zany 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['zeini]
zany 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 【歷史】摹仿主要丑角動作的小丑;丑角。
2. 傻瓜,笨人。
adj. 形容詞 (像丑角那樣)荒唐可笑的;愚蠢笨拙的。

  1. What a zany the old chap must be, to light a bonfire when there's no youngsters to please.

  2. Zany, gag - filled sci - fi spoof about a frozen man who has to adapt to a strange futurist world when he thaws out

  3. They threw their king kong together with an unthinking haste that accounts for its zany illogic

  4. He tried lecturing in california again with great success in the style of zany inconsequence.

  5. He tried lecturing in california, again with great success, in the ward style of zany inconsequence.

  6. Shapes and symmetry. go wild. piece together the sticky lines and watch zany picture puzzles come to life while you learn proportion, matching, scale and symmetry

  7. Their zany neighbors, the seals, place a strong second

  8. I can watch the marx brothers ' zany antics for hours

  9. Their zany neighbors, the seals, place a strong second.

  10. Globe and mail " a zany masterpiece

  11. Is that zany approach an advantage for you or for your viewers

  12. Humour, fun, programming and good times abound at the headquarters of the zany cop

  13. Alexa vega spy kids star in this irresistible teen comedy about four best friends who embark on a zany, all - night scavenger hunt against their " popu.

    難得放肆,四人造型潮爆在大廳勁歌熱舞,在狂跳狂吃之際突然收到「風頭躉」少女組的尋寶挑. .
  14. Comedies range from the timeless humor of charlie chaplin to the more zany amusement conveyed by jim carrey liar liar and ace ventura. and of course master has included several emotionally - touching films that contain a deeper message. one such classic, black beauty, tells the story of a horse that endured mistreatment at the hands of human owners, only to " forgive all " once he knew that he was truly loved again

  15. There s a zany, uproarious downtown, a loony town square, and a suburban neighborhood where disney characters live, work, and play