disharmony 中文意思是什麼

disharmony 解釋
n. 名詞 不調和,不一致;不協調。

  1. Emotional disharmony can lead to anxiety and depression, feeding the body with disharmonious energy

  2. Avoid the disharmony that arises from cheating

  3. The relationship between disharmony of liver qi and facial paralysis

  4. He noted the disharmony between husband and wife

  5. It can even cause disharmony in a family

  6. 2. disharmony in the interaction

    2 .相處上的不協調
  7. These nouns are compared as they mean a state of disagreement and disharmony

  8. Clinical observation of quot; weining tea quot; in treating chronic gastritis of liver - stomach disharmony

  9. These personality differences will easily contribute to the disharmony between husband and wife

  10. Clinical observation on treating 40 cases disharmony of stomach and liver syndrome with modified chaihushugansan

  11. The present paper attempts to probe into the main factors of restricting the development of the rural economy during the transformation, and it takes the factors as follows : the tense relation ship between person and land ; disharmony between city and rural areas ; the level of agricultural productive forces is low ; the adjustment of rural industrial structure is not advanced, various policies about reform and implement are imperfect

  12. This paper, taking xiongzhi as an example, tries to find a way to explain the reason for the chapters ' disharmony and provides a new angle to explain the meaning of the poems

  13. Using the statistical tables and graphs, the thesis analyzes the ratio of the production value construction, distribution of the employee and the amount of investment and analyzes the external trade construction in hubei province, then involved there exists the disharmony of the industrial structure in hubei province and put forward the orientation of the adjustment of industrial structure

  14. This disharmony in the emotional being can cause many problems in the physical body, such as stomach and breathing disorders

  15. To observe the therapeutic effects of " weining tea " in the treatment of chronic gastritis with liver - stomach disharmony, 72 subjects were randomized into two groups : control group in which 30 cases were treated with motilium and treatment group in which 42 cases were treated with " weining tea "

    摘要為觀察胃寧茶袋泡劑治療慢性胃炎肝胃不和證的臨床療效,將72例患者隨機分為治療組( 42例)和對照組( 30例)分別給予胃寧茶和嗎叮啉等治療,共3個療程。
  16. Since the year 2001, when the united states human settlement bureau proclaimed that its working task focused on the promotion of sustainable development of living, both in the sense of society and economy, to complete the objection that everybody can live in his suitable living place. the study of amiable settlement theory is complicated and complex in academic circles. this paper dedicates to retrospect the obstacles in the road of the completion of the very settlement goal in the view of management philosophy : the short of living place in cities ; the common existence of shantytown ; the overall isolated and tense relationship between human being and nature ; the disharmony between a person himself / herself and the others

  17. The disharmony between the graded administration system and the present tax and financial system ; 4. the inadequate investment in elementary education. hence this thesis brings forth the new compulsory education system in countryside : the compulsory education should be administrated by the central government ; the educational funds are invested by the central and local governments ; the headmasters in the primary schools and middle schools should be responsible for and in charge of the school

  18. If this balance is disturbed, there will be the pathological changes of disharmony between yin and yang of the kidney

  19. In the third chapter of the paper, the auther analyses the whys of the disharmony of industrial distribution

  20. Beginning with construction of order distribution cycle time, it explains there are three factors : big lot disposal 、 low efficiency in order distribution flow and disharmony in order distribution chain that cause long order cycle time now, discusses the three factors how to cause long order distribution cycle , and brings forward two ways : using quick response system and information technology to solve these questions