activities 中文意思是什麼

activities 解釋
  1. We will investigate seven enigmatic creatures ? the serval, aardvark, pangolin, genet, african wildcat, civet and porcupine ? as they furtively go about their top - secret activities

    金庸小說中有江南七怪,非洲狩獵冊上一樣有七怪, ?們是難得一見的非洲動物土豚、穿山甲、 ? 、非洲豹、麝貓、豪豬、藪貓,有些可能連名字也鮮有聽聞。
  2. He was abetted in these illegal activities by his wife

  3. Acaricidal on acarid activities of wikstroemia chamedaphne against tetranychus viennensis acarid : tetranychidae

  4. Activities of account executives are overseen by the sec and the nasd

  5. He partook in the activities of the school.

  6. Some review of its activities is required.

  7. Do n't restrict her proper activities.

  8. It is nevertheless adaptable to detect and measure physiological activities of many other kinds.

  9. Jurisdiction corresponding to legislation and administrtion, refers to the special activities previlleged to special units with judicial powers endowed by law and as mediators to make the final and impartial arbitration on disputes and contradictions of the involved clients according to adjective law and substansive law

  10. . the adh ii and pdc activities were detected by aldehyde indicator plates

  11. The acetaldehyde dehydrogenase ( acdh ) and alcohol dehydrogenase ( adh ) of the adhe mutants and parent strain were assayed with a result that the acdh activities of mutants were less than 10 % of the parent strain and the adh activities of mutants are about 10 % of the parent strain

    6個adhe ~ -突變株的乙醛脫氫酶活性均降低為親株的10以下,乙醇脫氫酶活性降低為親株的10左右; 4個ldha ~ -突變株的乳酸脫氫酶活性均降低為親株的7以下。
  12. The secretions of the anterior pituitary gland control the activities of the adrenal cortex and other endocrine organs.

  13. In view of the problems in the supervision and management for import and export, such as the various and scattered ports, low supervision and management capacity of custom officers, and unlawful border trade for wild fauna and flora, we suggested the measures, including specifying the ports, labeling the exported wild fauna and flora, improving the cooperation between administrative departments for import and export and customs, and fight strongly against border smuggling activities, etc. the adscription of the right for examination and approval of trade species is not definite, and the examination and approval was too time - consuming

  14. A college student, i used to take part in various soical activities in summer and winter vacations, such as sales promotion, vendition, brand advertizing, etc

  15. Plan and implement all advisement activities

  16. The anti - microbial activities of crude ethanol extract from aerial parts of sophora alopecuroides and its petroleum ether, chloroform, n - butanol and water fractions of sophora alopecuroides to pythium aphanidermatum, fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum, fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici, alternaria solani, pseudomonas pachrymans and xanthomonas vesicatoria were tested by mycelial radial growth test and agar - well diffusion

  17. We also have made gift fans for 2000 year european football tournament, world aerobatics big prize competition around tailake, the eigth nationwide sports meet, the sixth china art festival and other great activities

  18. Moreover, the presence of the activities of aerobes and anaerobes in the immobilized sludge is further conformed by specific activity experiments in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, and the microorganism community structure of the co - immobilized granular sludge in micro - aeration condition is also deduced

  19. The cell extract aliquots were added by ammonium sulfate with 30 %, 40 %, 50 %, 60 %, 70 %, 80 % and 90 % saturation, separately. the activities of sod for the re - suspensions were detected after dialysis and centrifugation. it was found sod activity could be detected after the precipitation by ammonium sulfates with 30 % saturation or above, and the highest sod activity could be obtained by precipitation of ammonium sulfate with 80 % saturation

    Maltophilia276菌株細胞提取物中分別加入飽和度為30 、 40 、 50 、 60 、 70 , 、 80和90的硫酸銨,經過透析、離心、重新懸浮后檢測sod的活性發現:當硫酸銨的飽和度為30時,其活性可檢測出sod活性,當硫酸銨的飽和度為80時,檢測出的sod活性最大。
  20. Some factors affecting the alluvion and erosion of the yellow river delta are given and analyzed, including human activities, global warming and sea level rise, deep structure, deposits in the delta, local climate, some ocean factors such as current, wave, tide