ns 中文意思是什麼

ns 解釋
1. nuclear ship 核動力船。
2. not sufficient 〈銀行用語〉存款不足。

  1. Bradbury strai ns to get to the ball

  2. Calvin, the ns - 5s are destroying the older robots

    凱文, ns5在摧毀老型號的機器人!
  3. Second, based on integrating networks of mobile management, the thesis modifies the access protocols of umts ps to build the transmission bearer cannel of data and signaling and guarantee the seamless connection of maent and umts. then, using adov routing protocol with mip, the thesis builds the emulation model of integration network and analyzes the throughput of network in ns

    然後,在ns ( networksimulation )模擬環境中,利用基於移動網際網路絡協議( mobileinternetprotocol , mip )的按需距離向量路由協議( adhocon - demanddistancevectorrouting , aodv )對整合通信網路模擬建模,並對整合通信網路的網路吞吐量進行了分析。
  4. The fault controlled the magmatism and metallization relevant to the contact zone, and deformed successively and produced cataclastic rocks and two sets of joints ; the second stage was from late cretaceous to eocene. the fault zone deformed right - laterally under ne - sw striking transtention, and new joints zone was produced at the end of the two main faults because of local stress concentration. the fault produced inchoative cataclastic rocks, and two sets of typical joints in plutons ; the third stage of deformation was relatively faint and only a little of microcracks was produced and infilled with vei ns in the deformed rocks, which was during the himalayan movement

  5. . . cofounder of the company and designer of the ns - 5

  6. Cofounder of the company and designer of the ns - 5

    博士是該公司的共同創辦人也是ns - 5的設計者
  7. 2. ns - 4688tests bnc, rjh and rj45 ; ns - 468 tests rj 11and rj45 ; ns - 468n tests rj45 and bnc, st - 248 tests rj45 and bnc, st - 248 tests rj45 and bnc. ii. test of double - twisted cables ; switch on the power. s is slow and remote tester. the lights of the main tester will turn on. sequently from 1 to g

  8. Manufacturer of compact ns moulded case circuit reaker

  9. You re using the uplink to override the ns - 5s programming

    你利用系統連結操控ns - 5
  10. Had a dream of a robot in every household. and the ns - 5

  11. All ns - 5s, report for service and storage

    所有的ns5 ,立即向檢修和儲存部報到
  12. I made a switch. it was an unprocessed ns - 5

  13. Code four, ns - 5 is in custody. ns - 5 in custody

    第四小隊, ns5已經被抓獲ns5已經被抓獲
  14. Removes the instance from the registry, uninstalls the ns

    從注冊表中刪除實例,卸載ns $ <
  15. Microsoft discourages using the network service account for the ns

  16. You ' re using the uplink to override the ns - 5s ' programming

  17. Acordar _ comunicaci n ofrece soluci ns globais para a comunicaci n na rede. creaci n, desenrrolo e mantenimento web

  18. The virus was purified by ultracentrifuge. according to the ns gene sequence published by genbank, one primer t - 1 was designed to amplify the cdna by reverse transcript. the other primers nsl - u / ns1 - 1 and ns2 - u / ns2 - 1. hns2 - u were designed to amplify the ns1, ns2 and hns2 gene

    本實驗用接種雞胚的病毒增殖方法獲得了a / chicken / mudanjiang / 0823 / 00 ( h9n2 )分離株的大量增殖,增殖病毒經差速離心進行純化,經超迷離心濃縮。
  19. Ns - 2 simulation of routing and wavelength assignment algorithm in wdm network

  20. The thesis then studies the emulation modes of routing algorithms with inaccurate network state information, proposes a simulation model based on events for routing algorithms with inaccurate network state information, and develops a routing simulation software r - ns that provides an effective environment for the research of network routing algorithms. randomized routing algorithms based on improved dijkstra and bellman - ford algorithms are proposed for the unicast routing model with inaccurate network state information

    本文研究了非精確網路狀態信息的路由演算法模擬模擬方法,提出了非精確網路狀態信息下基於事件的網路路由模擬模擬模型,設計並實現了路由模擬模擬軟體rns ,對網路路由演算法的研究提供了很好的支撐環境。