academy 中文意思是什麼

音標 [ə'kædəmi]
academy 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 學會,研究院,學術協會,文藝協會。
2. 中等學校;專科院校。
3. 〈A-〉柏拉圖學園,柏拉圖哲學。

  1. Aaal american academy of arts and letters

  2. Aaas american academy of arts and sciences

  3. Raven calls dresselhaus a “ foremost role model. ” director of the missouri botanical garden and current president of the aaas, raven was secretary of the national academy when dresselhaus was treasurer

  4. Academician of the chinese academy of sciences

  5. 1 academician - chinese academy of engineering

  6. 9 academicians - chinese academy of sciences

  7. He was expelled from the academy of sciences.

  8. The car sloped swiftly now down academy street.

  9. Did you go to the military academy ?

  10. A description was published by the berlin academy in 1710.

  11. In 1818 fresnel entered a competition sponsored by french academy.

  12. I'm talking about the fact that you have been servicing the military academy.

  13. They obviously taught respect to the older generation at hilltop military academy.

  14. It is the custom of this academy to make an annual award for outstanding researchers in chemistry.

  15. Dudley moore received an academy award nomination as best actor for his work in arthur.

  16. Academy award - winner charlize theron stars as aeon flux, the underground operative fighting totalitarian rule in 25th - century earth s last livin.

    老差骨羅倫奉命調查案件,他接受案件. .
  17. Ampas academy of motion picture arts and sciences

  18. Song weiming, master ' s degree supervisor, chief surgeon, is mainly engaged in the treatment and research of face neck plastic aesthetic surgery, angioma, tissue engineering, wound heals and scar, at present recruits and instructs 4 master - degree students, as the component member of teachers assists to instruct 6 doctoral - degree students, successively holds the expert member to appraise the college science and technology colleague of the ministry of education, the capital medicine development scientific research foundation projects, the national natural sciences fund projects, the national 863 projects, manages and participates many research topics of the national natural sciences fund, the ministry of public health, the chinese academy of medical sciences and peking union medical college, as the first author published 11 papers in the specialized academic magazine, edited 3 books, translated 1 book

    宋維銘, 2003年6月被中國醫學科學院中國協和醫科大學評審為碩士研究生導師, 2004年8月被衛生部評審為主任醫師,主要從事面頸部整形美容外科、血管瘤、組織工程、創傷愈合及瘢痕的治療和研究,目前招收指導碩士研究生4名,作為導師組成員協助指導博士研究生6名,先後擔任教育部高等學校科學技術同行評議專家庫成員、首都醫學發展科研基金項目評審專家庫成員、國家自然科學基金項目評審專家庫成員、國家863項目評審專家庫成員,主持和參加國家自然科學基金、衛生部、中國醫學科學院中國協和醫科大學等多項研究課題,以第一作者在專業學術雜志上發表論文11篇,參與編書3本,參與譯書1本。
  19. Tuesday ' s negotiations are scheduled at the us naval academy in annapolis, maryland

  20. Tuesday ' s negotiations are scheduled at the us naval academy in the annapolis, maryland