acetic ester 中文意思是什麼

acetic ester 解釋
  1. Results of experiments on antibacterial and antifungal activities showed that extracts of alcohol and acetic ester had remarkable bacteriostasis effects against 6 bacteria ; aqueous extract was more effective against fungi, and slight against bacteria ; petroleum ether extract had no effect against bacteria and fungi ; butylalcohol extract had different effects against bacteria, but had no effects against fungi

  2. The resting cells reaction experiment showed that it could also degrade other acetic ester compounds including ethyl acetate, vinyl acetate, chloroethyl acetate, propyl acetate, isopropyl acetate, butyl acetate, sec - butyl acetate and 1, 3 - butanediol diacetate by producing aetate

  3. Degradability of the isolates on acetic ester compounds was proved according to the increase of biomass and the decrease of substrates in liquid cultures

  4. A mixture of formic acid and acetic anhydride was found to be effective for the formation of an oxazolone, which was converted to an active ester in situ in the presence of a phenol or an n - hydroxide

    實驗發現甲酸和醋酐混合物對惡唑酮的生成非常有效,惡唑酮在苯酚或n -氫氧化物存在的條件下在原位轉化為酯。
  5. Results of bacteriostasis activities of acetic ester extract under different concentrations showed that the higher concentration, the stronger bacteriostasis effect was, and that the sequence of bacteriostasis activities was different under different concentrations

  6. Amyl acetic ester

  7. Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs - plastics substances subject to limitation - determination of acetic acid, vinyl ester in food simulants