zeaxanthin 中文意思是什麼

zeaxanthin 解釋
n. 名詞 【生物化學】玉米黃質。

  1. Envelope isolated from illuminated chloroplasts had much more orange zeaxanthin.

  2. Lutein is an active carotenoid and potent natural source antioxidant. it is extracted from marigold flowers and contains a normal blend of carotenoids including : zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin

  3. Lutein, zeaxanthin and p - cryptoxanthin content in peel was about 2. 5 - 15 times as their respective content in pulp on the basis of fresh weight hence the peel was the principal location for the carotenoid stock in citrus fruit. 2

    與果肉相比,柑橘果皮單位鮮重葉黃質、玉米黃素、 -隱黃質的含量為果肉的2 . 5 15倍,是柑橘主要的類胡蘿卜素庫存部位。
  4. With development and maturation of citrus fruit, chlorophyll content of citrus fruit peel decreased, being acompanied by a gradual decrease in a - carotene and p - carotene which are known to be in the upstream of carotenoid biosynthesis pathway. the decrease continued up to complete vanishment of the carotenes. on the other hand, p - cryptoxanthin, p - citraurin and zeaxanthin that are in the downstream of carotenoid biosynthesis pathway increased steadily and became the principal carotenoid components

    隨著柑橘果實發育和成熟,果皮葉綠素含量下降,與此同時,位於類胡蘿卜素生物合成途徑上游的-胡蘿卜素、 -胡蘿卜素等胡蘿卜素成分逐漸下降直至消失,而在類胡蘿卜素生物合成途徑下游的-隱黃質、 -檸烏素、玉米黃素等葉黃素成分逐漸上升,使得類胡蘿卜素總量先略微下降后迅速上升;果實褪綠並呈現其特徵色澤。
  5. L. in both peel and pulp of citrus fruit, the major carotenoids were lutein, zeaxanthin and p - cryptoxanthin. p - carotene content was lower than lutein, zeaxanthin and p - cryptoxanthin content and a - carotene was less than p - carotene. among the 53 varieties tested, lycopene was detected only in pulp of cara cara navel orange

    柑橘果皮和果肉中均以葉黃質、玉米黃素、 -隱黃質為主, -胡蘿卜素含量較低, -胡蘿卜素極低;參試品種除紅肉臍橙果肉含有番茄紅素外,其餘均未檢測到。
  6. In order to elucidate the physiological mechanism of carotenoid formation in citrus fruit, we determined a - carotene, p - carotene, lycopene, p - cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein content in 53 varieties that belong to various citrus types using hplc, analyzed the possible connection between color formation and carotenoid accumulation, and studied the effects of light. ga3 and mpta on carotenoid biosynthesis in peel of citrus fruit. the results are summarized below

    為探討柑橘果實類胡蘿卜素形成的生理機制,本論文運用hplc技術測定了我國寬皮柑桔類、橙類、柚類及雜柑類等不同柑橘類型共53個品種(系)的-胡蘿卜素、 -胡蘿卜素、番茄紅素、 -隱黃質、玉米黃素、葉黃質六種類胡蘿卜素的含量,分析了柑橘果實不同色澤的呈現與果皮類胡蘿卜素積累的可能聯系,並探討了光照、 ga _ 3 、 mpta等不同處理對柑橘果皮類胡蘿卜素形成的調控機制,主要結果如下: 1
  7. The vegetables contain lutein and zeaxanthin

  8. Advances in antitumor functions of lutein and zeaxanthin

  9. Lutein and zeaxanthin that help promote sharp and detailed eye vision

  10. Lutein and zeaxanthin

  11. Xanthophyli cycle has been widely concerned since the finding that it has the function in heat dissipation. with the trans - thylakoid ph gradient, zeaxanthin ( z ) together with antheraxanthin ( a ) can absorb excess energy from chlorophyll and release it as heat, thus protect the photosynthetic apparatus from photodamage by high light. violaxathin de - epoxidase ( vde ) is the key enzyme in xanthophylls cycle

    目前普遍認為葉黃素循環的色素定位於天線色素蛋白復合體上,在跨膜質子梯度( ph )形成后,玉米黃質( z )和環氧玉米黃質( a )能夠從葉綠素中吸收過多的激發能,並以熱能的形式耗散到體外,從而保護光合器官免受強光的破壞。
  12. Contains beta - carotene, alpha - carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, all of which help to relieve tired and dry eyes, at the same time strengthening and protecting the eye cells