doppler filter 中文意思是什麼

doppler filter 解釋
  • doppler : 多普勒效應
  • filter : n 1 濾器,濾紙,過濾用料[砂、炭等]。2 【無線電】濾波器;【物理學】濾光鏡,濾色器。vt 過濾,用過濾...
  1. In this paper, the concept of acceleration ambiguity function ( aaf ) and acceleration resolution is put forward for the first time. using aaf, the effects of target ' s relative acceleration on several outputs of a linear - phase matched filter are analyzed, such as the output signal - noise - ratio loss, the doppler resolution, the constraint on optimal accumulative time ( opt ) and their tolerable limits

  2. Objective to evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of implantation of inferior vena cava ( ivc ) filter under the guidance of color doppler ultrasound and embolectomy for acute deep vein thrombosis

  3. Conclusion because of its safety and effectiveness, implantation of ivc filter under the guidance of color doppler ultrasound and embolectomy should be promoted

  4. Methods the clinical data of 15 patients, who underwent implantation of inferior vena cava filter under the guidance of color doppler ultrasound and embolectomy in our hospital from september 2004 to october 2005, were retrospectively analysed

    方法回顧性分析我院於2004年9月至2005年10月完成的, 15例彩色多普勒超聲引導下腔靜脈濾器植入並手術取栓的,急性下肢深靜脈血栓的患者資料。
  5. The specific research methods are listed : 1. matched filter taking the max ouput snr as the best rule correlates nonstop divided signal and divided echo to detect low snr target signal. then all one dimension divided correlation outs and done fft in portrait to leach interferential signal such as static or low rate mussy meaves, many pathway echo and so on and to take target ' s time difference and doppler frequency that combine parameters that target ' s direction taken from antenna and so on to implement target ' s orientation and tracking

    具體研究方法如下: 1 、採用以輸出信噪比最大為準則的最佳匹配濾波器來對分段的參考和目標信號作相關處理來檢測低信噪比目標信號,然後對一維分段相關輸出組作縱向傅立葉變換來濾除靜態或低速的雜波、多徑回波等干擾信號,並提取目標的時差和多普勒頻率,再結合由天線獲得的目標方向等參數,就可以實現目標的定位和跟蹤。
  6. La dead reckoning algorithm has been developed based on the doppler velocity log ( dvl ) and fiber optic gyrocompass. 2. since the basic kalman filter will become lapsed, strong tracking filter theory has been inducted, and a new strong adaptive kalman filter algorithm has been developed. further more an adjust gene has been imported, and gets a new arithmetic

  7. This paper studies the characteristic of scatter from moving target in the situation of bistatic sar with stationary transmitter. the wvd method is used in the paper to estimate the doppler frequency parameter of the moving targets ; the wvd - radon method is used to restrain the cross - term. then we can use the result to adjust the parameter of the filter, and to achieve the moving targets imaging of bistatic sar

    本文分析了發射機固定的雙站sar情況下的運動目標回波信號模型,應用wvd變換對發射機固定的雙站sar回波的多普勒信號參數進行估計,並採用wvd - radon變換來抑制wvd的交叉項,以調整濾波器參數,實現發射機固定的雙站sar對運動目標聚焦成像。
  8. In the subsystem of signal processing, digital sidelobe cancell block, digital pulse compress block, adaptive clutter canceller block, doppler filter and constant false alarm rate block are respectively discussed and set up. in signal processing, data in the same coherent processing interval form a matrix, and the data processing was completed based on the matrix. data are processed with the row vector or column vector respectively when needed

  9. In this paper, we analyze the reason that it is difficult to process the doppler frequency shift signal generated by low velocity moving target and discuss the kalmus filter performances for low velocity moving target detection

  10. Firstly, according to the characteristic that the doppler frequency shift signal can be approximated as a single sinusoid signal, the extended sinusoid signal retrieval ( pisarenko and esprit ) methods are presented and signal state and measurement formulations are developed, so the kalman filter recursive method is got. the brief introduction of low velocity moving target doppler frequency shift signal wigner - ville transformation and wavelet transformation expression are presented in this paper. secondly, because the clutter is gaussian distribution, cumement and high - order spectrum based methods are presented and the simulation results prove their good performance to suppress gaussian clutter in low velocity moving target doppler frequency shift signal processing

    一個方面是根據低速目標的多普勒信號可簡化為單一正弦波形式這一特點,得到了擴展的高斯色噪聲背景下的諧波恢復演算法,即高斯色噪聲中的pisarenko諧波恢復法和旋轉因子不變法( esprit ) ;並推導了信號的狀態方程和觀測方程,進而得到基於卡爾曼濾波的遞推演算法對信號進行提取;本文還簡單的介紹了低速運動目標的多普勒頻移信號的wigner - ville變換與小波變換;另一個方面是針對雜波服從高斯分佈這一特點,提出了對接收信號求累積量和高階譜來對高斯雜波進行抑制。
  11. Firstly, the theory and the architecture of hardware system are described, secondly, the steps of the signal processing are discussed in detail. based on the experiments and the characteristics of the signal, we pre - process the signals with band - pass filter, proportional amplifier and coherent demodulator. after sampling and analysis doppler information, we display the final results distinctly to alarm in time

  12. Real - time production of doppler shift with a minimum precision of 0. 1 hz is realized by means of interpolation on the basis of lookup method ; simulation of doppler spread is realized by using the gaussian shaped fir filter and linear interpolation technique. 3

    在查表法基礎上結合內插技術,實現了最小精度為0 . 1hz的多普勒頻移的實時產生;運用高斯型fir濾波器結合線性內插技術的方法,實現了多普勒擴展的模擬。
  13. This paper implements azimuth preprocessing before comer turn memory step based on the dsp platform. the linear - phase fir filter is designed by using the parks - mcclellan algorithm and can vary with the doppler center

  14. Based on the coherent modulation model, doppler information is obtained by using ad633 analog multiplier and active low pass filter ; 3

    以相干檢波一般模型為基礎,採用ad633模擬乘法器和有源低通濾波器實現了對多卜勒信息的提取; 3