to gym mass paper media recreation through the substance and shape of sports report, and has been underway analyzing the fixed position location of the quality of the main gym newspaper media recreation. second chapter is " the reason analysis of gym news recreation in our country ". it elaborates four reasons : the marketing management of chinese mass media, the entertainment function of gym and mass media, the cultural psychology of the mass and the tacitly consent of government

    第二章是「我國體育新聞娛樂化的原因分析, 」分別從四個方面闡述了我國體育新聞娛樂化現象產生的原因:一是傳媒的市場化運作是體育新聞娛樂化的原動力;二是體育與大眾傳媒共有的娛樂功能是體育新聞娛樂化產生的基礎;三是大眾文化心理為體育新聞娛樂化提供了強大的市場需求;四是政府的默許是體育新聞娛樂化現象得以持續的現實條件。
  17. Someone said if your sell a car in small parts, the profits can buy 2 more same cars

    但同整車降價一樣,配件的降價也讓我們不禁產生疑問,一次性降價幅度高達40 % 80 % ,零配件到底有著多大的利潤。
  18. Only small parts of the original circular city remain today

  19. Will was acting four small parts in two different plays

    (威廉正臨時客串演出四小部份在兩個不同的劇本。 )
  20. Many of the new museums are small parts of much bigger real - estate projects