iaf 中文意思是什麼

iaf 解釋
IAF = International Astronautical Federation 國際星際航空聯合會。

  1. In 1994, 75 people became charter members in alexandria, virginia. iaf conference 2000 in toronto brought together more than 1, 100 participants

  2. Iaf statement of values and code of ethics

  3. Iaf is at the front line of a growing profession

  4. Iaf international automobile federation

  5. The first set of assessments in north america took place in toronto at iaf conference 2000

  6. Has not received a prior scholarship from iaf or the chinese facilitator conference

  7. Additional assessments will take place in north america and europe throughout the year and at iaf conference 2003 ottawa

  8. Several iaf long - term sponsors and partners have had facilitators certified in the past two years

  9. Iaf is actively engaged in linking with local practitioners and facilitation groups around the world

  10. Iaf provides people with multiple conferences, career development opportunities and professional publications

  11. Her previous contribution to iaf asian conferences as a presenter are : 2001 penang - open space technology and 2002 kuching - participatory decision making tool

    過去逸臻曾經帶領引導的亞洲區研討會包括: iaf亞洲研討會2001年(檳城) -開放空間科技; 2002 (古晉) -參與性決策工具。
  12. Forums were held at iaf conference 2001 minnesota and workshops and discussions were held at regional conferences and on regional electronic discussion groups

  13. The players task is to control the center of the screen iaf aircraft, floated around the meteorite shooting, after their crushing the white diamonds collected. the next key counterparts around the aircraft directional movement, forward, back, left to the left, right to the right, pressing the space bar to the fire, can fire bullets as long as the shooting gray meteorites white diamonds will be there, it needs attention, not e

    方向鍵上下左右對應飛機的四向移動, 「上」為前進, 「下」為後退, 「左」為左轉, 「右」為右轉,按下空格鍵為開火,子彈可以連發,只要射中灰色的隕石,就會有白色鉆石出現,需要注意的是,並非每顆隕石擊碎都會出現鉆石,有時還會夾雜著一些碎片,玩家需要操縱飛機躲開碎片,否則會扣去飛機的能量槽。
  14. Secondly, to stimulate international and interregional participation in these conferences, we seek sponsorship upon request for qualified iaf members who live outside our region to attend our conference