ether acid 中文意思是什麼

ether acid 解釋
  • ether : n. 1. 【物理學】以太,能媒。2. 【化學】醚;乙醚。3. 〈詩〉上空,蒼天。4. 【哲學】靈氣;氣氛。
  • acid : adj. 1. 酸味的。2. 【化學】酸的,酸性的。3. 〈比喻〉尖酸刻薄的,易怒的。n. 1. 酸味物。2. 【化學】酸。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  1. It was proposed that the catalytic amination of metyl t - butyl ether by solid acid was a promising " green " process

  2. Screening target ' gene of artemisinin antimalarials using drug - western from cdna expressing library : 12 b - deoxoartemisinyl - ( 4 ' - oxyacetic acid ) phenyl ether was linked to bsa by using of edc cross ! inker and the product acted as drug - probe

    對重組pmd一18一t克隆載體及pqe一30表達載體雙酶切,提取tctp基因和pqe一30空載體並使二者重組,然後轉化m15 ,挑取陽
  3. Under acid condition open chaining crown ether diaromatic aldehyde can react, and they will synthesize a compound of chaining crown ether diaromatic aldehyde thiosemi - carbazone kind

  4. Determination method for l - ascorbic acid in fruit and vegetable juice beverages - ethyl ether extraction method

    果蔬汁飲料中l -抗壞血酸的測定方法乙醚萃取法
  5. 9. the extraction of nitric acid with tibopda and tbopda causes great shifts for the absorption peaks of both carboxyl group and ether group of the complex compound in ir spectrum. for the complex compound of eu, u and th, graet shift occurs only in the wave range of carboxyl group. the ethe

    本工作中求出的np ( v )在低酸下歧化平衡常數未見文獻報道,對iaf料液中的鋒在調價後用加入尿素的辦法將其穩定在不易被草取的五價,在
  6. Under that condition the strain can produce the most concentration of the bioactive compounds. the physical and chemical properties of the actibacterial compounds have been studied, the results showed the bioactive substance has heat stable, acidity and weakly alkali stable. it can be dissolved in acid water, chloroform solvent, can not be dissolved in ethyl acetate, petroleum ether, alkali water. the result of thinlayer chromatography showed the bioactive compounds can give off blue and green fluorescence in the uv light. the paper chromatography demonstrate the bioactive substance may be a new construct compounds

    研究表明,該活性物質具有較強的熱穩定性, ph 9的條件下能穩定存在,但ph 12的強堿性條件下活性物質的抗菌活性幾近喪失;活性物質易溶於氯仿、酸性水、不溶於乙酸乙酯、石油醚、堿性水;薄層層析顯示活性物質在紫外光下能發藍綠色熒光等特點;由捷克八溶劑系統紙層析鑒定該抗菌活性物質不屬於四大類抗生素,可能為一新的抗菌活性物質。
  7. In this paper, a new class of concrete high performance water reducer ( hpwr ) was designed from chemical classification of high performance wra, working principle and unit structure model of poly - carboxylate series wra. the comb - like copolymer structure of hpwr was " carboxylic group - ether link - ester link ". the synthetic chemical materials was polyethylene glycil, acrylic acid and methyl - metacrylic acid ester

    本文從高性能減水劑的化學結構、作用機理以及聚羧酸類減水劑的單元結構模型出發,設計出國內所沒有的一類新型高性能減水劑? ? 「羧酸?醚鍵?酯鍵」為單元結構模型的梳型分子結構的減水劑共聚物,並確定了以聚乙二醇( peg )系列、丙烯酸( aa ) 、甲基丙烯酸甲酯( mma )為合成該類減水劑的主要化學原料。
  8. The grafting of propanetriol - diglycidyl - ether onto the silk fabric was accomplished by microwave radiation, followed by finishing the grafted fabric with the chitosan - acetic acid solution through double - dip - double - nip

  9. Synthesis of acetic ether by supported - type solid acid

  10. Acrylic acid and acrylate esters for industrial use - determination of monomethyl ether of hydroquinone

  11. We screened the cdna expression library by using 12 b - deoxoartemisinyl - ( 4 ' - oxyacetic acid ) phenyl ether conjugated with bsa. one of the screened positive clones was inserted tctp of plasmodium falciparum from hainan. the tctp was cloned to express protein in order to provide materials for further study

    把青篙素類衍生物: 12b一二氫青篙素( 4 』一氧乙酸基)苯醚用bsa標記作為探針,對惡性瘧原蟲海南株cdna表達文庫篩選,分離出插入了惡性瘧原蟲海南株tctp基因的陽性單克隆。
  12. In addition, we deal in th ese products like german bayer methyl cellulose ether, german grs methyl cellulose, domestic methyl cellulose, citric acid, korean p17s and p24s, melamine and so on

    除此之外,公司還經營德國拜耳甲基纖維素醚,德國grs木質纖維素,國產木質纖維素,檸檬酸,韓國p17s , p24s ,三聚氰胺等產品。
  13. Herba ephedrae was saturated with 0. 5 % hydrochloric acid, the extract was extracted with ether and chloroform respectively, from which ephedrine was separated and purified by column chromatography

    以0 . 5 %鹽酸浸泡麻黃草,分別用乙醚、氯仿萃取麻黃粗提物,通過柱色譜法分離提純麻黃堿。
  14. Standard test method for monomethyl ether of hydroquinone in colorless monomeric acrylate esters and acrylic acid

  15. Cyclic voltammetry ( cv ) in sulphuric acid solution and dimethyl ether solution is employed to characterize the catalytic activity of the electrocatalysts ; transmission electron microscopy ( tem ) and x - ray diffraction are employed to characterize the microstructure of the electrocatalysts ; the electrochemical characteristics of the direct dimethyl ether fuel cells ( ddfc ) made from the electrocatalysts are tested by arbin fuel cell test systems

    在h2so4溶液中採用循環伏安對催化劑的電化學行為進行了評價;在飽和二甲醚溶液中採用循環伏安研究了pt / c催化劑對二甲醚氧化性能;通過透射電子顯微鏡( tem )和x射線衍射儀( xrd )分析了催化劑的表面物理特徵;通過arbin燃料電池系統對催化劑制備二甲醚燃料電池進行評價。
  16. In order to separate the l - lactic acid and lactic acetate, the adsorption chromatography was utilized besides the extraction with ethyl ether. the operation conditions for resin a was initial 15 % lactic acid, ph 6. 5, temperature 30, flow velocity 2. 28 ml / min taking the condition of optimal enzymatic reaction, the amount of adsorption and natural hydrolyzation of lactic acetate into account

    綜合考慮酯酶的最適反應條件、樹脂吸附量和乳酸乙酯的自發水解情況,確定酶解底物乳酸乙酯濃度為15 ,上柱條件為; ph值為6 . 5 ,溫度為30 ,流速為2 . 28ml min 。
  17. After partial esterification of alkylpolyoxyethylene ether with citric acid, the reaction mixture was neutralized by sodium hydroxide to produce the salts of the partial esterification products