habitude 中文意思是什麼

habitude 解釋
n. 名詞 〈古語〉 = habit 1. ,2. ,3.
  1. Faultiness of food chain as the result of the habitude of cooking wild animal

  2. Refinement & pretty wave narrow lace, take a combination with lucidus ruban velour, underline more female ' s gentle & soft habitude and the feeling of daily life at home

  3. 4. to avoid subhealth according to adjusting psychology, correcting bad life habits, improving working efficiency, reducing working pressure, improving one ' s habitude

  4. The institution from the view of the new institutional economics is the behavior regulation, standard, stable habitude or ideologies which can constraint, encourage and coordinate the transaction relationship between human

  5. The text study water supply pricing at theoretic and practice include below contents : the theoretic of water supply pricing : 1 ) the meanings and pricing of public utility : the public utility ' s habitude determines the monopolization position, but the pricing still suffer the government ' s strict control

    本文就供水價格的制定,從理論與實證兩個方面進行了研究,主要包括以下內容:供水價格理論: 1 )公用事業的含義及定價理論:公用事業的特性決定了其自然壟斷地位,但其產品定價仍要受到政府的嚴格管制。
  6. With the shortening of the days all hope of obtaining her husband s forgiveness began to leave her : and there was something of the habitude of the wild animal in the unreflecting instinct with which she rambled on - disconnecting herself by littles from her eventful past at every step, obliterating her identity, giving no thought to accidents or contingencies which might make a quick discovery of her whereabouts by others of importance to her own happiness, if not to theirs