hacienda 中文意思是什麼

hacienda 解釋
n. 名詞 〈西班牙語〉1. (西班牙及中、南美的)大莊園,種植園,牧場,工廠,礦山。
2. (上述農場或牧場里的)主要住宅。

  1. An urgent matter requires your attention at the hacienda

  2. It just so happens this hacienda has its own private beach

  3. Son, you ask more questions than the bishop. the hacienda

  4. Why not dine at your hacienda ? i ' d really iike to meet your son

  5. He ' s going back to the hacienda

  6. Where ? - at the hacienda

  7. “ with hacienda and sankeys closed, we didn ' t have a club here for two years and the big djs stopped coming

    他用爭辯的口吻說: 「由於『莊園'夜總會和『桑基斯'夜總會的關閉,我們這里連續兩年沒有一個夜總會,那些大腕主持人也不來了。
  8. Your support and trust will be the great motive force for the continuous development of hacienda ' s. it is hacienda ' s persistent goal to supply you with sincere and sound services

  9. “ for 15 years manchester was the hacienda, ” says former promotions manager scott king. “ the moment that ended, the spirit, the one unifying force, died and with it went the whole manchester legacy

    「 15年來『莊園'夜總會就是曼徹斯特的標志, 」前推銷經理科特?金說, 「那種局面一結束,那種精神,即統一全城的力量也隨之滅亡,整個曼徹斯特的文化遺產也隨著消失了。 」
  10. Manchester ' s clubbing craze began with the hype of the hacienda nightclub, which reigned from the dawn of punk in 1976 to the demise of acid house, attracting wide - eyed ravers from around the globe for a taste of the latest music sensations