dissolving effect 中文意思是什麼

dissolving effect 解釋
  • dissolving : 毀滅性的
  • effect : n 1 結果。2 效能,效果,效力,效應,作用,功效;影響。3 感觸,印象;外觀,現象。4 旨趣,意義。5 ...
  1. Through the experiment, it is known that the dissolving effect of benzene to phenanthrene in some studied organic solvent is best, moreover dmf to carbazole is best

  2. Curative effect observation treatment over diabetes ' periphery nerve disease with embolus - dissolving capsule

  3. Studies showed that process and condition control had critical effect on the preparation of yig phase, and the proper conditions specialized as follows : using ammonia - ammonium nitrate ( nh3 - nh4no3 ) as precipitant, ph scope from 10 to 10. 5, using dissolving salt as law materials, dropping their mixed solution into precipitant, precipitation rate at 0. 8ml / min

    研究表明,共沉澱的過程和條件控制對yig的合成具有重要影響。實驗得出共沉澱的合適條件為:以nh _ 3 - nh _ 4no _ 3為緩沖溶液,控制ph范圍為10 . 0 ? 10 . 5 ,採用可溶性鹽為原料配製溶液,滴加到沉澱劑中的共沉澱方式,共沉澱速度為0 . 8ml min左右。
  4. The enhanced photoconductive effect from small amount of tnf facilitates the preparations of new organic photoconductive devices under the drive of low fields. in the fourth chapter, inclpc nanoparticles embedded in poly ( n - vinylcarbzaole ) ( pvk ) were prepared successfully by dissolving inclpc in aprotic organic solvent / lewis acid with great concentration for the formation of electron donor - acceptor complexes, i. e., the method of complexation - mediated solubilization. the fabricated inclpc nanoparticles were characterized by means of uv / vis absorption, x - ray diffraction pattern, and tem

    論文的最後一章中,我們合成了具有較好的電子傳輸性能的化合物』一二苯基四竣酸花酚亞胺( ddp ) ;研究了其溶解性、熱穩定性、晶體結構、紅外光譜、紫外吸收光譜和蒸鍍薄膜的屬性,並用量子化學計算方法模擬其單分子的空間構型;載流子遷移率測試的結果約為ix10 「 、 m 』 v 」 』 ? s 「 』 。
  5. Effect of nano - grinding on dissolving - out ratio of active constituents from panax notoginseng

  6. Integrating the dissolving experiments of na2edta and na4edta and the orthogonal experiments, we can conclude that the dissolving property of na ^ edta is relatively more stable and higher than that of na2edta in this experiment. and, the conclusion can be made that for the caso4 scale in membrane na4edta has the best cleaning effect and the optimum condition is ph = 11, operating pressure = 0. 1mpa and concentration = 4 % wt

    在綜合考慮乙二胺四乙酸二鈉和乙二胺四乙酸四鈉對硫酸鈣的溶解性實驗及正交實驗,和最後對污染膜清洗的正交實驗可以看出,盡管最優工程選擇中nazedta清洗后膜的相對恢復率略高於na4ed飛』 a ,但其要求條件相對苛刻,從溶解性實驗也可看出, na4edrla對硫酸鈣的溶解相對穩定,溶解率高。
  7. Curative effect contrast on healing lumbar disc herniations by dissolving pulpiform from nucleus difference route