zap 中文意思是什麼

音標 [zæp]
zap 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 (zapped; zapping) 〈美俚〉1. (噝地一下)打敗,攻擊,弄死。
2. (用遙控器)不斷地變換(電視頻道或音量大小等);(用遙控器)噝地一聲關上(電視)。
3. 【計算機】(通過電腦網路)傳送(電子郵件、數據等)。
n. 名詞 〈美俚〉1. 精力,活力。
2. 攻擊;急促的噓聲。
int. 感嘆詞 嚓!zapping n. 名詞
  1. Frieda : baby, i think you ' re all yap and no zap

  2. Munk : get out ! or i ' ll zap you into a toad

  3. You have to zap the invading spaceships to get points

  4. Have you see him zap around town on his new motor bike

  5. I ' m gonna zap that sucker to bits

  6. Zap a bark up there, didn ' t it

  7. We ' re going down. ouch ! fire ! burning ! hot. hot, hot. hot. prepare for grievous bodily harm ! warn me next time you zap

  8. Then they zap the results with a stream of particles from the laboratory ' s elderly proton synchrotron

  9. When they hit the atmosphere they create showers of daughter particles that zap mountaineers and people in aeroplanes

  10. The zap in a freshly dried sock contains an enormous number of photons, but there are more delicate experiments where single photons are evident

  11. Some monsters can zap people s energy or vital life force. the greater our yang energy, the more hungry the yin monsters are for our vital life energy

  12. In one woman, for example, a zap to a brain region called the angular gyrus resulted in a sensation that she was hanging from the ceiling, looking down at her body

  13. In the first part of this experiment, we isolated the tsmt gene ( genebank accession number : af499726. 1 ) from a a zap - cdna library cons tructed from a 200mmoll - 1 nacl - treated library of thellungiella salsuginea and analyzed its sequence characterization, genomic organization and the differential expression in response to salt stress. tsmt encodes metallothionein and there is only one copy in thellungiella salsuginea genome according to its southern blotting

    L ~ ( - 1 ) nacl處理的鹽芥地上部分構建的zap - cdna文庫中克隆了編碼金屬硫蛋白的基因tsmt ( genebank號為af499726 . 1 ) ,並分別對其序列特徵、基因組結構和在鹽脅迫下的表達特性進行了分析,結果表明tsmt編碼鹽芥金屬硫蛋白, southern結果顯示tsmt在鹽芥基因組中只有一個拷貝。
  14. The researchers used an off - the - shelf microwae oen to zap the sponges and scrub pads for arying lengths of time, wringing them out and determining the microbial load of the water for each test