functional control 中文意思是什麼

functional control 解釋
  • functional : adj 1 官能的,機能的。2 在起作用的;職務上的。3 【數學】函數的。4 【建築】從使用的觀點設計[構成]...
  • control : n 1 支配,管理,管制,統制,控制;監督。2 抑制(力);壓制,節制,拘束;【農業】防治。3 檢查;核...
  1. Results the functional filtering bleb and intraocular pressure got better in treatment group those than in control group with remarkably significance ( p < 0. 05 )

    結果術后治療組功能性濾過泡的形成及眼壓控制率均高於對照組, p < 0 . 05 ,差異有顯著性。
  2. Dynamics, functional relationships, and control mechanisms are key words in an evolutionary ecology.

  3. On control functional block based on epa protocol

  4. In this project high frequency ground wave soft radar ( hfgwsr ) uses software radio technology to control radar functional mode

  5. Intelligential instruments adopt functional model frame and has detection, tension control and speed control etc. the design of the whole system adopt not only rs - 485 but also can

  6. A new planning method - analysis of factors of point line and area and control points optimization, which is based on the analysis of urban spatial structure, is tried to put forward. analyzing the important functional clusters in the spatial layout of the urban, the intracity medium - long distance vehicle traffic major directional desire line how the urban to link up with the highway network and the whole structure of expressway system, the skeleton of the expressway network can be obtained. using the degree of importance method analytic hierarchy process ( ahp ), one or several intersections can be selected

  7. Japanese modal emphases on the planned economy modal, based on it, macro - control laws are made, guiding the economy ; american modal emphases on the economic plan, rooted from the theory of kerns and anti - dump and the functional adjustment of financial system

  8. The paper introduced a phase range system based on fpga embedded technology. three functional module in the range system : modulability signal generation source, information control unit and information management unit, can be designed in one pld chip, so a majority of shortcomings of traditional phase laser range were conquered by this excellent innovation in circuits

  9. Application of p - type iterative learning control in functional neuromuscular stimulation feedback control for upper limbs

  10. ( 2 ) aiming at the requirement of safe storage of the electronic documents on the information integrated platform in manufacturing enterprise, using encryption / decryption and compression / uncompression techniques and saving the electronic documents as some special attribute object of large database and managing the enterprise electronic documents effectively through database, a safe access mechanism of functional grant < wp = 7 > and recommendatory grant to decrease grant management maintenance cost is proposed and the storage mechanism of special database attribute object is studied and the method for saving, accessing and retrieving electronic document quickly is constructed. thus these methods can make the electronic documents of information integrated platform in manufacturing enterprises get safe, reliable and quick access. ( 3 ) according to this circumstance in which web pages are selected as the user interface of manufacturing application system, the safe measures of access control over web page resources are provided

    ( 2 )針對製造企業信息集成平臺中電子文檔安全存儲要求,採用加密和壓縮技術,將電子文檔作為大型數據庫中某種特殊屬性對象來存儲,以數據庫方式對企業電子文檔進行集成的、統一的管理,提出一種訪問控制的增強型安全設計原則,基於此原則建立了管理授權和推薦式授權的安全訪問機制,用以提高系統的訪問安全性,並大大減少授權管理維護量;研究了特殊屬性對象的數據庫存儲機理,從而構造一種快速存儲、訪問和檢索電子文檔的方法,使得企業信息集成平臺的電子文檔獲得安全、可靠、快速的訪問。
  11. Abstract : the author stated the low cost retrofit using distributed control system to replace the existing control system of sulphuration equipment. the functional configuration of the distributed control system, the hardware and software of the system, and the communication between system and each layer of network are introduced in detail

  12. Fuzzy predictive functional control strategy for decomposing furnace temperature system of cement rotary kiln

  13. According to the synchronous requirement of the system, the functional control chip cypress cy7c6801 is selected. the paper focuses on the design of universal serial bus driver based on wdm ( windows driver model )

    本文主要介紹基於wdm (微軟驅動程序模型)的usb2 . 0標準驅動程序開發,以及應用於生物機能分析儀數據採集部分的硬體設計與固件程序開發。
  14. Aimed at predictive functional control, this paper uses a second order characteristic model for predictive model that is easily achieved by projection method

  15. Modem large - screen color tv sets have digital direction of the rapid development, with a super - scale integrated circuit design and manufacturing process technology and continuous improvement in computer application in the field of color, making large - screen color television sets in various functional control, commissioning, testing and maintenance matters with a new digital technology, i. e., i ^ 2c bus and the unique maintenance methods

    摘要隨著超大規模集成電路設計工藝和生產製造技術的不斷提高以及電子計算機在彩色電視機領域的廣泛應用,使得大屏幕彩色電視機在各種功能控制、生產調試、檢測維修等方面有了一個嶄新的技術,即i ^ 2c總線及其特有的維修方法。
  16. Predictive functional control of multivariable non - self - regulating system

  17. Chapter four : the functional control of re, it has discussed the significance of the setting of the speed of speech in english listening comprehension, and accomplished the function of controlling the volume and speed of tts speech using the speech output control tag in ms agent through concrete interface design and programming

  18. Predictive functional control and its application in missile control system

  19. Study of predictive functional control algorithm based on grey system model

  20. The traditional predictive functional control usually uses first - order predictive model, which does not fully express the plant, therefore is not robust