event-ready 中文意思是什麼

event-ready 解釋
  • event : n. 1. 事件;事情;事變;大事。2. 偶然事件,可能發生的事。3. 活動,經歷。4. 〈古語〉結局。5. 【體育】項目〈尤指重要比賽〉。6. 【法律】訴訟[判決]的結果。
  • ready : adj (readier; iest)1 〈用作表語[主詞補語]準備[預備]…的,下了決心…的,隨時可以…的,即將…,動輒…...
  1. One day flora manhood felt her embryonic inspiration ready to convert itself into a positive event.

  2. They were ready to go to church ; the beautiful bride, mr. lorry, and miss pross - to whom the event, through a gradual process of reconcilement to the inevitable, would have been one of absolute bliss, but for the yet lingering consideration that her brother solomon should have been the bridegroom

  3. So after introductions and learning names and after some games and cakes and drinks, they were all ready for the big event

  4. Jiang said the aquatics venue is ready for a test event in january

  5. With a total conference space of over 4200o in 13 varied - sized convention halls and meeting rooms, plus our impeccable service, attention to details, and state - of - the - art facilities, portman plaza is ready to deliver the dedicated expertise to ensure the perfect orchestration for each of your every event, be it big or small, for social or for business reasons

  6. Now after a year of preparation, we are ready to inaugurate this great event

  7. We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur

  8. We are ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur

    「我們已經準備好應對意外事件,它可能發生,也可能不會發生。 」
  9. Event - ready object

  10. The wells fargo 10 mile tour is the perfect event if you are new to the sport or just not quite ready for the full 26. 2 mile marathon

    如果你對運動新,井法戈10英里旅遊是完美的事件或就為不夠準備好了完整26 . 2英里馬拉松。
  11. Ms. hardcastle : we are now ready for the final event of the afternoon

  12. Among the stopping points on the road to china are the pan american games, taking place in rio de janeiro on 11 - 26 june, and a string of friendlies designed to iron out any glitches and to get the side ready for the main event

    在泛美運動會上通往中國之路停止的比分,被6月11 - 26日的里約熱內盧代替,一系列熱身賽已經確定,為世界盃做好準備,要找出並消除任何缺點。
  13. With the release of the production - ready version in v5. 1. 1, you can now correlate and integrate information across systems using the common event infrastructure

    隨著v5 . 1 . 1中可用( production - ready )版本的發布,您可以使用公共事件基礎架構在系統間關聯和整合信息。
  14. In the unlikely event of hiccups at this wholesale money market level, we stand ready to provide temporary liquidity, as all central banks do in unusual circumstances

  15. Because activities in a loop are still run in sequence and not in parallel, you can use the event time to get the " next " completed event to a certain " ready " event

  16. One day flora manhood felt her embryonic inspiration ready to convert itself into a positive event

  17. The event code for " activity ready " is 21006 note that staff activities don t go to the started state

    用於「活動準備好」的事件代碼是21006 (注意到人員活動並沒有進入到已啟動狀態) 。
  18. This event is now ready to be sent to the event server using an emitter